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Listen very carefully.. I shall ask this only once...

Today is a day when I am requesting a little favour from you ... I don't do 'bloggy' type things... I'm a big chicken really... I'm happy in my own little bubble posting away... getting mad, sad and happy with my journey... The thought of meeting other bloggers scares the bejesus outta me... I'm not a beauty blogger... I couldn't care less if the latest lipstick was in my chemist... but if I see it when I'm buying my Bio Oil, I might try it and I'll be honest if I like it or not, but I'm no expert, although I'm getting pretty clever with the nail polish! I'm not a food critic... but I like finding good spots to eat out and when I find one, I love sharing it... I like what I like and I put it down here for the world to see... and it keeps me out of trouble! 

I'm not one of those who's going to hound you on Facebook (The AWESOME Verette from has got my back over there... Loves you!) ... 

There won't be endless tweets begging for a nomination... or reminding you for the millionth time... I'm only gonna ask, just the once, that if you feel like it... or you think it's worth a nomination, you can nominate The Skinny Doll in the Blog Awards Ireland.. 

You'll need this link...

this email...

and the knowledge that I'm based in Dublin...

You can decide whatever category you feel my blog fits into...The categories that would most suit are: 

Health & Wellbeing
Food and Drink

If there's been a particular post that's hit a nerve then you can nominate it under 

Best Blogpost 

The most popular two recently have been 'Darkness into light'

and my ranty post at the blogger bullies ... 'F$@K YOU!'

and who knows I might get a night on the tiles! That's definitely a 'two pairs of spanx' night! 

Thank you loads in advance xxx


  1. Done! Really hope you win as I find your blog really inspirational as well as bloody funny!! Good luck xx


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