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Alcopops  per 275ml bottle
Bacardi Breezer, Lemon - 8 SP
Bacardi Breezer, Orange - 4 SP
Bacardi Breezer, Watermelon - 5 SP
Bacardi Breezer, Pineapple - 4 SP
Bacardi Breezer, Mango - 5 SP
Bacardi Breezer, Half sugar Raspberry - 3 SP

Beer, Cider & Lager   per half pint unless stated
Beer, 1 bottle 330ml - 4 SP
Beer, 1 pint - 7 SP
Beer, 440ml can - 6 SP
Cider, sweet (pint) - 11 SP
Cider, dry - 4 SP
Cider, light - 3 SP
Cider, low alcohol 1 bottle (500ml) - 5 SP
Guinness - 4 SP
Guinness (pint) - 9SP
Lager, 1 pint - 5 SP
Lager, 330ml - 3 SP
Lager, light, low alcohol or alcohol free (330ml) - 2 SP
Bulmers/Magners light 330ml - 3 SP

Spirits   per 25ml unless stated
35.5 ml is an Irish measure

Advocaat - 3 SP
Brandy or Gin - 2 SP
Brandy or Gin, 35.5 ml - 3 SP
Pimms - 2 SP
Pimms 50ml - 3 SP
Port, 50ml - 3 SP
Rum - 2 SP
Schnapps - 2 SP
Sherry, dry 50ml - 2 SP
Sherry, sweet, 50ml - 3 SP
Tequila - 2 SP
Vodka - 2 SP
Vodka, 35.5ml - 3 SP
Whisky/Bourbon - 2 SP
Whisky/Bourbon, 35.5ml - 3 SP

Wine & Champagne   per 175ml unless stated
Champagne - 5 SP
Rose - 5 SP
Wine rose, 750ml bottle - 23 SP
West Coast Cooler (original & Rose), 250ml bottle - 4 SP
West Coast Cooler Rose, 750ml bottle - 11 SP
Wine, low alcohol (6% vol) 175ml glass - 3 SP
Wine red, 175 ml glass - 4 SP
Wine red, 750ml bottle - 19 SP
Wine, rose or sparkling, 174ml - 5 SP
Wine, white, dry or medium 175ml - 5 SP
Wine, white, medium 750ml - 22 SP
Wine, white, dry 750ml bottle - 20 SP
Wine, white, sweet 175ml - 7 SP
Wine, white, sweet 750ml bottle - 29 SP

Soft Drinks
Apple Juice 150ml - 4 SP
Bitter lemon, 250ml - 5 SP
Cola, 330 ml can - 8 SP
Cola, diet 300ml can - 0 SP
Ginger Beer, 330ml can - 6 SP
Lemonade, 330ml can - 5 SP
Orange Juice, unsweetened 150ml - 3 SP
Tonic Water, 150ml - 3 SP
Tonic Water, Low Calorie 150ml - 0 SP

Cocktails   Based on 25ml spirits & 200ml mixer
Vodka & Slimline Tonic - 2 SP
Vodka & Slimline Tonic, 35.5ml - 3 SP
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri - 5 SP
Gin & Tonic - 6 SP
Jack Daniels & Coke - 7 SP
Rum & Coke - 7 SP
Dry White Wine, 175ml - 5 SP
Screwdriver - 7 SP
Cosmopolitian - 7 SP
Margarita - 8 SP
Martini - 8 SP
Mojito - 6 SP
Pina Colada - 11 SP
Long Island Ice Tea - 10 SP
White Russian - 12 SP
Sex on the Beach - 6 SP
Mai Tai - 9 SP

