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Yummy Atlantic Treasures...

I love to promote Irish products, now more than ever we really need to help the home team out. So when Atlantic Treasures, a company based in Donegal contacted me about trying some of their mackerel range I thought I had to give it a try! Not a single regret. This range is so good, and with us all trying to eat less red meat and these beauties being on our doorstep they're well worth a try if you're a fish fan... So full of flavour that you'll only need half the pack for a substantial meal, bulk them up with salads and veggies and you've got a dinner worthy of instagram... I'm trying out a few recipes with them over the next few weeks but if you spot them definitely give them a try... I've done the SPs per half pack and full pack and although people might think they're a bit high they're full of all the good oils and fats so definitely worth it... Anyone else tried them out? x

Atlantic Treasures Smoked Mackerel
Ginger, Chilli & Lime Glaze
per 85g half pack - 9SP
per 170g full pack - 17SP

Atlantic Treasures Smoked Mackerel
Garlic, Herbs & Spice
per 85g half pack - 8SP
per 170g full pack - 16SP

Atlantic Treasures Smoked Mackerel
Honey & Mustard Glaze
per 85g half pack - 9SP
per 170g full pack - 18SP

Atlantic Treasures Smoked Mackerel
with Mixed Peppercorn
per 85g half pack - 7SP
per 170g full pack - 13SP

Atlantic Treasures Smoked Mackerel
Maple Wood Smoke
per 85g half pack - 7SP
per 170g full pack - 13SP

Plant to Plate burger range from LIDL!

With BBQ weather upon us here's some flavoured plant based burgers from the LIDL range Plant to Plate... Irish made, vegan and full of flavour what's not to love! I tried the curried cauliflower ones and they were delicious! Only tip I'd say is be brave when you flip them, one fast move and you'll be fine! The quarter pounders although the same size/weight have coconut fat in them that's why they're higher in SPs. Anyone tried them out yet? x

Lidl Plant to Plate, Curried Cauliflower plant based burgers
per 113g burger - 4SP

Lidl Plant to Plate, Beetroot & Chickpea plant based burgers
per 113g burger - 4SP

Lidl Plant to Plate, Sweet Potato & Chilli plant based burgers
per 113g burger - 4SP

Lidl Plant to Plate, Plant based quarter pounders burgers
per 113g burger - 9SP

New Vegan Crackers from M&S...

New range of crackers in M&S... Vegan, gluten free, high in fibre and wholegrain! I purchased the beetroot ones and they do not disappoint for that savoury fix! Portion size as per the box is 25g (9 crackers) so I've done the SPs for that... anyone tried them? x 

M&S Wholegrain 3 seed Sweet Potato lightly salted crackers
per 25g (9 crackers) - 4SP

M&S Wholegrain 3 seed Beetroot lightly salted crackers
per 25g (9 crackers) - 4SP

Peace Pops!

Summers coming, YAY... and whilst we're all still here, we can pretend we're away in our deck chairs in the garden eating ice pops! Ben and his buddy Jerry are all over this... Cookie Dough Peace Pops are the latest addition to their freezer stash! I haven't tried one but it's on my radar!!! I picked up the box in Tesco to check the SPs and it was surprisingly small for 3 ice creams! Anyone tried them yet? Spill! x

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Peace Pop, per peace pop - 11SP

Light cream crackers from Jacobs!

Before anyone starts on me, I know the original Jacobs cream crackers are 1SP each but for people watching their sugars, these are a good option if you like a savoury crunchy snack! Spotted in Tesco x

Jacobs Light cream crackers, per cracker - 1SP

Plant based sausages... Rudd's!


Another sausage to add to the mix... plant based meat free sausages from Rudds... You'll get these in Tesco, Dunnes & SuperValu! Ones to try for the summer as hot dogs for sure! Anyone tried them out? I bought the white pudding this week to taste it! x

Rudd's Plant Based Meat free sausages, per 45g sausage - 2SP

Plant Based Pudding from Rudds...

A new plant based breakfast pudding to try out! At 1SP per 33g slice, it's great value points wise...
I spotted them in my local Tesco... Anyone tried it out yet? x

Rudd's plant based white pudding, per 33g slice - 1SP

Rudd's plant based black pudding, per 33g slice - 1SP

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