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Saucy Sauces from Heinz!

It'll be here before we know it... BBQs... Salads... and all the dressings that go with it! Spotted these on a pallet near the burgers in Tesco and thought I'd work out the SPs before I stock up! 
Anyone tried them out? x

Heinz American Style Burger Sauce
15g - 2SP
 30g - 4SP
45g - 6SP

Heinz Saucy Sauce
15g - 2SP
 30g - 5SP
45g - 7SP

Heinz Smokey Baconnaise Sauce
15g - 3SP
 30g - 5SP
45g - 8SP

Hi8 Muesli from Flahavan's!

Two flavours from the No added sugar Hi8 Muesli range from Flahavans today... Spotted these in Supervalu! Not bad SPs for muesli! You could use 1SP just sprinkling a bit on your porridge to add a bit of crunch! Anyone tried it? x

Flahavan's Hi8 Muesli - Date & Toasted Coconut flavour
per 40g - 5SP

Flahavan's Hi8 Muesli - Original flavour
per 40g - 5SP

M&Ms of the Salted kind...

Look at these feckers staring at me... I know I'm not a proper choccie fan but what is it with salted caramel flavoured stuff?!?! sheesh... if you're not getting an easter egg for yourself maybe something like these fellas will keep you going over the easter weekend? x

M&Ms Salted Caramel Flavour
per 36.3g (one third of the bag!) - 9SPs
The whole bag, cause who shares?!?! - 27SP


Kellogg’s All Bran Prebiotic clusters!

They seem to have something new out every week but I'm all about sharing the information around here... knowledge is power as the saying goes... Two flavours of the Oaty Clusters from All Bran... Anyone tried them out yet? x

Kelloggs All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters - Original
per 45 g serving - 5SP

Kelloggs All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters - Almond & Pumpkin Seeds
per 45 g serving - 5SP

Bfree wraps!

One for for the wrap lovers.. I know they'v been out a while but change is good... wraps can be a bit dull if you eat them all the time so add a bit of flavour before you even start assembling the inside!  
Spotted in Tesco! Anyone tried them out? x

BFree quinoa & chia seed wraps
per 42g wrap - 3SP

Free Sweet Potato Wraps
per 42g wrap - 3SP

Swap Saturday - Custard from Avonmore!

A really good swap if you're a fan of custard! The Avonmore low fat version of it's custard is really REALLY good! Save yourself 4SP per serving just by swapping and honestly you won't notice the difference! Spotted these in Supervalu! x

Avonmore Low fat fresh custard
per 75g serving - 2SP

Avonmore Luxury fresh custard
per 75g serving - 6SP

Sausages from Dunnes Stores!

Spotted in Dunnes, couple of new sausages... Note the difference in size for the SPs too...  I picked up the Mango ones for my freezer and am currently making a plan for them! I'm thinking a kind of Taco? Any ideas? x

Dunnes Stores Reduced Fat Pork Sausages
per 40g sausage
1 - 3SP
2 - 6SP

Dunnes Stores Mango & Chilli Sausages
per 60g sausage
1 - 3SP
2 - 7SP
3 - 10SP

Nandos Vegan Perinaise!

One for the Nandos fans! A vegan version of the 'perinaise' that was up here a while ago! Spotted in Tesco! x

Nandos Vegan Perinaise - Peri-Peri Mayo
15g - 2SP
30g - 3SP
45g - 5SP

Snickers Crisp!

OK so this is my Easter egg, I'm not a choccie fan tbh, I can't pass the tayto factory yet I've no idea where Cadburys' is....  It already comes chopped into 3 pieces... So the portion control is a step ahead of me... I'm sticking it in the freezer to make sure my jaw is sore from chewing by the time I've had one piece and I'll keep ye posted on what it's like! Anyone tried it? x

Snickers Crisp
per 20g mini bite - 4SP

Layers of Joy!

Just a lil post to scare the bejesus out of myself! The limited edition creme egg 'sharing' dessert is out at the moment... yep... I'll just leave it there... x

Cadbury Layers of Joy Dessert
1/6th, 92g - 11SP
The full tub, 550g - 65SP

Crisps with a few notions...

If you've been on here a while you'll know I'm a massive crisp fan... I LOVE THEM in all their glorious forms (it's usually only christmas we get these fancy flavours!) So if you're snuggled in and staying home a few fancy crisps just might help.... These are from the Simply Better range from Dunnes Stores... Black truffle no less.... fancy schmancy! x

Simply Better Black truffle & extra Virgin Olive Oil Crisps
per 25g - 4SP

Simply Better Irish Angus Rib Eye Steak & Caramelised Onion Crisps
per 25g - 4SP

Swap Saturday - Mini Mozzarellas from Lidl

These are the mini mozzarellas from Lovilio in Lidl... perfect for popping on a homemade pizza wraps (they are lovely and melty!) or to add to a salad... a simple swap for half the Smartpoints!
Anyone else a fan? x

Lidl, Lovilio Mini Mozzarella light
SPs per drained weight
30g - 1SP
40g - 2SP
50g - 2SP
55g - 3SP
60g - 3SP
per 125g tub - 6SP

Lidl, Lovilio Mini Mozzarella
SPs per drained weight
30g - 3SP
40g - 4SP
50g - 5SP
60g - 6SP
per 125g tub - 12SP

Kelly’s Veggie Sausages!

These guys nailed it with the vegan pudding... I was the one bulk buying pudding lads not the bog roll... Kelly's have some veggie sausages out now too! Definitely going on the shopping list next time I'm out & about... Anyone tried them out yet? x

Kelly's Vegetarian Sausages, per 38g sausage
1 - 1SP
2 - 2SP
3 - 3SP
4 - 5SP

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