Coffee Shops

Caffe Nero 
Cappuccino, grande (semi skimmed milk) - 4 SP
Cappuccino, grande (skimmed milk) - 3 SP
Cappuccino, grande (soya milk) - 3 SP
Cappuccino, regular (semi skimmed milk) - 2 SP
Cappuccino, regular (skimmed milk) - 1 SP
Cappuccino, regular (soya milk) - 1 SP
Caramelatte, one size, (semi skimmed milk) - 24 SP
Chai Latte, one size, (semi skimmed milk) - 13 SP
Chai Latte, one size, (skimmed milk) - 11 SP
Hot Chocolate, regular, (semi skimmed milk, no cream) - 12 SP
Hot Chocolate, regular, (skimmed milk, no cream) - 11 SP
Hot Chocolate, regular, (soya milk, no cream) - 11 SP
Hot Chocolate, regular, (semi skimmed milk, with cream) - 19 SP
Hot Chocolate Milano, one size (with whipped cream) - 20 SP
Latte, grande (semi skimmed milk) - 6 SP
Latte, grande (skimmed milk) - 4 SP
Latte, regular (semi skimmed milk) - 3 SP
Latte, regular (semi skimmed milk, with shot of syrup) - 10 SP
Latte, regular (skimmed milk) - 2 SP
Mocha, regular (semi skimmed milk, no cream) - 7 SP
Mocha, regular (skimmed milk, no cream) - 6 SP
Mocha, regular (soya milk, no cream) - 6 SP
Mocha, regular (semi skimmed milk, with cream) - 15 SP

Costa Coffee - All Medio size
Americano, Full fat, Skimmed or Soya milk - 1 SP
Babyccino, Full fat - 3 SP 
Babyccino, Skimmed milk - 2 SP 
Babyccino, Soya milk - 1 SP
Latte, full fat milk - 9 SP
Latte, skimmed milk - 4 SP
Latte, soya milk - 5 SP
Cappuccino, full fat milk - 7 SP
Cappuccino, skimmed milk - 4 SP
Cappuccino, soya milk - 4 SP
Caramel Cappuccino, full fat milk - 11 SP
Caramel Cappuccino, skimmed milk - 7 SP
Caramel Cappuccino, soya milk - 8 SP
Caramel Latte, full fat milk - 11 SP
Caramel Latte, skimmed milk - 7 SP
Caramel Latte, soya milk - 7 SP
Chai Latte, full fat milk - 20 SP
Chai Latte, skimmed milk - 15 SP
Chai Latte, soya milk - 15 SP
Mocha, full fat milk - 14 SP
Mocha, skimmed milk - 11 SP
Mocha, soya milk - 11 SP

Starbucks - 
Cappuccino, tall, skimmed milk - 3 SP 
Cappuccino, tall, semi skimmed milk - 4 SP 
Cappuccino, grande, skimmed milk - 3 SP 
Cappuccino, grande, semi skimmed milk - 5 SP 
Cappuccino, venti, skimmed milk - 4 SP 
Cappuccino, venti, semi skimmed milk - 6 SP 
Chai tea Latte, tall, skimmed milk - 8 SP 
Chai tea Latte, tall, semi skimmed milk - 9 SP 
Chai tea Latte, grande, skimmed milk - 11 SP 
Chai tea Latte, grande, semi skimmed milk - 12 SP 
Chai tea Latte, venti, skimmed milk - 13 SP 
Chai tea Latte, venti, semi skimmed milk - 15 SP 
Latte, tall, skimmed milk - 4 SP 
Latte, tall, semi skimmed milk - 6 SP 
Latte, grande, skimmed milk - 5 SP 
Latte, grande, semi skimmed milk - 8 SP 
Latte, venti, skimmed milk - 7 SP 
Latte, venti, semi skimmed milk - 10 SP 

On the tiles...
Bacardi Breezer - Lemon 275mls = 5 PP
Bacardi Breezer - Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple and Mango, 275mls = 3 PP
Bacardi Breezer - Half sugar Raspberry Bacardi Breezer = 3 PP
Baileys per 50ml = 6pp
Bulmers Light per 330ml bottle = 3pp
Champagne 750ml = 20 pp
Coors light per bottle = 4pp
Cider sweet per pint = 8pp
Cider dry per pint = 7pp
Guinness per pint = 6 pp
Heineken per 330ml bottle = 5 pp
Kopperburg cider per bottle = 8 pp
Lager per pint = 6 pp
Lager per bottle (330ml) = 3 pp
Lager Low alcohol per bottle = 1pp
Lambrini Light:
   100ml = 2 ProPoints values
   275ml = 6 ProPoints values
   750ml bottle = 15 ProPoints values 

Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 330ml bottle = 4 pp
Magners/Bulmers Light Cider 500ml can = 6 pp
Miller per 330ml bottle = 5pp
Port per 50ml = 3pp
Smirnoff Ice 275ml - 5pp
Smirnoff Ice 330ml - 6pp
Smirnoff Ice 700ml - 13pp
Smirnoff & Cranberry, 250ml - 6pp
Smithwicks, ½ pint = 3pp Smithwicks, 500ml = 6pp Smithwicks, 1 pint = 7pp Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 35ml (Irish pub measure) = 3pp
Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 25ml (UK pub measure) = 2pp
Sherry per 50ml = 2pp
Schnappes per 35ml = 4pp
WeightWatchers wine per 125ml = 3 pp
West Coast Cooler 250ml = 5 pp
West Coast Cooler 750ml = 14 pp

WINE - per 750ml
Red wine = 19 pp
White wine dry = 18 pp
Rose = 19 pp
White medium = 20 pp
White sparkling = 19 pp
White sweet = 25 pp

Bloody Mary = 4 pp
Sex on the Beach = 8 pp
Strawberry Daiquiri = 4 pp
Pina Colada = 6 pp
Cosmo = 6 pp
Vodka Tonic = 3 pp
Manhattan = 8 pp
Screwdriver = 5 pp
Frozen Mudslide = 11 pp
G&T = 4 pp
Jack & coke = 4 pp
Mai Tai = 10 pp
Rum & coke = 4 pp
Mojito = 6 pp
Martini = 6 pp
White Russian = 7 pp
Bloody Mary = 4 pp
Margarita = 6 pp
Frozen Daiquiri = 4 pp
Long Island Ice Tea = 7 pp
Parrot Bay Frozen Berry Daiquiri = 4 pp
Parrot Bay Frozen Pina Colada = 7 pp

On the wagon...
Aldi Low Cal Hot Chocolate = 1 pp
Apple juice, 1 glass 100ml = 1 pp
Cadburys Highlights sachet = 1 pp
Capri Sun Orange = 2 pp
Cola regular, 330ml can = 4 pp
Cola diet = 0 pp
Cranberry juice, 1 glass 100ml = 2 pp
Drinking chocolate, 1 tbsp = 2 pp
(brands to vary so please check)
Orange juice, unsweetened, 100ml glass = 1 pp
Red Bull 250ml can = 3 pp
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml can = 0 pp
Tea, all types = 0 pp
Tomato juice, 100ml glass = 0 pp
Tonic water, 250ml = 2 pp

Coffee, Tea.. Me...
Douwe Egberts skinny latte 13g = 1 pp
Nescafe skinny Latte 20g sachet = 2 pp
Nescafe Skinny Cappuccino = 1 pp
Nescafe Skinny Mocha = 2 pp,
Nescafe Skinny Cappucino = 1 pp
M&S cafe latte large skimmed milk 1 portion = 4 pp
M&S cafe latte regular skimmed milk 1 portion = 2 pp
M&S cafe latte small skimmed milk 1 portion = 2 pp
Costa coffee cinnamon latte skimmed milk - primo 1 portion = 2 pp
Costa coffee ginderbread latte skimmed milk - primo 1 portion = 2 pp
Costa coffee hot chocolate, regular = 4 pp
Costa coffee hot chocolate, large = 7 pp

Americano 0pp then count milk
Tall skinny misto 
= 1 pp
Grande skinny misto = 2 pp
Tall skinny caffe mocha with whipped cream = 7 pp
Tall skinny caramel macchiato with sugared syrup = 4 pp
Tall skinny caramel macchiato with sugar free syrup = 3 pp
Tall skinny gingerbread latte with whipped cream = 6 pp
Grande skinny gingerbread latte with whipped cream = 7 pp
Tall skinny toffee nut latte with cream 6 pp
Tall skinny toffee nut latte no cream 
= 4 pp
Grande skinny toffee nut latte with cream = 8 pp
Grande skinny toffee nut latte no cream = 5 pp
Tall skinny peppermint mocha with cream = 9 pp

