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no TRICKS just TREATS... M&S

Some of the goodies you'll spot in M&S from their  'no TRICKS just TREATS' range!
Gotta love that packaging though!

Spooky Ghosts & Vampire Bats salted potato snacks
per 25g serv - 4 SP
per 150g bag - 22SP

Petrifyingn Pumpkins cheese flavoured potato snacks
per 30g serv - 4SP
per 150g bag - 21SP

Fizzy Fangtastic Popcorn
per 30g serv - 6SP
per 80g bag - 28SP

EERIE Eyeballs & pumpkins
per 130g bag - 36SP

Zombie Jelly Brains
per 6g jelly - 1SP
per 300g bag - 54SP

Popping Candy Spiders
per 112g bag - 31SP

Witches Fingers biscuit with fondant icing
per 12g finger - 3SP
per pack (5 fingers) - 13SP

Creepy Coated chocolate beans (Spooky smarties!)
per 20 g - 5SP

Super Scary Fizzy Spiders
per 120g bag - 20SP

Ghostly Minibites per 205g pack - 44SP

Sweet & Sour Gruesome Gargoyles
per 120g bag - 20SP

Wicked Witches Hats
per 120g bag - 20SP

Tricky treats...

Just some goodies I've spotted over the last few weeks on my travels that you might be tempted to pick up! I'm treating myself to a very large G&T and filling the neighbours kids with liquorice... I hate the stuff so I can have it here in the house and I am not even tempted to touch the stuff! ewwwww!

Mr. Kipling Fiendish Fancies
per fancie - 5SP

Mr. Kiling Toffee Terror Whirls
per whirl - 6SP

Mr Kipling Choclate & Slime Slices
per slice - 5SP

Cadbury Pumpkin patch cakes
per cake - 7SP

Cadbury SCREME egg biscuits
per biccie - 4SP

McVities Sticky Toffee flavour cake - 
per 26.2g slice - 4SP

McVities Sticky Toffee Apple flavour cake - 
per 26.2g slice - 4SP

McVities Jaffa Cakes Fang-tastic orange cake bars
per bar - 5SP

McVities Jaffa Cakes Batty Blackcurrant cake bars
per bar - 5SP

Monster Munch WEBS, Bacon flavour corn snack
per 14.9g pack - 2SP

Walkers Baked Wotsits ZOMBIE fingers, flamin' hot flavour
per 16.5g pack - 3SP

Make it count...

Someone we love is no longer with us and it's been hard to see the world just carry on as normal... 

Last week went so fast, one minute I'm tweeting the bake off and the next we're in a heap not knowing where to go, what to say it's all just a blur... and the thoughts of normal routine today seems kinda wrong... 

Today, take the time to call someone... check they're doing OK... text them... and don't leave any topic off the table... if you wanna talk about your verrucas, then tell em you're annoyed about your verrucas, they might tell you 'thanks but TMI' but if it means other topics won't seem so daunting, so what?! They'll know you're thinking of them... they'll know they're loved... and they'll know that you're there to talk about anything... 

This week, be kind... you never know what someone is going through... that woman holding you up in the bank might be closing the account of a loved one.. the man who can't seem to decide what he wants at the deli counter, might be struggling to just keep it together... That person on the bus who seems to be lost in thought might be listening to a great tune or just switched off to the world because they're not sure how they'll make it through today... 

I know there are plenty of people out there who we just think are annoying and slow and we're all so busy that we forget not everyone is coping... They may have buried their son, mother, cat and just be feeling like the world needs to stop and just give them a bit of a break... a kind word or a smile might give them a little faith in humanity... and make today count xxx

Straight to Wok!

Easy to throw straight in the wok (the clue's in the name right!), these pouches of noodles are very handy to have in the cupboard when you want to rustle up a quick stir fry...
Smartpoints are per 150g portion x

AMOY, Straight to Wok, udon thick noodles per 150g portion - 5SP

AMOY, Straight to Wok, thread fine noodles per 150g - 5SP

AMOY, Straight to Wok, ribbon rice noodles per 150g portion - 6SP

AMOY, Straight to Wok, Singapore curry noodles per 150g portion - 6SP


Not all spices are created equally, some brands of ready made spice packs are very high in sugar hence high in SmartPoints! These fajita seasoning sachets from Tesco are pretty good value in SP when you're whipping up fajitas in a hurry... Not everyone has the time to make seasoning from scratch, especially with the children heading back to school, fajitas are quick and handy until the routines are back in full swing! Plus everyone love assembling them! Having one of these in the cupboard can make a dinner happen really fast... lots of onions, peppers, courgette, mushrooms, add any zero SmartPoint veggie... lash in your chicken and season away... SmartPoints below is for the full pack which serves 4... x

Tesco Fajita Smoky Seasoning, mild
per 30g pack - 5SP

Tesco Fajita Smoky Seasoning, medium
per 30g pack - 3SP

Tesco Fajita Smoky Seasoning, hot
per 30g pack - 3SP

Trick or Treat - Lidl

A few Halloween posts coming ahead of the 'treat-fest!' 
These are out in Lidl this week... 


Halloween Marshmallows per 275g bag - 52SP

Halloween Marshmallows (chocolate covered ones) 16 per box
per 225g box - 46SP
per 14g mallow - 3SP

Halloween Biscuits with milk chocolate per 150g bag - 29SP

Halloween milk chocolate balls 
per 100g (half bag) - 28SP
per 200g full bag - 57SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - skull - 65g - 19SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - bat - 45g - 12SP

Halloween chocolate lollipop - pumpkin - 65g - 19SP

Halloween Tricolour pasta per 40g - 4SP

Balanced For You Pots from M&S

The 'at-your-desk-just-add-water' from the M&S Balanced For You range...
If you were caught on the hop or had to work late,
they wouldn't be the worst thing you could munch on!

Anyone tried them? 

M&S Balanced For You - Chilli con carne with rice
per 340g pot - 10SP

M&S Balanced For You - Chicken & chickpea dahl with brown rice
per 340g pot - 11SP

M&S Balanced For You - Minced beef & barely broth
per 250g pot - 6SP

M&S Balanced For You - Caribbean jerk chicken soup
per 250g pot - 5SP

M&S Balanced For You - Chicken chorizo & bean soup
per 250g pot - 7SP

M&S Balanced For You - Lamb & chickpea soup
per 250g pot - 6SP

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