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Ben's new flavoured rice...

Uncle Ben's is no more... Ben's Original it is! And there's a lot of new flavours added to the range... These can be so handy when you fancy a fakeaway and don't want to start boiling rice, plus all the spices are added in for you! Here's the selection I spotted in my local supermarket! I've done the SPs per half pouch... Anyone tried them out? x

Ben's Original - Chinese Style 
per 125 g (half pouch). - 6SP

Ben's Original - Spicy Mexican 
per 125 g (half pouch). - 6SP

Ben's Original - Spicy Chilli 
per 125 g (half pouch). - 6SP

Ben's Original - Mexican Bean 
per 125 g (half pouch). - 6SP

Ben's Original -  Middle Eastern 
per 125 g (half pouch). - 6SP

Lattes to stay at home!

I know a lot of people are back out in the 'normal' world again, but for those who are still a bit wary you can get loads of various brands doing lattes and cappuccinos in the supermarkets to whisk up at home... Anyone tried them out? x

Starbucks Instant Caffe Latte 
14g sachet + 180ml of water - 3SP

Starbucks Instant Caramel Latte 
14g sachet + 180ml of water - 4SP

Seafeast Range...

Up today is some of the range from Seafeast! Succulent seafood products, specially sourced. You'll find them in Tesco, Dunnes and SuperValu for sure! I know the points can seem high in some of the battered/breaded products but compared to the the fish you'll get deep fried in the chipper you'll still be better off points wise... The cooked coldwater prawns are so yummy if you make your own "pink sauce" ... Anyone tried them out? x

Seafeast Raw Black Tiger Prawns 
per100g - 0SP
per 175g bag - 1SP

Seafeast Luxury Breaded Shrimp 
per100g - 8SP
per 220g bag - 18SP

Seafeast Wild Atlantic Raw Prawns 
per100g - 1SP
per 160g bag - 1SP

Seafeast Wholetail Breaded Scampi 
per100g - 5SP
per 220g bag - 11SP

Seafeast Cooked Coldwater Prawns 
per100g - 1SP
per 200g - 1SP
per 250g bag - 2SP

These are great for making your own prawn cockatil! 

Seafeast Crispy Fish Goujons
per100g - 9SP
per 320g bag - 28SP

Seafeast Crispy Fish Strips 
per100g - 8SP
per 320g bag - 25SP

Vegan pasta sauces from Sacla...

Some lovely vegan pasta sauces from Sacla up today... great value in SPs too... It's pretty hard to find nice vegan cheese sauces so I'm looking forward to trying that one out! I've done the SPs per half jar and full jar just in case... Let me know if you've tried them! x 

Sacla Vegan Bolognese Sauce 
half jar - 4SP
per 350g jar - 8SP

Sacla Vegan Cheese Sauce 
half jar - 4SP
per 250g jar - 8SP

Risotto Range from Cully & Sully

I'm a big fan of the Cully & Sully soups (pop their name in the search bar and the SPs will pop up) and a couple of weeks ago I spotted their risotto range in my local Tesco. I've done the SPs for half tubs too in case you fancy sharing (they're too delicious to share tbh but no one want's to look selfish! These are the 400g tubs but there is a smaller 280g tubs on sale too. Anyone tried the out? x 

Cully & Sully Charming Chicken Risotto 
per 200g (half tub) - 5SP
per 400g tub - 10SP

Cully & Sully Moreish Mushroom Risotto 
per 200g (half tub) - 5SP
per 400g tub - 10SP

Cully & Sully Tempting Tomato Risotto 
per 200g (half tub) - 6SP
per 400g tub - 12SP

Wicked Kitchen!

Some more ready meals from Wicked Kitchen in Tesco at the moment. Most are vegan too! 
Anyone tried them out? x 

Wicked Kitchen, Asparagus & Peppercorn Ravioli
per half pack, 145g - 13SP

Wicked Kitchen, Nana's Mushroom Bolognese
per 379g pack - 14SP

Wicked Kitchen, Jalapeno Griller Patties
per 105g patty when grilled - 6SP
2 patties - 13SP

Wicked Kitchen, Naked Burrito 2.0
per 356g pack - 16SP

Wicked Bac-no-naise!

Another vegan mayo on the market with a bacon twist! Wicked Kitchen is a brand you'll spot in Tesco with a fab range of Vegan products to choose from! Anyone tried this one? x

Wicked Kitchen Bac-no-naise
per 15g - 3SP

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