Very berry scone 
= 12 pp
Luxury fruit bread = 13 pp
Belgian chocolate brownie Gluten free fair-trade = 9 pp
Chocolate caramel shortbread = 10 pp
Chocolate chunk cookie = 11 pp
Chocolate chunk shortbread fair-trade = 14 pp
Chocolate cornflake square = 7 pp
Choc hazelnut gluten dairy free cake = 8 pp
Granola bar = 10 pp
Luxury all butter mince pie = 11 pp
Marshmallow twizzles (both types) = 4 pp
Rocky road = 10 pp
Black forest cup cake = 11 pp
Caramel and pecan cheesecake = 14 pp
Carrot cake = 12 pp
Victoria sponge cupcake = 10 pp
Chocolate yule log = 8 pp
Doughnut apple fritter = 11 pp
Doughnut classic cake = 12 pp
Fairy cupcake = 11 pp
Ginger loaf cake = 12 pp
Caramelised hazelnut and Belgium milk choc chunk muffin = 11pp
Chocolate muffin with Belgian choc sauce centre = 15pp
Rise and shine muffin = 12pp
Skinny blueberry muffin = 10pp
Skinny lemon and poppyseed muffin = 8pp
Skinny peach and raspberry muffin = 9pp
Skinny stem ginger iced muffin = 11pp

Almond croissant =13 pp
Butter croissant = 8 pp
Cinnamon swirl 
= 12 pp
Pain au chocolat = 8 pp
Pain aux raisin = 12 pp
Savoury cheese pastry twist = 10 pp

(all skimmed milk)...
Tall latte = 3 pp
Tall cappuccino = 2 pp
Tall mocha with whipped cream = 7 pp
Tall caramel macchiato = 4 pp
Tall signature hot chocolate with whipped cream = 12 pp
Tall vanilla latte = 4 pp
Low Fat Super Milk (100ml) = 1 pp
Semi-skimmed, 284ml/½ pt = 4 pp
Skimmed = 3 pp
Whole = 5 pp
Soya, unsweetened = 2 pp


  1. This is so helpful!! do you mind if I copy it so that I can keep it with my tracker book for when I'm out and about and need liquid refreshment?
    S xx

  2. Not at all... happy to share.. if you find any others let me know and i can add to it.. all in the interest of research you understand ...*hic* ahem...

    1. Anyone know how many smart points in the new gluten free Hufi beer its lower in cals than the normal beer.

    2. Hi I have been trying to find.out PP for all the flavoured gins around at the moment.I have been counting 2 per measure and have it with slimline.Stayed same.last week so wonder if I am under counting.Thanks very much

    3. the flavours don't really make much difference. I wouldn't be able to work out the PPs for them because WW can work out the points for alcohol... it's to do with the alcohol turning into sugar in our system. I'd still leave it at 2PP but if you wanted you could use a weekly to cover them at the weekend just to be extra sure :)

  3. Hi do you know what Bicardi Breezer half sugar are in pro-points?

    Thanks XX Brilliant Site By The Way

    1. Lemon Bacardi Breezer, 275mls = 5 PP
      Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple and Mango Bacardi Breezers, 275mls = 3 PP
      Half sugar Raspberry Bacardi Breezer also = 3 PP

      ProPointing the 'half sugar' breezers yourself comes out at 1PP each but there are 'alcohol sugars' to take into account also.

      Hope it helps Doll x

  4. hi do you know the pp for pimms your site is a great help keep it up x

    Thank you so much..
    I was really finding it hard not eating or drinking regular foods, but now this site has helped me with all of the PP values.
    Please keep this site up TY :D

    1. Me too, it keeps me motivated. Thanks a mil.

  6. Brilliant site,well done.How do you know the pp of so many things i am sick of looking at labels...but stone gone so happy out,anyway any idea of pp for Satzenbrau and also where can you get 0% fat greek yogurt

    1. I'm not sure of the PP for Satzenbrau, I'd prob point it the same as the other lagers just to be on the safe side. The 0% greek yoghurt you should be able to get in most stores... I get mine in Tesco, if you're local store doesn't have it... ask the manager to get it in! I'm on first name terms with mine now! LOL x

  7. Hey Skinny Doll. Brill website! I was wondering what would be the damage in a chai latte from strbucks? I love them so I hope they aren't too bad!

    1. Sorry for the delay... a small or reg (375ml) skim chai latte is 4 PP

    2. Hey Skinny Doll any idea smart points value of 1 litre Tesco Irish Sparkling Lemon and Lime water? How does it work with calculator as not sure how to convert to grammes 😩 thanks love your website!!❤

  8. Hi Skinny Doll. Am absolutely loving your website and it is inspiring me on my weight loss journey Thanks

  9. Is there any chance you could get the points of Erdinger Urweisse 500ml bottles. It seems to be lower calorie than heineken 500mls but i know thats only half the story. cheers!

