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Special K Biscuit Moments...

More goodies for the biccie lovers out there... 

Special K's Biscuit Moments are sold as 5 packs of 2 biscuits... Think of these as a fig roll that got the Road Runner Steam Roller treatment! They are biscuits are 3 PP for the pack of 2.. something different to try fro those with a choccie addiction... 

Doll x

The come in 3 flavours... Blueberry, Strawberry and Chocolate... 

"E" is for ...


That first week.. that first loss.. you and your pal started it together... you were going to walk EVERY day.. you were going to empty each others cupboards of all the rubbish.. yep.. full of beans! But after 5 weeks.. you're fed up.. you stayed the same this week and just looking at the tracker annoys you.. we've all been there and hit that place regularly.. but you've got to keep up the momentum! If you can't get excited about your journey to a better you, you'll never get there... yes, there will be set backs... life doesn't make it easy with cream cakes and ice cream.. but once you get that little lift.. that spurs you on... you will make it! The first compliment you receive.. you might hate hearing it.. and not be used to them... but it does stay with you.. The 'you're looking great!' is enough to spur you on for another week... meeting people who haven't seen you in ages.. and that miserable 1lb a week, which is really 20lbs but you just didn't notice, has magically transformed you so they're asking 'whats your secret?' ... that spring that pops into your step is enthusiasm! As long as its there you're on track! And there are lots of non scale victories that will encourage you too! That pair of jeans that was busting out all over.. not so snug! Channel that enthusiasm into you goal setting and you're half way there!


Its the one thing people always notice when they lose weight.. they can run upstairs and not need a cardiac unit at the top! They can chase and play with their kids.. once you start walking.. and you realise you've gone further this week than you did last week.. and it didn't feel any different... that's what I'm talking about.. you sleep better.. your skin is clearer... the positives outweigh the negatives twenty fold! You will lose toxins and fell less sluggish... The red bar on the energy rating is at the bottom for a reason! Overloaded... By not carrying that excess weight you're making your body a more efficient machine... and that's basically what it is... its your personal machine to take you through life, you don't get a second one.. parts are pretty hard to replace .. so look after it!

My fav quote at the moment.... 


GAWD I could rave on this one for years... happy - eat, sad - eat, angry - eat.. and throughout a weight loss journey you'll feel them all... and many more.. that girl in class who's down EVERY SINGLE WEEK... pffft! < Envy! It'll make you open your weight watchers bars and tuck in....  When you get that look when you're up... < sad - which turns into a bottle of wine and feck it, a pizza! OR... I'm down... YIPPEEEEE lets celebrate all the hard work with a bottle of wine and feck it, a pizza! We've all done it! Eaten our emotions... and whilst a bottle of wine and pizza won't ruin your efforts... you've got to learn to deal with the emotions.. yes that might mean a few tears... or a soppy movie but associating emotions with food is just not good... when you're happy.. be happy.. be content in your success.. and by all means celebrate but don't associate losing/gaining weight with a food reward! IF you're not happy... talk it out with someone.. geez even a whinge on twitter can make you feel a bit better sometimes... Let off some steam with some kick boxing or just dance about and shout.. Whatever you need to do to deal with them.. emotional eating can set you back on your weight loss journey... 


nag... nag... I know.. but one last time for the people in the cheap seats! As humans we are suppose to move about. It's only in recent decade that a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm... my gran used to hand wash everything.. Now I chuck everything into the machine press and button and turn on corrie! Our cave grannies were out killing animals, and god knows what else, aside from keeping the cave nice and tidy and an eye on cave granddad! We are meant to move, not sit still and watch the telly! No one is saying you need to become a marathon runner.. a 10 minute walk out the front door turn around and come back! done! repeat.. everyday... and you'll notice every walk... is a little farther.. and a little easier... and walking is free! With the nice long evenings now 


Yes.. easy! You can make the entire process much easier on yourself if you stuck to your plan! When you go shopping.. bring a list.. do not deviate from it! Unless there's a mega deal on apples.. stick to the piece of paper!!! If you have crap in the house.. you will eat it! If you have the low PP treats you like.. then if the bad stuff isn't there.. you can't eat it! Simples! 

