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Quark pots from Glenisk

Glenisk have brought out a new range of flavoured quark pots! Great for breakfast and the coconut & vanilla one is a winner as a dessert! Each pot is 150g and there's 4 flavours to choose from , I couldn't get my paws on the the mango one so the pic is from their website! Anyone tried them out yet?  x

Glenisk Quark, Luscious Mixed Berry
per 150g pot - 2SP

Glenisk Quark, Coconut & Vanilla
per 150g pot - 2SP

Glenisk Quark, Perfect Peach
per 150g pot - 2SP

Glenisk Quark, Mango & Passionfruit
per 150g pot - 2SP


Burger melts from Aldi!

I refuse to belive the summer is gone... nope... I'm not having it! 
So, I'm still holding out for a lovely BBQ any day now! Without the muggy, grey, overcast shite we're having the moment... and I decided, when the time comes and I'm the 'hostess with the mostess' it'll be fancy burgers with a side of notions on the grill and then I spotted these in ALDI! Burger melts... add them to you lovely chargrilled burger, lash on all the salads and let it rest and get all melty! No reason you coldn't add them to lots of things to get that melty cheese goodness! I spotted three flavours to choose from and I've done the SPs per 25 g melt and for two just in case you fancy a second one! 

Any tried them out?

Blue Cheese burger melts 
per 25g melt - 4SP
per 2 x 25g melts - 7SP

Monteray Jack Jalapeno burger melts 
per 25g melt - 4SP
per 2 x 25g melts - 8SP

Monteray Jack BBQ burger melts
per 25g melt - 4SP
per 2 x 25g melts - 7SP

Chef Select Pizza bases from Lidl

I'm a big fan of using wraps to make pizza, especially when you're just making it for lunch or for yourself... but if you fancied doing a homemade pizza without the hassle of making the pizza dough the Thin & Crispy pizza bases from Chef Select in Lidl might be for you... There's 2 pizza bases per pack, each one is 200g... just lash on your tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, wafer ham, cheese...  whatever you fancy, the list is endless and pop it in to the oven! Et Voila! Anyone tried them out? x

Chef Select Stonebaked Thin & Crispy Pizza Bases
per 100g (half the pizza base) - 7SP
per 200g base - 15SP

Pots from Wicked Kitchen!

Now before anyone gets up on their high horse... not everyone is a kitchen goddess and I thought I'd share these pots from Wicked Kitchen... I've tried some of their fresh products before and have really liked them so these might be worth a shot too...  Each one is prepared with a different amount of water so I've worked out each pot once you've added the boiling water and it's ready to eat...  Exclusive to Tesco... Anyone tried them out? x


Wicked Kitchen - Wicked Purple Rice 
with 180ml of water = 270g - 9SP

Wicked Kitchen - Spicy Smoky Dreamy Mac
with 240ml of water = 320g - 9SP

Wicked Kitchen - Spicy Coconut & Rice Noodles
with 320ml of water = 392g - 9SP

Wicked Kitchen - Sweet Potato & Bean Chilli Mac
with 240ml of water = 320g - 9SP

Wicked Kitchen - Coconut Crack'd Corn
with 250ml of water = 340g - 18SP

M&S Crunch

For the dolls who like breakfast for dinner or as a snack before bed... why is it that sometimes only a bowl of cereal will hit the spot? These are the Crunch range from M&S... high enough in SPs but the thing about the SPs plan is nothing is off the menu, so if you fancy it, go for it!
Anyone tried them out? x

M&S Triple Chocolate Crunch, per 45g portion - 9SP

M&S Apple & Cinnamon Crunch, per 45g portion - 8SP

M&S Deliciously Nutty Crunch, per 45g portion - 8SP

M&S Strawberry & Almond Crunch, per 45g portion - 8SP

Stir Fry Sauces from Passage to Asia

Up today, ready made stir fry auces from a brand called 'Passage to Asia'... I spotted these in Dunnes... I'm all about throwing everything into a wok somedays, anyone else sick of their kitchen? With these pouch of flavour you literally chop up your veggies add your chicken, beef, prawns whatever you're having and stir in your sauce... easy peasy! I can confirm the teriyaki chicken sauce is AMAZING! All the flavours I found are gluten free too... Anyone tried them out? x

Passage to Asia - Thai Basil & Sweet Chilli Chicken
per 50g serv - 3SP
per 200g pouch - 11SP

Passage to Asia - Honey & Soy Stir Fry Sauce
per 50g serv - 2SP
per 200g pouch - 10SP

Passage to Asia - Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Sauce
per 50g serv - 3SP
per 200g pouch - 14SP

Passage to Asia - Satay Chicken Stir Fry Sauce
per 50g serv - 4SP
per 200g pouch - 16SP

Savoury Relishes from Folláin...

I know you've all spotted the fancy jam jars from the Folláin jam range (honestly I bought two just for the jars!) but last week I spotted they do savoury relishes too and I am here for that! All with no added sugar, so bonus and Irish made so win win! The caramelised red onion one fell in my trolley, not sure HOW it got there but clearly I need to try it now and report back! Anyone else tried them? x

Folláin Irish Tomato Relish
15g - 1SP
30g - 2SP

Folláin Caramelised Red Onion Relish
15g - 1SP
30g - 2SP

Folláin Chargrilled Red Pepper Relish
15g - 1SP
30g - 1SP

and also spotted on the shelf... Hello Apple Brandy!

Folláin Spiced Irish Apple Jelly
15g - 2SP
30g - 4SP

Nollaig Shona indeed!

Simply Better Salads from Dunnes...

I'm still clinging onto summer, I don't care what the weather person is saying, salads are still on the menu in my house! I was in Dunnes doing the 'big shop' this week (btw I didn't spy the new Ballymaloe balsamic dressing everyones on about, anyone spotted it yet?) however I did spot these... a lovely range of ready made salady bits that you might not make at home but fancy somethign to jazz up the lettuce and tomatoes you do have! I've done the points for the full tub, a third of the tub and for a 50g portion (note: the tubs are not all the same size!) Anyone tried them out? The beetroot one looks like something I'd love! x 

Simply Better, Soy & Ginger Irish broccoli, cucumber & edamame bean salad
50g - 1SP
55g (one third of the tub) - 1SP
165g tub - 3SP

Simply Better, Honey & Lemon Couscous with roasted vegetables & greek feta salad
50g - 3SP
77g (one third of the tub) - 4SP
230g tub - 12SP

Simply Better, Lemon & Honey Bulgar Wheat, Irish Spinach & Roasted Veg salad
50g - 2SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
250g tub - 8SP

Simply Better, Lemon & Honey Irish Beetroot & Grain Salad
50g - 1SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 2SP
250g tub - 7SP

Simply Better, Dukkah-Spiced Roast Irish Cauliflower Salad
50g - 2SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
250g tub - 10SP

Simply Better, Lemon & Mint Tabbouleh & Greek Feta Salad
50g - 2SP
75g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
220g tub - 7SP

Simply Better, Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomatoes & Basil Pesto
50g - 3SP
58g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
(60g brings it up to 4SP)
175g tub - 10SP

Simply Better, Lime & Mint Mixed Bean, Quinoa & Kale Salad
50g - 2SP
84g (one third of the tub) - 3SP
250g tub - 9SP

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