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Skinny Bunny weigh in!

As predicted Doll is up... 1.5lbs! All that rugby, Paddies day and Mothers day antics has caught up with me! But as my body is working a week behind the rest of the world the next weigh in should be ALLLLLL good! WE're nearly there kids so a final push to the easter weekend and think of how fabulous you'll feel! Its SOOOOO close!

So how are you all doing this week? Well here's how some of you are doing so far! AWESOME!

AND the winner of Smellies giveaway is.... *drum roll* ... DEE DEES!
Thanks to! Drop me your address on twitter by DM and I'll get your goodies out to you! xxx

WEIGN IN WEEK 3! Skinny Bunnies how are you?

So how are we all after the weekend!? Paddies day and mothers day combined was not propoint friendly in Dolls house! Next weeks weigh in will show this.. Eek! However this week I'm down another 1.5lbs! Chuffed I am! So how are you all doing... Amazing loss again last week from lots if you.. I'm doing up a weightloss chart for next weeks to show the progress... Hang in there ... We're half way there! Doll x

Giveaway 2! It's all in the nose!

"Christmas Dinner Syndrome

The Christmas Dinner Syndrome, as explained in "Reader's Digest," purports that immersing yourself in a food scent often suppresses your appetite. The name of the theory comes from the phenomenon on Christmas Day where all guests are enticed by the smell of the food and ready to feast but the cook is not. The cook spent his day immersed in the food smells, which often kill off the craving for those particular foods, and generally sates the appetite."

You know how I'm always on about how I eat with my eyes... like.. if my plate is full then I feel like I'm getting a 'proper' dinner... hence the smaller plates in my house! If you make your food interesting and serve yourself well... you know... use the fancy glass for your juice... then you feel satisfied... well apparently .. this now goes for the nose too! A few discussions yesterday with friends and colleagues have noted that if you smell vanilla then you can curb the chocolate craving... now I'm a savoury gal.. so you can keep your chocolate but it seems they're not lying to me! Proof is out there that you can actually stop cravings with just the smell of something... If its choclate get yourself a vanilla candle or some vanilla essense in the supermarket! It really works!

So what things do you do .. to curb cravings? add your little tips and tricks below and there's some fabulous smellies on offer, boy and girl friendly I promise! Winner will be chosen on the 23rd of March!

A girl in work swears by a cup of coffee to get her past the worst ... Mine is to paint my nails when I get a my crisp craving in the evening... I won't dip my fresh polish into a bag of Salt'n'vinegar! Doll x

PS: Happy St. Patricks day everyone! x

WEEK 2 - Skinny bunny Weigh In!

OMG! You guys have lost 52lbs in 1 week and there are some who still have to weigh in! That's 3 stone 10 lbs in old money!!! Seriously you lot are amazing!!! Look...

Naoimh: - 0.5lbs....- 3.5lbs = - 4lbs
JohnQ: - 2lbs
Cliodhnam: - 2lbs
Emma: - 0.5lbs ... - 1lb = - 1.5lbs
DeeDees: - 0lbs ... - 2lbs = - 2lbs
Fatso: - 2lbs ...+ 3lbs
The West Wing: - 3lbs .... - 3lbs = - 6lbs
Judy D: - 2.5lbs ... -1.5lbs = -4lbs
Anon 1: - 4.5lbs ... - 5.5lbs = - 10lbs
Sarah: - 4.5lbs... +1lb = - 3.5lbs
AineB: - 2lbs ... - 1.5lbs = - 3.5lbs
ActionMags: - 2lbs
Zed: - 0.5lbs ... - 1.5lbs = - 2lbs
Rosie: - 2.5lbs
Laura G: - 0lbs
RedNicola - will weigh in week 6
EmeraldEyeliner: - 0lbs ... - 3lbs = - 3lbs
MichMast: - 3.5lbs ... 0lbs = -3.5lbs
KarenD: - 3lbs ... - 1lb = - 4lbs
AoifePM: - 1lbs ... - 1lb = -2lbs
Shivster: - 2lbs
GeekBunny: - 1lb
Skinny Doll: - 1lb ... - 1.5lbs = - 2.5lbs
Rachel1977: - 5.5lbs ... - 6lbs = - 11lbs
Jackie: - 1lbs
Donna: - 4lbs
beautyEmporium: - 1lb
Yo Yo: - 0.5lb

For those who haven't weighed in yet, you can add your totals as we go along! YAY!

And the ones who stayed the same have lost inches! FAB stuff altogether!... Here's some examples of what 52lbs makes to one person.. and this is just 1 lb a week!

So... here's to week two!

ooooh and there's a FAB giveaway this week to keep you on track so stay tuned...

SEE the weight loss!