    1. According to the erdinger website it's 0.5 a point for 100ml so if its a 500ml bottle it would be 2.5 x

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. brillant website well done!!!

  11. Hi skinny doll love your info you are a star now I can have my Costas and starbucks.

    Thanks a million honey.

  12. smashin site skinny doll xx

  13. Great site!! Quick questions for you....Any idea how many pro points are in a bottle of Corona Light? Thanks!

    1. sorry for the delayed response.. I'm only seeing all these comments now! DOH! its 3PP for one but 7PP for two... there's no half points any more and sadly they round up... booo x

  14. A light beer is 3 PP, a regular beer is 5 PP in the program. If you use a points calculator you will not get the correct point value. The WW calculator doesn't account for alcohol sugars. Hope this helps.. x

  15. hi skinny doll brill site on your pionts for alchohal list theres a 1 propiont low alcho lager can you tell me the name of this lager and where i might be able to get some cheers.

    1. Hi... sources tell me ...

      The Co-Operative Pilsner Lager per can - 1pp
      Asda French Lager 2.8% per can - 1pp
      Alcohol free becks per bottle - 1 pp
      Most non alcoholic beers are 1PP also...

      Hope this helps Doll x

    2. thanks for the info skinny doll. just wondering do you know anywhere south of the border where i might get them beers . thanks again

    3. Hello skinny doll would it be possible for you to find out how many pp there is in a bottle of strawberry mojito ready to drink selected by tesco its delicious but I dont want to drink it if way over my pp thankyou. Patricia

    4. loving this site your briliant

    5. Hey Patricia.. will ask in the office on Tuesday (Its a bank holiday here thanks to St. patrick!) soon as I find out I'll post for you x

  16. Hi there coulkd you point Low C form me please... or Resolution as they are called now ... thank you T x

    1. 3PP for a 275ml bottle. (sorry for the delayed response.. I missed these comments!) eek!

  17. Hi Skinny doll, fab site. Any ideas on how many pps are in a small full fat costa mocha with nothing added extra?

    1. Mocha (whole, small Eat In) – 5pp
      Mocha (whole, small Take Out) – 6pp

  18. hi skinny doll,any ideas how many points are in a can of strongbow?x thanks p x

    1. Hi Skinny Doll,
      I just want to confirm that a can of strongbow is 6 points plus? How much does it go up the more you drink?

  19. This is an excellent site. Just started today. Had a baby 6 weeks ago and don't want to let things slide! This site will help me loads I'm sure!

  20. Was just wondering if u know the pro points for bud light

    1. Light beers range from 3 - 5 PP, Bud light is 4pp.. its harad to work these out as the sugar from the alcohol has to be included... if you know what i mean... 4 pp will cover you x

  21. Hi, was just wondering how many points are there in a shot of baby guinness? Thanx

  22. Love this website! any ideas of a what a skinny mocha is with out the whipped cream? <3

  23. Hey skinny Doll, this site is amazing!!!
    Please can you help me find the PP for a selection on bottled cider such as kopparberg cider Katy's thatchers ect...Can't seem to get any values Thanks Xx

    1. Hey, a bottle of Koppberg Strawberry and Lime is 8pp!!! I know!! sigh.. x

  24. Hi Skinny Doll

    Would you know the pp of Ritz perry both the bottle and the can?

    Love the site by the way!!

    1. Hey.. Ritz is 7PP for the 500ml can .. I'm not sure about the bottle but I'll check .. I suspect it would be 5 at least.. its high in alcohol sugars., booo! x

  25. Hi love love love this site...I have just started ww this week and wanted to know if you know how many propoints are in a magners original 500ml

  26. heya i pro pointed a bottle of corona light on a ww calculater and i got 1 point wouls that be right i entered all details correct thanks ur help would be great

  27. Hey,
    Just woundering howmany points in a grande skinny latte in Starbucks? Please & thanks.

  28. hi just wondering if u knew what propoints in bud lite as seen different stuff for this ?

  29. i have just pointed bottle of corona light and could i be wrong.. i am getting 1 pro point per 330ml bottle

  30. Hi fab website , can you help me I need help on how many pp is in a rose wine and lemonade , martinez and lemonade , Yeger bomb .

