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Goo heads & Bonfire logs!

More spooky cake for those inclined... These are from Cadburys' so 'proper' chocolate as my family say! Anyone tasted them? x

Cadbury Mini Bonfire Logs - Honeycomb flavour
per 26g log - 6SP

Cadbury Goo Head Cake Bars
per 25g log - 5SP

Breakfast Boosters!

Another Irish brand up today, Good 4U! This is their new range of milled seeds to boost your brekkie! There's 3 in the range, you can add them to your porridge, sprinkle over your fruit and yoghurt or pop them in a smoothie! You'l pick these up in Supervalu and all the big stores... Anyone tried them out? x

Good 4U Breakfast Boost, Protein Milled Seed
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g serving - 4SP 
Good 4U Breakfast Boost, Immune Milled Seed
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g serving - 5SP 

Good 4U Breakfast Boost, Vitamin Milled Seed
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g serving - 5SP  


Oven Baked with Veg from Walkers...

Spotted these from Walkers on my travels (sadly travelling is now to a different supermarket locally!) and I thought I'd point them out of curiosity... Not individually portioned out, so you'd need the discipline to weigh out 30g or whatever you fancy but I'd keep going at the bag until they were all gone... Seems too few snacks for too many SPs to me, but I'd tempted to try the beetroot ones if anyone wants to share?! Anyone tried these out? x

Walkers Oven Baked with Veg
Beetroot with Sweet Chilli Jam Flavour
per 30g portion - 5SP
full 140g bag - 21SP 

Walkers Oven Baked with Veg
Sweet Potato with Paprika
per 30g portion - 5SP


On your marks... Get set... Bake!

Ok... So we're all not Mary Berry BUT we can all be Mrs. Kipling or bake a Cadburys brownie thanks to these all in one cake mix boxes... I spotted these purely for the Halloween cupcakes and thought it might be something people would do with the kids over the break... The others I pointed out of curiosity, and I promise you, there are no typos... OH MY! Now the cakes say they serve 12... I know... The SmartPoints are for the cake as fully baked... But aren't the cupcakes cute! Anyone baked one? x

Mr. Kipling - Halloween Chocolate Cupcake Mix
per 32g cupcake - 4SP
Mr. Kipling - Zingy Lemon Cake Mix
per 60g slice - 9SP
Full cake - 108SP

Mr. Kipling - Unicorn Cake Mix
per 60g slice- 9SP
Full cake -  103SP
Cadbury Brownie Mix
per 31g brownie - 6SP
Cadbury Cookie Mix
per 32g cookie - 6SP

Cadbury Sponge Mix
per 61g slice - 9SP



Pumpkin Pasta is a thing!

New fresh pastas from Aldi... I spotted the seasonal pumpkin packaging and just had to see how they were points wise... I think they're pretty good! The thing I love about these are they're quick and comforting... by the time the water is boiling your in your PJs and ready for the Bake Off! SmartPoints are for the pasta when it's cooked just in case you spot the packet and think it's weighed out wrong... it's the added water to plump it up! Pumpkin pasta going on the menu in Casa Kinsella! Anyone tried these yet? x

Pumpkin & Pine Nuts Girasoli
per 160g portion cooked - 9SP

Parmigiano Reggiano Tortelloni
per 168g portion cooked - 11SP

'Nduja & Burrata Mezzelune
per 155g portion cooked - 13SP


Toffee Whirls... *swoon*

A not so terrifying toffee whirl from Mr. Kipling... I'm a huge fan of toffee flavoured things... Mr. K seems to be watching me and putting these in my path every time I go into Tesco! Anyone tried them out? x *drools*


Mr. Kipling - Terrifying Toffee Whirls
per 27g whirl - 6SP


Spooky Jaffa cakes!

Everyones' got a spooky twist on their goodies at the moment... McVities have Jaffa Cake bars out for the cake fans... Biscuit or cake? The war continues but these are definitely cake! Anyone tried them out? x

McVities Jaffa Cakes Zesty Orange Cake Bars
per 24.5g cake - 5SP

McVities Jaffa Cakes Fruity Blackcurrant Cake Bars
per 24.5g cake - 5SP

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