OK so this is how much weight you guys lost this week! Not everyone has even weighed in yet.. AWESOME! Skinny Bunnies are US! So a tip at this weeks class was track your losses! Not just your food! So here's a little graph for those doing the Skinny Bunny Challenge, the grey dots are 1lb and 2lb losses... for a half or full stone in 7 weeks! Onwards and downwards, here's to week 2! Doll x


Week 1 weigh in people... Post your weight loss below and I'll post the total results tomorrow! Already heard some losses on the twit-vine! AMAZING!!!

I'll go first, now remember today is my birthday and there was CAKE (OK! OK! There were cocktails too.. sigh... but YUM!) at the weekend.. I am older but it seems no wiser! LOL But I'm on track and down a pound!

Can't wait to see how you're all doing.. even if you're up you don't have to let the world know but we can all harrass you on twitter and facebook this week to help... and if you're only joining this week let me know and I'll add you to the list and we'll all be lighter for Easter! YAY!

Naoimh: - 0.5lbs
JohnQ: - 2lbs
Flirting with Fashion
Cliodhnam: - 2lbs
Emma: - 0.5lbs
DeeDees: - 0lbs
Fatso: - 2lbs
The West Wing: - 3lbs
Michelle (Rocca20)
Judy D: - 2.5lbs
Anon 1: - 4.5lbs
Anon 2
Sarah: - 4.5lbs
AineB: - 2lbs
Anon 3
ActionMags: - 2lbs
Zeb: - 0.5lbs
Rosie: - 2.5lbs
Anon 4
Anon 5
Laura G: - 0lbs
Anon 6
RedNicola - will weigh in week 6
EmeraldEyeliner: - 0lbs
Laura O'B
MichMast: - 3.5lbs
KarenD: - 3lbs
AoifeRM: - 1lbs
Shivster: - 2lbs
GeekBunny: - 1lb
Skinny Doll: - 1lb
Rachel1977: -5.5lbs
Jackie: - 1lbs
Donna: - 4lbs
beautyEmporium: - 1lb
YoYo: - 0.5lb

Skinny Bunny - Tracking

So.. how's the tracking going? I've got a diary I keep with me ALL the time and fill in EVERYTHING that goes in my trap!

Some of you have mentioned some great apps that you use.. I may be transferred to the techie side...

Here's a gal to watch and follow on YouTube... its Miss WeightWatch check out her food journal here...

VLOG Day 1 Weight Watchers - Francesca Dee - Food Journal

She has some great tips and her recipes are FAB... easy to follow and scrumy... I've made most of them following her along the way.. its like Nigella in your kitchen! LOL

Remember if it goes in your smacker.. it goes on the tracker!!!

We're nearly through week 1 ... I'll set up a post for weights can be posted on Monday!

Doll x

Skinny Bunny - You're the one that I want!!!

Yep .. no one wants to do it... its called exercise.. but I say if its not fun.. then don't bother! So.. lets rename it... dancing.. gossiping... paddling ... even making tea - 4 mins to boil the kettle.. march on the spot... 4 mins exercise DONE! Yep they all burn calories...

This weekend... call a buddy and catch up on the gossip walking around the park... if there's a 4 legged friend in your life they will LOVE you for a big long adventure exploring ... they need to be kept healthy too! You'll be their BEST friend!

If the weathers crap.. line up 5 of your favourite tracks... let us know what they are, I"m trying to make teh ultimate workout track list! Then... throw some shapes!!! Don't stop for a cuppa.. or a loo trip.. just dance your ass off! Nothing more fun than a boogie round the kitchen! Get hot and bothered.. sing along.. and sweat it out... I have been know to throw on some 80s pop and move like Jagger!!! Got Grease? Slumdog Millionaire? doesn't matter what the soundtrack if you love watching it, stick it on and shimmy along with John travolta be it Saturday Night Fever or Pulp Fiction.. you'll get up and dance along... We've all got that dodgy DVD we don't admit to! Don't we? DON'T WE?!?! eek!

Even Kevin Bacon told us to 'cut loose'

Even better... hit the shops WITHOUT your wallet and get your 20 mins planning your Easter outfit! See what's out there... the new trends.. colours... There's an hours walk in there without even thinking about it! Walk the length and breadth of the shopping centre and enjoy the shops while you burn up calories! Simples!

This weekend I have two birthday gigs to attend to.. and I'm designated driver so I won't DRINK my PP.. and I intend to boogie the night away!! PLUS no cake! I'm not a big cake fan anyway.. as regulars know I'm a crisp junkie... savoury all the way.. so I'd only be eating it because its there... Theres a weigh in on Monday and its 1lb towards being a half a stone lighter!

So what are the exercise plans you skinny lot? Bit of Bollywood anyone?

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