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How does she do it?! Mani-Monday

My name's Doll and I'm a nail varnish junkie' ... there's bound to be a meeting for people like me soon... I KNOW I'm not alone! 

Based in Sydney...I'm pretty sure they'll be a branch near you! 

I've had a lot of requests asking 'WHAT do you do with your nails?' So here's the stuff I currently use at the moment... I've been using Bio Oil on my nails too and its AMAZING! But I think the pics will tell the story better ... 

My 4 way buffer nail file is a life saver! I find the ones in Pennys are useless and wear out too quickly... M&S do their own brand for a few euro.. best I've found out there so far... 

Cuticle oil... I was a non believer until I tried it myself... no hang nails.. stronger nail bed... and there's loads of different types out there with fab scents.. I got this... 'Carribean Nights'... dontchyaknow, at the Beauty Show in the RDS ... I've been using this when I paint my nails and Bio Oil before bed or at my desk...  

Essence do a fantastic nail care range... I use their rosewood sticks for sorting our my cuticles and for cleaning up the edges... if I'm watching telly and painting my nails I tend to go 'outside the lines'... so to speak! One pack will last you ages... 

15 seconds to sorting out your cuticles with this bad boy... again you can pick it up in Pennys, Dunnes and most pharmacies... 

A good hand cream is worth the investment! At the moment I'm using Endless Glove from Soap & Glory... it's yummy! I've even invested in the 'Holly Golightly' white gloves for bedtime with a good dollop of this on... mind you every morning I find the gloves on the floor or at the bottom of the duvet!!!

Cutex Nourishing nail polish remover... don't just pick up the first one you see... removers are very drying and can make your nails worse over time so if you have weak nails.. seek out the best remover.. (preaching over!)

This is for the 'Feck I forgot to paint my nails' moment... paint... spray... 1 minute you're pretty much good to go... don't ask me how it works, it's a science thingy but it does... I got this in McCabes Pharmacy... 

'If you don't want your nails to stain... you need a base coat...'  we've all heard it... we don't all do it.. but I'm using the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and slowly but surely my nails are returning to their natural colour... who knew?!?

Best top coat I've found is the Rimmel Finishing Touch Ultra Shine Top coat... This takes a few minutes to dry (unless you use the 'nail dry' spray).. but if you have time it really gives your nails a lovely glossy finish and will help with the 'chipping'... 

It takes a bit of time but my nails were in bits before I started this routine... now they're stronger and in much better condition... set yourself up when your fav programme is on and make a date with yourself each week to keep it up (I'm currently doing my to the Great Irish Bake Off.. stops me going to the kitchen for cake! I rarely use stick on nails as the glue can set me back a stage or two but some of them are SO cute I can't help myself... I love wraps but they can be pricey so I tend to use one of two out of each sheet and mix it up with plain polish... makes them different every time and no one else is gonna have the same manicure! 

Shellac, like stick ons aren't for me either, plus I like to change my colours all the time... keeps my fingers out of the crisp packets! 


  1. The Great Irish Bake Off is my new "painting my nails time too" Defo keeps me out of the fridge :)
    I use OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and strenghter & Seche Vite as a top coat.
    I must keep an eye out for the Essence Fast Cuticle Remover.
    Luv this kinda posts, Cuz i'm a nosey B :)

    1. oh I LOVE reading other peoples blogs for a good nose! best part of it! LOL Will look out for OPI as a base! x

  2. I need to do this! My nails are in a mess and always have been. I just have no dedication and I'mlazy when it comes to my beauty regime. I just about manage to use facewash and moisturiser daily but anything else..... I need to get better.

    1. Best thing is to pick a TV program that you watch in the evening, and set yourself up... then its just habit.. I got a little box for all the bits and pieces too so I wouldn't be faffing about.. just grab the box and sit! x


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