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MOVE!!! Motivation Monday...

Who is your biggest saboteur? Who is the person cheating on you? Who is procrastinating?  Is it you? Have a little think about it... sometimes it's ourselves who are the biggest road block on our journey.... Eating that cream cake won't help... momentarily it will taste soooo good... but if you're eating it because you're miserable, angry, pissed off or just feel like it's hopeless and you're just useless at EVERYTHING *insert Hollywood style faint here*, or you just feel like giving up... then it's not going to help one little bit.. in fact it's going to start a downward spiral... in the vicious circle of comfort eating, you'll end up feeling rubbish and just end up trying to comfort yourself with even more rubbish... you see it all the time... people who lose weight then put it all back on with some more to boot... and  no one ever comfort eats apples! You'll shout at yourself... 'sure whats the point?!' ... but you will never shut that inner voice up with food.. tell her to zip it or be more helpful... she's not really helping you... so tell her to shift... move... you can do it... if you really want it... and its easy to get others to move but sometimes you've get out of your OWN way... 


  1. Exactly where I have been at this last week, today it changes...move out of the way me...skinny is coming!

    1. I'm SO guilty of it! Always got some excuse to be bold! Enough already! x


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