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Fridge storage solutions!

So one gall bladder removal later and my fridge is SUPER organised! Yeah try to connect those dots! The joyous thing about bed rest, when you're very bad at bed rest, is you end up doing tasks you didn't even know needed to be done! Even making up tasks! So after a few hours mindlessly scrolling on Instagram I discovered there is an entire world of fridge organisers out there... so a few trips to the shops and an amazon delivery later et voila! (NOT MY FRIDGE!) Keep reading!

Firstly check out @hellonutritarian on instagram  >>> for inspiration & tips (fun fact - she lives in Dublin California! OK well I thought it was a fun fact living in Dublin Ireland!) or just search the hashtag #fridgeorganisation and thank me later! But here's a few of the bits I spotted and purchased that you might like! 

First up the large storage box for salad, these are in M&S and what I like about them is the way you can divide up the box vertically or horizontally... If you're someone who doesn't like mixing stuff up then these are the business. It's very sturdy and dishwasher safe but it takes literally seconds to rinse them out... I use mine for salad or mushrooms, and usually one half is fresher than the other so food lasts a bit longer. 

Large = €20
Medium - €13
Small - €10

The 3 together = €40


These are in Dunnes, and are very good value €4/€5 - link below... what I like about these is the lip at the front, it makes them easy to grab if they're down low and the won't get caught on anything. Great for yoghurts!  


Homestore & More - There's too many fridge storage goodies to post up here but have a google, there's tonnes of stuff in store for storage too... I use the kilner jars for my overnight oats and to store beetroot... The turntable is VERY handy for sauces and ketchups! 


The herb keeper is an amazon find! Lots of different ones online if you have a google (a tall jar would work just as well but I got me some notions!) it keeps spring onions fresh for ages... you just fill it with a little water in the bottom every few days! 


The drinks holder - There are lots of these online but not all of them take the tall skinny cans of Gin or fizzy pop so make sure you check the measurements if that's what you are looking for...


This set is the most expensive one I bought, again from Amazon but the ones I'm using the most for sure... 

This set is pretty good too...


Last gadget I got, which I really didn't need but I secretly love is the egg tray! Again Amazon and if you want to get fancy there's a few brands online in snazzy colours... This is a direct result of me scrolling instagram late at night and buying stuff I do not need! 

I've also picked up a few bits in Dealz and Woodies! Tiger also has stuff occasionally... important thing is to measure your fridge first and you'll know exactly what will fit in and you can see what you have at a glance! Hope this helps! 


Tuna bowls from John West!

New quickies from John West... these are a stop gap for lunch, if you're on the move with work or just want something fast... You could also bulk them up with veggies for a dinner! Anyone tried them out? x

John West Tuna Bowl - Tuna meatballs in fajita sauce with beans, red peppers and rice
per 220g bowl - 9 points

John West Tuna Bowl - 
Tuna meatballs in a chilli & garlic tomato sauce & pasta
per 220g bowl - 9 points

Cinnamon Bun Lattes!

If whipping up a fancy coffee at home is your thing, here's a special edition from Nescafe Gold! Cinnamon Bun Latte if that's your bag! Anyone a fan? x

Nescafe Gold Cinnamon Bun Latte
made with 200ml of water - 4 points   

Batchelors Beans and Chickpeas!

Batchelors have some new very colourful packaging on their bean/chick pea range so I thought I'd pop up a post for fans! Anyone a fan? x

Batchelors Taco Mixed Beans

up to 48g - 1 point
133g serving suggestion - 4 points
200g half tin - 6 points
400g full tin - 12 points

Batchelors Curried Chick Peas

up to 33g - 1 point
133g serving suggestion - 4 points
200g half tin - 7 points
400g full tin - 13 points

Batchelors Chilli Beans in chilli sauce

up to 67g - 1 point
133g serving suggestion - 3 points
200g half tin - 4 points
400g full tin - 9 points

Heinz Chilli Vegan Mayo

Another addition to the Heinz vegan range, Chilli mayo... 
anyone tried it out? x

Heinz Vegan Mayo, Chilli flavour
per 15g - 3 points

I only had a wrap!

You know the way you're out and about and you say to yourself 'sure I'll just pick up a wrap somewhere...' Just remember all warps are not created equal! These bad boys look lovely and tasty and honestly they're not even that big are ones that I would just grab on the go and think to myself 'I only had a wrap at lunch time!' The beauty with WW is, if you want it, have and point it! Simples! Anyone tried the Spic Box one? I'm dying to know if it's nice! x

Street Kitchen Spice Box wrap
per 236g wrap - 25 points

Street Kitchen Vegan Thai Style veg wrap
per 252g wrap - 18 points

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