  31. Do you know what a bottle of Kors Lite, my ww friend says it is 1 pro point.

  32. hi skinny doll, u have a fab website, i just love it & its always helping me on my weight loss journey. so i did the dog last nite and had 10 vodkas! please tell me its not goin to cost me 30 propoints?

  33. Hi,

    Would anyone know the pro points in a regular and large slushie?
    Lemon & lime, blue or cola?

    Thanks x

  34. brillant tool for weight lost

  35. Wow, fabulous information! Thank you. :) Do you happen to know how many weight watchers points would be in skinny pineapple mojito? I know the calorie count is 100. I see a regular mojito is 6 points, but I didn't want to just halve the points. Thanks again for your time!

    1. Hi.. Sarah?! I'm not sure, pineapple is free but its the sugars in the alcohol that makes the points so high.. I'd give it 4 to be safe... silly alcohol .. it'll be point free when I rule the world ! LOL x

  36. Hi,Just wondering would bud light be the same and coors light at 4pp.. I have a taste for this recently..

  37. I'm so happy right now, for some reason I was counting 3PP for a measure of whiskey. :D

  38. This site is so awesome, thanks doll! Just to clarify, if lagers are 6pp a pint, does that include Stella, Carling and Fosters? I consistently mix up lagers and beers and I'm 99% sure they're lagers but I just want to check! Thanks a million, Leah :)

  39. Hi do u know propoints in first cape low alchol sparkling wine please? Many thanks x

  40. Hi, Brilliant site, just came across it recently. Quick question... myself and my friend used the calculator to get the pp for Corona light and came up with 1 pp... is this correct ??

    Thanks :D

    1. Hey... Corona Light is 3pp for the bottle.. there's a funny thing that alcohol sugars raise the points slightly higher, so the values on the bottles work translate on your calculater... liquid cream cake my leader calls it! eek! hope that helps x

  41. Hi Skinny Doll, this is a brilliant site. I was introduced to it by a friend at ww tonight. Needless to say I have passed it on alreday. Looking forward to learning so much more information from u . Keep up the great work :).

    1. Aw thank you.. its nice to get good feedback .. yo'd be surprised how many bad comments I get from people who aren't even on a diet! pfft!

  42. Hi Skinny Doll,brillant websitewell done.thanks a mill.


    1. Thank you.. nice to hear people get as much use out of it as I do! x

  43. Hi Skinny Doll..How many points in a bottle of Ritz??

  44. Fab site - Any idea on pp's in Lambrini?? I'm not ashamed to be a lambrini girl and e-source only lists the light one which you can't get everywhere! Thanks in advance, keep up the good work! XX

    1. Sorry for the delayed response!!! Totally missed these comments! 9PP a bottle.. enjoy x

  45. Hi skinny doll fab info on here... Would u know how many pp in a box of perry or bottle 750ml please... 7.5% abv... Thankyou.. X

  46. Fantastic website, easy to use and help us lose weight :-)x

  47. Brilliant thanks so much skinny doll. I love looking through your posts. So helpful im notstopping this time until I have same name as you!!!.. xxxx

  48. Hi this is brilliant thanks a million!, I was wondering any idea what propoints green's gluten free premium pilsner would be? can't figure out a way to work it out!

  49. Hi thanks for this, it's really helpful, Do you know how many points are in a pint bottle of bulmers/magners light?

    1. Are you sure a pint bottle of Bulmers light is 3pp cos you have the 330ml as 4pp. BTW I love your site I find it soo helpful

    2. Apologies, pints are listed above. 7/8 pp I misread your message! Eek! x

  50. Love your site..keeps me motivated. Would u ko how many pp in a can of vodka and diet coke.? Tks

    1. If its the slim cans I'm thinking you're talking about they're 2PP each.. 25ml measure of vodka is 2PP, diet coke is free... x

  51. Can anyone help me with a non-alcoholic drinks query?! I keep hearing people going on about sugar free cordial/dilute being 0 pp. Are they the bottlesldi, in the dilute section that say no added sugar? If not - can someone please tell me the name of a sugar free dilute - vey confusing as I can't find one on the shelves (Dunnes, Tescos, Aldi, Lidl...). Misty x

    1. Yes they're the bottles of concentrate like Kia-Ora or miwadi… the no added sugar ones are 0PP Hope this helps x

  52. How many pp would be in a 440 ml can of red stripe? Great info on here x

  53. Hi Skinny Doll, this is a great list, so helpful, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Was just wondering if you knew how many pp would be in the large Caribbean twist bottles of Strawberry Daquiri? Thanks x

  54. Hi Skinny Doll
    I have just started my weigh loss plan as I have put on 2 stone over xmas:( can you please tell me if your Chinese take away list is the correct points for a full size Chinese or do I have to double the points? as ww has a8 pp for chicken chow mein, any help appreciated cheers x

  55. hello, which is least fattening, malibu with red lemonade or west coast cooler rose?

  56. Great site, do you know how many pps are a shot of jaeger meister ��;)

  57. Hey do U happen to know how many pp R in carling zest bottles?

  58. Thankyou, this site is brilliant x

  59. Bacardi brezzer for a large bottle of half suger how many pp x

  60. hi skinny doll , bottle of ritz 330ml how many pp please thx :)

  61. How many points in Pimms and Diet White

  62. Just found your blog, it's brilliant! Thank you so much, It's very inspiring! So handy to have all of the propoints listed. In ww 14 weeks now and delighted I have found this blog, will be logging on whenever I need some encouragement:)

  63. Hi Skinny Doll! Love your site. I was very pleased to see this bit as I am constantly frustrated that WW do not provide a calculator that can give values for alcohol. Could you tell me how many points there would be in Gallo Summer Red wine please?
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Aimi, red wine - per 750ml - 19 pp x Alcohol is pointed differently because of the sugars, theres a formula but its so complicated... x

  64. Hi skinny doll do you know how many points are in spirits as in bacardi vodka etc

    1. Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 35ml (Irish pub measure) = 3pp
      Spirits (Vodka, brandy, gin, rum whiskey) per 25ml (UK pub measure) = 2pp

  65. Have you tried matcha green tea? I am tempted to try purechimp super tea but looking to hear from someone who has experienced matcha green tea.

  66. Hi skinny doll,
    Can you please tell me the points in Vauxhall
    Amazing site x

  67. Sorry that was points in babycham not Vauxhall lol

  68. Hi All, Does anyone know the pp for the Blackberry and Elderflower Pimms? It is the same as the normal one at 2pp per 25ml? Thanks x

  69. Hi Doll,
    What are the points for the pre mixed cans of gin and tonic do you know? Thanks ��

    1. As in the yellow skinny cans with some red writing on them, usually sold as a six pack, thanks!

  70. Hi, I see this question has been asked a few times but I'm going to ask again as I'm still unsure. According to ww handbook, a bottle of 'low alcohol' beer (330ml), which I assume is the same as light beer (e.g. Corona light) is 1 pp. Is this correct? Thanks in advance!

  71. Hi Skinny Doll , i have just found your site and i love it , maybe you might be able to solve something for me , i have been trying yo get the pro points for Aldi Bellini Peach Coctail but no luck in getting it maybe you might be able to find out for me Tia

  72. Thanks for updating the SP on above. I've shared in a closed WW group. Hope ya dont mind. Linked to your page and facebook. LOVE the blog xx

  73. This is so so helpful , I question does anybody know an example of a lager that is in the 5sp per pint section ?? Are we talking Carling , Amstel , Fosters ? some even say Lager beer on the label so confused but over a night if each pint had two less points it could add up , Thanks Gareth Dublin ?

  74. Anyone know the smartpoints in a 20cl Babycham?

  75. This is really useful and I'm sorry if this has been asked before, Coors Light is s light beer, not larger, but is it 2sp?

  76. Hi Skinny Doll....Do you know how many smart points are in a bottle of Corona Light. Used to be 3 smart points!

  77. Thanks for the great blog. Do you know how many smart points in limoncello?

  78. Hi, great list thank you xx can you tell me how much Kirsch is? 3 tablespoons needed for a desert xx

  79. Hi Skinny doll, I'm new to weight watchers and asked today in Starbucks what type of milk they use? I ordered a skinny latte, they said its 0% fat! Not sure what point I should use under your guideline, it was a medium skinny late. Thank you x

    1. 'Tall' skimmed milked - 4SP
      'Tall' Semi skimmed - 6SP
      'short' skimmed - 3SP
      'Short' semi skimmed - 4SP
      'Grande' skimmed - 5SP
      'Grande semi skimmed - 8SP

  80. Hi skinny doll do you know the smartpoints for lucozade orange?

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