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Fishy Friday...

Firstly ... TGIF!!! As requested by many... here's the Fish Finger recipe from the latest Weight Watchers Cook book... with my tuppence worth for good measure.... 

What it SHOULD look like when its done... 


Now remember not all fish fingers are equal... as per the books, 1 fish finger = 1PP

However... ready for the diet maths... sigh... 

Birdseye Value fish fingers are 3 - 4PP
Birdseye 100% Cod fillet fish fingers are 3 - 5PP
Birdseye Salmon Fish fingers, 1 - 5PP (!)
Asda Omega 3 fish fingers are 3 - 5PP
M&S Cod Fillet Chunky Fish Fingers 1 - 2PP
Sainsburys Basic range 5 - 5PP
Tescos Finest Chunky Cod fingers 2 - 6PP
Tesco Everyday Value Fish Fingers - 1 - 1PP
Tesco Omega 3 Fish Fingers 3 - 4PP
Youngs Fish fingers 3 - 5PP 
Youngs Fish fingers 5 - 6PP

I know... I know... its madness but just keep your eyes peeled...

With the bread roll... if you're going to make a 'sarnie' for your dinner... I don't think the 'Slims' or 'wraps' would cut it for me... its a fish finger sandwich, when I rule the world  batch bread will be compulsory but until then just indulge in the bread and enjoy it... if you're going for ketchup over tartar sauce then you can put those points towards the bread ...  if you're having this for lunch... then spare your points and be smarter with your choices... 

Here's another WW recipe using fish fingers with wraps might make a better lunch version... >>> HERE <<< 

Here's the HOW TO... 

The recipe is using 0% Greek Yoghurt for the Tartare Sauce... Personally not a big fan of tartar sauce... I'm all about the ketchup / relish ...

Tartar Sauce is basically mayo with pickles capers and mustard... if you wanted to replace the soft cheese and yoghurt with the Low Fat Mayo from Aldi it would work out a ProPoint lower per sarnie... 

          Tartar Sauce
          1 cup lighter than light mayonnaise
          1/2 cup chopped dill pickles
          1 teaspoon capers, chopped
          2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
          2 teaspoons chopped shallots
          2 Tbsp chopped scallions
          2 teaspoons lemon juice
          6 drops Tabasco sauce or more to taste
          Salt and pepper to taste

          Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

If you're doing F&H then its 7 PP from your weeklies! 

It states you can add 1PP for some ketchup, I'm a 'Chef Tomato' gal and I LOVE Ballymaloe relish so without the tartar sauce I'm down to 6PP for the roll and fish fingers and ALL the salad...  

Also add all the freebies you love... Beetroot... do not knock it till you try it! Gherkins, spring onion... any zero point salad goodie can be added! 

For a fab zero point salsa, if you're not a tartar person...

          ProPoint Free Salsa

          5 large tomatoes
          1 red onion
          1 red chilli
          coriander (as much as you like... )
          1 clove of garlic

          finely chop all the ingredients and mix together ... season and serve!  

Prefer something hotter? 
Check out the spicy salsa recipe on Skinny Taste .... >>> HERE <<< 

For a zero PP ketchup to make yourself... try... 

          0PP Ketchup

          1 onion
          2 garlic cloves
          2 x 400g chopped tomatos
          2 tsp ground cinnamon
          2 tsp celery salt
          2 tsp English mustard
          2 tsp ground white pepper
          4 tbsp artificial sweetener
          9floz/255ml red wine vinegar
          1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

          Finely chop the onion and crush the garlic... 
          Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and bring to the boil... 
          Reduce the heat and cook gently for 40-45 minutes, stirring occasionally..
          Remove from the heat, season with salt and allow to cool... 
          Blend the tomato mixture in a food processor until smooth... Sieve into a bowl...
          Transfer the ketchup into a sterilised jar... 
          The ketchup will keep for up to 3 weeks in the fridge... 

Other fishes...

Anchovies, 1 small can, 45g - 2PP
Dover sole, 250g - 5PP
Cod 120g raw, plain,or smoked - 2PP
Haddock 120g - 2PP
Hake raw 100g steak 2PP
Halibut 120g fillet - 3PP
Herring raw 120g fillet - 6PP
Kipper, 150g - 9PP
Lemon Sole raw - 170g fillet - 3PP
Mackerel - 150g fillet - 9PP
Mackerel - 150g fillet smoked - 14PP
Monkfish, raw, 150g 1PP
Plaice, raw, 130g - 3PP
Pollock, raw, 105g 2PP
Prawns,raw 100g - 2PP
Prawns, king, cooked weight 100g - 3PP
Salmon, tinned pink, 106g - 4PP 
Salmon fillet, raw weight 130g - 6PP
Salmon, smoked, 120g - 4PP
Sardines, raw 100g - 4PP
Sardines in brine, 120g - 5PP 
Sardines in oil, drained 120g - 7PP
Scallops, raw 100g - 4PP
Scampi, in breadcrumbs, 100g - 7PP
Sea Bass, raw 120g - 3PP
Sea Bream, raw 120g - 3PP
Trout, raw fillet 120g - 4PP
Trout - rainbow, raw 230g - 7PP
Tuna fillet, raw 140g - 5PP
Tuna in brine/spring water, 70g - 2PP 
Turbot, raw 100g - 2PP
Whiting, raw 100g - 2PP
Yellowfin Sole in light breadcrumbs from ALDI two fillets - 6PP 
Youngs Atlantis pie - 10PP

Birds eye
Fish fingers, 1 - 2PP
Cod Cakes, 1 - 2PP
Cod Fillets, in light golden crumbs, 1 - 5PP
Fillets in Crispy batter, 1 - 7PP
Cod steaks in butter sauce 5PP
Salmon Fish fingers, 1 - 5PP
Fish Fingers in crispy batter, 1 - 2PP

Donegal Catch
Cod - 6PP
Haddock - 6PP
Battered Cod - 6PP
Whiting - 7PP
Lemon Dusted Sole - 6PP
Plaice - 10PP

This recipe is fast and delish... and it's a throw back for most of us to when we were kids... so Happy fishing and happy friday! 

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