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Kick ball... Manicure Monday

Firstly ... it's not really the REAL world cup... Kick ball mania is ongoing... being a Rugby gal I'm dodging most of it...  except the Aussie games and I don't really want to talk about that either ... but if there's a bandwagon.. you know I'm on it! 

So for a bit of fun... Brazilian World Cup nails... ta da... 
Renaldo or whaddevaaa his name is would be proud of me huh?!?! 

I used Revlon Parfumerie in 'Lime basil' (very handy for Paddys day/Irish type get ups and for tanned toes!) ... Kelly Brook - Sunshine Yellow (available in New Look at the moment) ... Essence 'The boy next door' (found in Pennys/Dunnes/pharmacies)... with some Top Shop 'Spilled Milk' for the little stars... 

It's all good practice for next year when the REAL boys will be playing!!! *runs away*

Happy footie to the soccer fans... 


  1. That's fighting talk!!:) Great nail skills!

    1. oh i expect the backlash next year.. but its all good fun! x


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