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Pink Coco pops!

30% less sugar and pink, what could go wrong lol! I spotted these in Tesco and thought I'd check out the SPs out of curiosity! If you fancy a pink breakkie, then this might be for you! x

Kelloggs' Coco pops, limited edition strawberry & white choc flavour
per 30g - 4SP

Veggie crisps from M&S

A new range of Veggie Crisps out in M&S... I've done the SPs per 25g serve but also per 100g bag cause these are the kinda things you can munch through a bag of whilst watching a film! Plus who decided on this whole 'sharing bag' situation anyway?!?! Would be lovely for nibbles in the garden in the summer when the weather makes up it's mind! Notions! Anyone tried them out? x

M&S Veggie Crisps, Mixed Vegetable Lightly Sea Salted
per 25g serve - 4SP
per 100g bag - 17SP

M&S Veggie Crisps, Mixed Vegetable Chutney Flavour
per 25g serve - 4SP
per 100g bag - 17SP

M&S Veggie Crisps, Beetroot Lightly Sea Salted
per 25g serve - 5SP
per 100g bag - 19SP

Marmite buns, hear me out!

You either love it or hate it... I'm a HUGE fan but I was dragged up on Vegemite and won't leave home without a pot, even on my holidays! So these will divide the camp... I'm a fan, and normally I wouldn't have savoury and sweet mix things up but these work! If you get a chance to try them you should! 
Anyone else a fan? x

M&S 4 Cheese Hot Cross Bun & Marmite, per bun - 6SP

Mini hot cross buns - M&S

If you're a hot cross bun fan... there's' some mini versions out there that will give you your 'fix' without going too mad on SmartPoints... These are in M&S, lovely toasted with a bit of butter... and not too high if you can close the pack after yourself and just have one! This appears to be my problem! 
Anyone tried them? x

M&S Mini Luxury Hot Cross Bun, per 36g bun - 4SP

Beefing it up!

Mr. Tayto always has something sneaky up his sleeve to reel me in! Two limited edition flavours out at the moment... these are the 45g bags, so bigger than the multi packs, hence higher in SPs... I tried a little of both and the beef brisket will give any crisp junkie their fix! Not even sorry! Anyone else tried them out? x

Tayto Philly Cheese Steak Flavoured crisps
per 45g bag - 8SP

Tayto Beef Brisket Flavoured crisps
per 45g bag - 8SP

Getting dressed for summer!

Another great Irish brand to support! Berna's dressings are all gluten free, made in a nut free environment and made with 100% natural ingredients! These are full of flavour! Whilst you think they might be high in SPs they pack a punch, so a table spoon is plenty to add a kick to your side salad or as a dip! I loved the honey and mustard one until I brushed a little of the basil dressing onto a muffin with some garlic and toasted it... UNREAL! 

Def worth seeking out for the summer! Anyone tried them out? x

Berna's Honey & Mustard Dressing
per 15g - 3SP
per 30g - 6SP
per 45g - 9SP

Berna's Chilli & Lime Dressing
per 15g - 3SP
per 30g - 6SP
per 45g - 9SP

Berna's Basil & Lime Dressing
per 15g - 3SP
per 30g - 6SP
per 45g - 9SP

Maltesers biccies!

It's all things choccie this time of year... it's worse than Xmas! Maltesers have brought out biccies! Both the regular Maltesers flavour and a minty version! Same SPs for both! 
Anyone indulged?!?! x

Maltesers Biscuits
per 11g biscuit  - 2SP
per 2 biscuits, 22g - 5SPs

Mint version (below) has the same SP values...

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