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I AM not fat!!!!

OK... I am... but Fat does not DEFINE me as a person... I HAVE fat... but I'm NOT fat... there's lots more to me! I HAVE fat and I can lose it!! Its time I moved beyond the fears of being fat... there are so many voluptuous bodies out there... celebrities with amazing curves... from all walks of life.. art.. music... film... its time to admire MY body... ME... and to begin the day without the usual "if only I'd lose some weight" ... its draining... Muhammad Ali stated.. "I AM THE GREATEST" well aren't we all... aren't we amazing just to be here... its time people to start seeing yourself as magnificent.. go on .. say it.. I'm gorgeous... right now.. this instant.. and I'm on a journey to a better stronger me by caring for myself better and nourishing myself! This positive mindset will only make me stronger! Losing weight will not alter my worth... I'm already worthy... I'm already good enough... losing this weight will give me more self esteem, confidence and let everyone else know I'm worth it too!

AND guess what ... if anyone else thinks I'm not gorgeous... THEY'RE WRONG!


Home made ZERO point veggie soup... YUM!

Sweetcorn, carrots, mangetout, celery, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, tomato, herb & spices

To the fish tank and BEYOND!!!!

Our leader told us a story this week.. There were some beautiful fish in a large tank happily swimming round and round... they had learned to swim in the available space... they were comfortable in the environment they had. However this fish tank had a clear divider ... when it was removed the fish continued to swim in the same space they always had... FEAR stopped them going beyond the divide. A bigger tank awaited them but they couldn't bring themselves to venture into it. How this translates in our weight loss journey really hit home for me... its time to STEP OUT of the comfort zone and start living! Time to start saying YES to opportunities... who am I denying but staying in an being miserable... ME!!!!! I thought I was more intelligent than that.. time to step out of the zone.. its going to be scary but SO worth it! Doll x

re-focus on me!

RE-focus on ME!

Main Entry: focus
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: center of attraction
Synonyms: bull's eye, center, core, cynosure, focal point, headquarters*, heart, hub, limelight, locus, meeting place, nerve center, point of convergence, polestar, seat, spotlight, target
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry: focus
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: aim attention at
Synonyms: adjust, attract, bring out, center, centralize, concenter, concentrate, convene, converge, direct, fasten, fix, fixate, get detail, home in, home in on, hone in, join, key on, knuckle down, meet, move in, pinpoint, pour it on, put, rivet, sharpen, spotlight*, sweat*, zero in, zoom in

CHANGE the mindset and the body will follow!!!

My weight loss vision board

be S.M.A.R.T!

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