I missed my class with all my galavanting but will catch one in town on Saturday... 

Everyones doing so well!!! You're all so motivating!!!! 

If I missed you or am still muddled up after last week just let me know!

Have a great week and a Happy Bank Holiday to the Dolls in the UK!

Doll x

"T" is for...


We've all done it.. I'm going to lose 3 stone! TA DA!!! *puts kettle on* 
Um.. by when exactly? … and how much each week? … 
you've got to tie yourself down to a finishing line..  
a rolling deadline never gets completed! I know this for a fact!

Say it out loud.. 
by Christmas I want to be a stone lighter.. 
This month I want to walk 20K...
This week I'm going to track all my food...
I will exercise 3 times this week...
There's your deadline... 

I want to lose weight … um.. yeah.. that's great but you'll be doing that for years if you don't set yourself a definitive timeline! And yes.. things change and you don't lose the amount you thought you would.. but you REDEFINE your timeline… and set stages .. 
And ask yourself... What can I do in six month, six weeks, today?


Keeping your new lifestyle changes a secret means it never really has to happen because no one else knows! Now I'm not saying take out ad in the Irish Times and there's some people who you just don't want them to know because they'll just sabotage you and we've all got the family aunt who just says 'ah but you have a lovely face' when you've lost a stone!!! But by 'outing' yourself means you're more likely to follow through on your goals! If the lady in the cafe knows you're taking skinny milk now and using Canderel then that's someone who gets you're making a change.. a coffee shop near where I work, got the little Canderel dispenser for me, the guy noticed I rooted through my handbag for mine every morning and just got one in.. now they have the satches because other people wanted it but just didn't ask!

I have a similar relationship with my SuperValu manager.. I think he dreads seeing me chasing after him! But if there's something out in the market I don't see why he can't stock it! My WW class piles in there on a Thursday and we're all really motivated.. if he has the products people want … they will buy them.. 'If they build it…' well ya know the rest .. just don't be afraid to ask.. 

Go for a walk at lunch time.. and see if anyone wants to come with you.. a 15 min stroll away from your desk having a gossip, is something that becomes a regular habit and people then know.. 'ah she's not at her desk she's probably gone for her walk' … you don't have to announce it over a group email.. people will notice and think.. 'go you' and 'would you mind if I escape the mad house with you!'...  and you don't have to announce you're in Weight watchers now and you're earning activity points and you want a curly wurly on Friday.. just a 'anyone fancy a walk at lunchtime?' will get someone to tag along.. plus who doesn't love a good gossip!?

Your housemates, partner, siblings, choose people who you know will back you and go for it… they'll join you and support you and be delighted to do so! It'll start new healthy habits with them! You'll be doing them a favor too! 

Keeping it a secret just means you can give up much easier!


One of the top reasons weight watchers works for me and many other people I know... the weeks I track are the weeks I'm down.. I just refuse to write in 'chocolate biscuit' and point it! I use my points like money in the bank and anyone who knows me knows I'm quite a thrifty one! Whether its on an app.. See Mr. Qs fab review > HERE.. or you've got a notebook that you just write everything down in … tracking is the best way to see what you're eating, when and why! My first few weeks of proper tracking, made me realize what a night grazer I am! I'm not hungry but a cup of tea needs a biccie.. and I didn't realize how many nibbles I was having! Its a good eye opener.. and keep it where you can get to it.. on the fridge, in your bag, on your desk.. wherever is handy for you! 

As my leader says.... if it goes in your smacker.. it goes on the tracker!

Plus, its the only way to be really honest with yourself.. I mean the only person you're fooling if you don't track properly is you right?


The first few sessions when you start exercising you wonder what the hell you're doing out in the rain stomping about listening to some sergeant major! But that feeling once you've worked out.. an hour in the pool.. walked around the block... it really doesn't matter what.. its worth it! Muscles will ache.. but that's cause you haven't used them in a while! Plus once you really get going you start to notice that you're walking further, cycling faster and uphills... I know the old cliche no pain no gain... but its really very true... you've got to push yourself and adding exercise to any healthy lifestyle can only be a good thing! And you'll feel so good once you're done!


