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Salad season is here! Lovely tomatoes that TASTE like tomatoes! Spring onions... crispy lettuce... radishes.. beetroot... and dressings... some good some not so good... 

I know I advise against Hellmanns Mayonnaise (82PP per jar people!!!) But they've mastered the salad dressings with these two little beauties! Both are 0PP for the amount you would use... if you want to be a martyr then take a point off for the bottle... but it'd be worth it... they are fab! 

My leader did a taste test with these a couple of weeks ago and I promise, you'll love em! 

The vinaigrette is FAB over baked potato... and if you love any balsamic the one below is for you... 

At the moment in Dunnes and Tesco they're a 2 for €3! Stock up!


  1. Sold.. all i ever use is Light Mayo.. so defo gonna give these a go to JAZZ up me salads :)

    1. its such a nice change! Our leader mixed some with the light mayo to make a burger sauce! NOM!


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