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July!!! It's July! Apparently it's summer! *groans*  

I hope wherever you are reading this it's not like a cold November day! 

This months #wwphotoaday is heading up on Instagram shortly and like every month, 
you can do it one day or join in everyday, you can challenge yourself with a pal 
or just use is as a list to stay focussed! If you fancy doing it on FB or Snapchat go for it! 
Just use the hashtag  #wwphotoaday
and you'll be able to peep at everyone elses pics too and share the weightloss love! 

Seriously, how is it July?!

Light & Free Yogurt from Danone

Have we all seen these!?! Now before the 'sugar police' gang up on me, yes there's sugar in these but they taste SO good (probably because of the sugar!) but all the flavours are just 2 SP! These are perfect as a snack between meals and FABULOUS in desserts... try the cherry one you won't be sorry! ALSO that packaging... too cute no?!

Danone Light & Free Greek Style Yogurt, Strawberry Sensation per 115g pot - 2 SP

Danone Light & Free Greek Style Yogurt, Blueberry Burst per 115g pot - 2 SP

Danone Light & Free Greek Style Yogurt, Raspberry Razzle per 115g pot - 2 SP

Danone Light & Free Greek Style Yogurt, Peach Passion Fruit per 115g pot - 2 SP

Danone Light & Free Greek Style Yogurt, Cherry Charmer per 115g pot - 2 SP

Happy Christmas!!!

I'm not even sorry about this post!!! I've already emailed my leader my goals for the next three months and as I did I thought, in 6 months we'll be past the shortest day and back on the up and dear god it'll be Christmas!!! I suffer from SAD and the winter really gets to me... so I'm already on a downer about the days getting shorter...

But in 6 months time we'll be unwrapping the pressies, stuffing turkeys, pulling crackers and picking out the best choccies from the tin... but today... TODAY... you can decide EXACTLY how you're going to feel this Christmas... 

The way I see it, you have three choices... 

1. You can be resigned to the fact that 2017 is going to be 'your year' AGAIN.... and give yourself permission to eat all round you for the month of December... You don't really want to party with anyone and the idea of leaving the house kills you, plus it would take an hour to get the spanx on... but this way you can rave about how the 1st of January is THE day when everything will change, a new life awaits just after you mop up the gravy with some batch bread... breaking news, it won't... On January first you'll probably be hungover or enjoying a lie in, wondering how the holidays passed so quickly and you've got to face work and you'll want a fry up! Sure, you're right! Aren't you? You'll only be miserable anyway, so wrap up and give yourself permission to pig out... you didn't REALLY want to get all glammed up for NYE and feel amazing anyway did you?

2. You can feel exactly the way you do right now and do nothing... ignore Christmas... it's not happening in your world! It won't happen if you don't see it right?! Nope! The festivities will go on regardless... trust me I've tried it... the 'I'm just not into Christmas...' doesn't make the whole thing disappear or more comfortable for anyone... there will still be parties, and people will want you to go to them... there will still be Aunties saying 'Doesn't she have a lovely face though...' when you just want to slap theirs... so you pretend it's no big deal and you're happy just the way you are when inside you really want to slip on a glitzy party frock and bop under a disco ball but you didn't bother doing anything about how you feel about yourself, so you're just going to pretend its ALL OK... when you feel like it's really anything but OK... 


3. You can reap the rewards of 6 months of working on you! Accept the compliments, they're right you do look good  in your sexy xmas number and damn it you might even throw off the cardi when your dancing cause you're feeling fabliss! You can put an a dress that's a size smaller than you are today... you can boogie away to 'Rocking around the Christmas tree..' for the umpteenth time because you've kept up the walking or swimming for the last 6 months and you no longer feel like a sweaty betty! Sure, you've got a bit to go, but staying heathy is a life long journey, there is no end to making a better version of yourself but you felt happy enough to say 'yes' to the invites... you felt a little more confident in putting on the bling and you've given yourself and those who love you the most the best present ever! 

By Christmas day... this can happen... don't aim for losing half your body weight, unrealistic goals are the downfall for so many... 1 - 2 lbs a week is healthy... and the right way to do it... we've all done the 'juices' ,' shakes' and 'pills' and here we are still going back to doing it the way we always knew worked... eating more healthy less processed foods and moving our butts more... and wouldn't it be nice to earn activity points on the dance floor this Christmas? 

Look at it this way....

For those who like collecting those little stones... 
26 lbs is 1 stone 12 lbs
39 lbs is 2 stone 11 lbs
52 lbs is 3 stone 10 lbs

Who's with me?! 

Caffe Di Milano

One for the biccie fans out there... These are the new biccies from Jacobs called Caffe Di Milano! Remember those pink wafer biscuits when we were kids? 
Anyone tried these? Let me know! 

Caffe Di Milano Vanilla Creams, per 8.8g biscuit - 2SP

Caffe Di Milano Chocolate Creams, per 8.8g biscuit - 2SP

Caffe Di Milano Hazelnut Creams, per 8.8g biscuit - 2SP

Where are you?

Ever stood in line to be weighed and looked at someone in the queue and thought 'what on EARTH is she doing here?!?!' 'there's not a pick on her...'  'Is she having a laugh?! Surely they don't allow people that skinny to join?!?!!'

Guilty as charged! When I first started my journey, I was super morbidly obese... not a label I'm proud of but I was in serious trouble, one foot was in an early grave... and even when I joined Weight Watchers THIS time (there have been MANY times!) I often wondered why some people were even there... My problem was obvious, it was there for all the world to see... my slow walk, my red face, the breathlessness... the constant apology for being on the planet and wasting everyones time... and honestly, I used to get frustrated when I saw people with only, ONLY, a stone to lose...  

But everyone is on a different journey... yes, we're all on the 'healthy eating, eat less, move more, be the best version of yourself' journey but we're all at different spots... Today, someone will be at the start line, doubting themselves, thinking they can't do it, dying inside that they have to share THAT number with another person but also hopeful that this will be the time it clicks for them, they'll surround themselves with positive vibes, they'll read the books full of motivation and feel like this is it... Someone else is half way there, fed up counting calories, points, syns, yums, macros, carbs... and are wondering if they'll ever see the goal posts... feeling like today, it's just too hard... and others are have the finish line in sight... the hardest bit, still plugging away feeling better about themselves, feeling happier about their bodies, catching themselves in the mirror and smiling instead of dodging every camera or person from high school in case they see how badly they 'let themselves go..' 

Everyone is somewhere on the path... but it's not a competition, you are where you are... and you might think that you are ahead of someone... or that you are behind others... but you're on your own path, and where other people are really isn't important to your journey... To someone starting you're an inspiration... to someone close to goal, they know exactly how you feel being half way there and how hard you've worked... and whether it's 10lbs or 10 stone it means just as much and is hard earned!

What's important is the people on the journey are there to support you and cheer you on when the wind is blown from your sails and that you can do the same for them... don't compare yourself to anyone else... you are you... wonderful, perfect, beautiful you and your journey is yours xxx

Cookie shots...

Cookies!!! Who DOESN'T love a cookie every now and then?! 
I don't have a sweet tooth but there's something nice about dunking a cookie isn't there...

Todays selection of goodies are from 'The Foods of Athenry' from the Lawless Family Bakery
I spotted in my local Tesco in the gluten free section... Anyone tried them? 

If you want to find out more about these products, their website it really good!
>>> HERE <<<

Cookie Shots 'Bite-size Blondie Biscuits' per 4g cookie - 1SP

Cookie Shots 'Bite-size Brownie Biscuits' per 4g cookie - 1SP

Flapjacks 'The Works' per 18g flapjack - 4SP

Something I forgot...

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I've been miserable with the whole weight loss and blogging thing for the last few weeks... I've was thinking about giving up the lot and just taking a break from it all... Toys were going to be thrown out of the pram... there were tears after class in the car this week... not just because I was up but because I just can't find the motivation to get myself back into gear and I'm frustrated with myself... Hence this is the first blog post for June! 

I was suppose to be visiting my best friend this weekend and I was really looking forward to it but things went against us and I had to postpone it for a few weeks... I got a bit sad about it all but I happily used that excuse for the tears to flow, it was the catalyst needed to get me to COP ON... When someone asked me why I was so upset, there was lots of reasons... it wasn't because I hadn't seen her in a while, she lives in the UK and it's hard to get together more than once or twice a year... Sadly my closest friends all live abroad and I don't get to hang out with them so I miss them loads... Nor was it because her gorgeous daughter is growing up so fast before I get a chance to really spoil her... Those are genuine reasons but honestly I just needed some time to myself and to be myself and I can be with her... We weren't planning anything too mad, a facial, manicure, a potter round the shops, fancy tea and ALL of the chats... but this weekend, whilst I was at home, I realised that recently, I've fallen back in to the trap of trying to please everyone and in that madness I'm not happy myself any more... it's so easy to say 'yes' to people all the time, when you really just want to say 'FECK OFF and let me do what I want'... That's not selfish... when people and jobs drain you, they're not good for you... I've spent the last two weeks over thinking a situation with a friend who really doesn't deserve that much brain space, because if the shoe was on the other foot she wouldn't do the same, I know this for sure! When things that were fun and enjoyable become a chore then it's time to think 'why?' and remember why you started in the first place and how to get the joy back... I know there are some not-so-nice things in life that we HAVE to do but if the decision is ours to make, then we've got to learn to pick ourselves first sometimes... 

I've spent the last few days soul searching and thinking about what I really want... ME.. what do I really want? And what's stopping me from doing it? I've realised I'm taking things WAY to personally... I'm trying to fix the world and their problems and I'm pushing mine to the sidelines because I don't think they're important enough... Guess what, the world won't stop turning if I don't help every single living creature on the planet, who knew?! Good old reliable me actually needs ME!

I've also been hunting for my mojo and whilst I don't think I'm back driving the wagon yet,  I'm certainly feeling a little better about the journey and where I stand now... a perfectly timed email about an hour ago from my leader has really helped, it's like she knows when I need it most! I'm telling you folks, the right leader is just magic! 

So this week put YOU top of the list... I'm back on top of mine from today! If you're in a good place, everyone who loves you will be in a better place because of it... Here's to the next stage of the journey yeah? xxx

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