Its all around you.. but you've got to remember WHY you started this.. and it wasn't to torture yourself but TRANSFORM yourself! Be a better, healthier, less tired, fabulous version of you! Is a cream cake worth it? Sometimes yes.. and no one is saying you can't have one.. but if not having it means you're a pound closer to goal… then ask yourself do you really really want it? 

Temptation is put in our way every single day... the tea break avec biccies at work, the Friday after work drinkies which end up in the chipper, your mother insisting that you have full fat milk and butter cause your bones are still growing! Even getting petrol is a nightmare... and there will always be someone who won't be happy with you changing... but it can be so satisfying not giving into temptation and realising that you're stronger willed than you thought!


That dreaded before pic! We've all got one and it was probably the reason why you decided to make the change... but we also have the time when we felt great on holidays… a dress/pant size can transform you! Your lifestyle is being transformed… Take a look at some of the success stories online > HERE … see what made them click... see their confidence .. how some of them never thought they could do it.. it can be you.. you can change your bad habits.. if you want it badly enough! Yes there are days when we feel like the caterpillar all sluggish and slow.. but transformation takes time.. be patient with yourself.. or you'll just give up and who wants to be a slug forever!


Water.. I know, I know.. nagging again… but it flushes out all the bad toxins from your body and really aids weight loss! Its good for your kidneys, liver, skin, headaches so much... Leave a bottle in the car, a glass beside the kettle, every time you put it on… drink a glass! Have a fancy glass on your desk... If you find it hard.. use flavored sugar free cordials.. there's a great selection of flavors… blackcurrant, orange, apple, lime..  add a slice of lemon or lime.. make your own flavored water! Just get it down you!

Here's  < a link to the online calculator that works out how much water you should be drinking every day... 


There can be weeks when you've been the best tracker on the planet and the weight loss is a no show... so I'm posting it again... 

if you're exercising then you're building muscle, which will in turn burn more fat! So hang in there for a few weeks... trust your body and don't give up on it... it's doing it's job and the weight loss will show!

Chart posted below.. I know I've missed out a few weigh ins .. if you tweeted or FB'd just check to see I got you... if not let me know! Two weeks till the bank holiday.. heads down! 

Aaaaaaannnnnddddd before I forget... TimeforaChange got to goal this week those last few pounds were stubborn but she's focused so hard!!!

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddd Mr. Q hit a 6 stone weight loss! If that's not inspiring enough for you I don't know what is!

Thanks for all the holiday wishes I had the fabbest time! Clearly I'm a New Yorker at heart... I'll keep at the lotto and weight loss and one of these day eh!? 

Doll x

Its a bagel!

Ola Dolls! I know, I know... I've been missing .. my trip to NYC put me behind on things and I was at a fabulous Irish wedding on Friday that I'm still recovering from! But here I am.. back and raring to get going! 

I'm currently doing the chart up for those doing the S.M.A.R.T.E.R challenge .. I'm bound to have missed peoples weigh ins here and there so do correct me if I've muddled your weight loss! 

My trip was AMAZING... and I got a strange addiction for bagels when I was stateside (get me with the yankee lingo!), they were filling enough for breakfast/lunch but also I could control the portion size where ever I went which was handy... I thought when I got back, I'd see exactly what was out there for bagel lovers! They are really filling and you can make them sweet or savoury.. personally love them toasted with a little light cream cheese and some roast peppers for lunch or some Vegemite.. mmmmm 

So glad to be back to all the motivation in here! Lets rock this for summer! 

Doll x

These are the lowest propoint 'full size' bagels - 4 PP each

Spiegel's Mini bagels - 3 PP each
(not sure what Montreal style is... answers on a postcard!)

Spiegel's Multi Seed & Onion Bagels - 6 PP each

Spiegel's Poppy Bagels - 6 PP each

Country Kitchen Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels - 6 PP each
Made in Ireland - €1.69 in SuperValu at the moment 

McCloskeys Goody EVERYTHING Bagels - 6 PP each
Three bagels in each bag

McCloskeys Goody Sesame Bagels - 6 PP each
Three bagels in each bag

McCloskeys Goody Poppy Bagels - 6 PP each
Three bagels in each bag

New York Bakery Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels - 6 PP each

New York Bakery Plain Bagels - 6 PP each

Being S.M.A.R.T.E.R!

Being S.M.A.R.T.E.R 
about the way I approached 
my weight loss & health

by @quinlivan

It has been 35 weeks since I re-joined Weight Watchers and my life has flip turned upside down. I am healthier, happier and more confident in every part of my life. I got my 75lbs weight loss cert in class last week and have added an 11th Silver 7 to my Weight Watchers collection.

I have a lot of work done, but I still have a lot of work left to do. I am still 28lbs off my Weight Watchers goal weight. How do I plan on working towards that? Using my SMARTER goals. As The Skinny Doll is covering in her excellent challenge that is on-going at the moment, we know what SMARTER stands for and I have found using the approach since January has helped me keep track & be realistic about my fitness levels and goals. As you may know from my February post, I made a decision back in December that over the Christmas period I would be active every single day over the holidays even if it meant a 20 minute walk, I had planned on doing something every day I had off work as I had no excuse not to.

In January, I signed up to a local ‘Zero to 5K’ group being run by Amphibian King in Oranmore and I started running. I started using a tracking app on my phone to monitor and account for any walks/jogs I had done and by the end of January I had clocked up 90.46KM. This was my base line – the amount I had moved in the month. I took this and used it to set my goal for February (see here)

“Now I know what I can in a month. 9-0-4-6… And with that, my goal for February is to beat that number!”

I set my first SMART goal at the beginning of February:

Specific - Clock more than 90.4km in the month

Measurable - Using the Nike Running App, I can record distance covered & time

Attainable - Yes – run/walk more than the previous month

RealisticI believe so

Time Sensitive - 28 days

February came and went – I even signed up for my first 10K at the beginning of March which helped keep me focus during the month. As February came to a close, I found I had increased my distance by 38%. Yes it was a lot of dark evening jogs in the rain with a LOT of huffing, sweating and wit bright red face – but I didn’t care. My friend said to me that regardless of how slow/little I was covering each time I went out, I was still lapping everyone on the couch. Those words have stuck with me since. 

I planned to make my March goal SMARTER than February’s by adding Evaluation & Reward. My March aim was to clock up 100km by only tracking running activities, with an Easter Egg as my reward (convienently Easter Sunday was March 31st). 
The full post is here!

- but to sum it up, my March goal was:

Specific - RUN 100km this month

Measurable - Using the Nike Running App for runs ONLY

Attainable - Of course it is :)

Realistic - Considering I am running between 5k & 10k - It is

Time Sensitive - 31 days (March)

Evaluation - Aim for 25k / week (at my pace = 2 hrs 30 mins commitment a week)

Reward - A big f*ck off Easter Egg on March 31st :)

On March 2nd, I ran my first 10K in 61 minutes – I was over the moon. To keep myself focused, I signed myself up for another 10K at the end of March (4 weeks away). Looking back, this was the best thing I could have done for myself as it kept me going. I finished my second 10K in 54 minutes 30 seconds. I knocked just under 7 minutes off my 10K four weeks previous. See here!

I didn’t hit my March Goal of running 100K in the month but I still had my Easter Egg as a reward. Why? Because I felt I worked hard for it. I ran 91K so 91% is considered an A right? ;)

Coming into April I have signed up for my first Half Marathon at the end of May which gives me over 8 weeks to bring myself from 10K to 21K. Seems like a huge jump but thanks to setting myself SMART goals, I was able to break this down into adding 1K to my runs every week. So 10K in Week 1, 11K Week 2, 12K week three and so on… With this in mind I set myself two goals for April:

Goal 1:
Top March's figures:

Run for longer than 9 hours

Run further than 91K

Obtain a better average pace (5m 55s/km) 

Goal 2:
Run 15K in a single run

Applying my SMARTER goal setting strategy to April, I came up with the following:

Specific - Run further, longer and faster than March (as specified above) with at least one of those runs being 15K

Measurable - Use the Nike Running App

Attainable - Of course it is :)

Realistic - Considering I am running between 5k & 10k - It is!

Time-sensitive - 30 days (April)

Evaluation - