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Meet & Meat

Veggies look away now... Carnivores get your knife and fork out... OK not really... 

Recently I was in town after 'Chicks with Sticks' (the new name for crochet club... I'm so OLD!) ... and was meeting a fellow carnivore for lunch! Say hello to 'Meet & Meat'... remember Munchies, on the corner of Sth William street... that's where its at! 

Meet & Meat make sandwiches... amazing sandwiches... you can have a take away or sit in... 
tip.. if you're sitting in grab a window seat, it's an awesome spot to people watch... especially at the weekend... 

They open for breakfast serving 'egg and bacon butties', 'the breakfast hot dog' which I'm going back for... as well as pastries and cookies if you just want a coffee and a sit down.. 

For lunch they serve a fab selection of sandwiches which are not by any means stingy and well worth the prices they charge... there's no comparison to these and something  you grab on the run from a Spar... One of these bad boys and you're set up for the day! In the evenings they do wine, cheese boards, charcuterie and fancy breads with all the trimmings for €9 - €10 ... 

'M' had the roast special of the day which was 'Brisket' and dear god, there was enough meat for three people in it!

By the time we got there, there was only one special left, so I went with the chicken and stuffing but we swapped at half time and they were both equally yummy!

Chicken with sage stuffing... garlic mayo on the side to add at your leisure...

Tea and coffee is on tap too, all the usual lattes, cappuccino kinda stuff but the sunny day that was in it, I went for some fancy San Pellegrino ... swanky huh?!

The vibe of the place is relaxed.. you walk up to the counter.. order and grab a seat... when you hear your name shouted grubs up! 

The 'roast of the day' is on view and the smells... all the noms! 

The interior is great too.. white tiles, bricked walls and the cured hams hanging in the window add to the place... The butchers block tables just add to the theme... you can put your elbows on the tables here and relax... and you'll need to, to balance your sandwich!

If you're in town and you really want a meal of a sandwich at lunchtime... this is the spot... and veggies, they do have yummy things for you too the 'Where's the Meat?' wrap looked amazing! 


  1. Been meaning to try this spot! Looks fab

    1. Perfect for people watching or if you're in town waiting for a gig or the cinema... portion sizes are HUGE though... sharing is caring and all that! LOL x


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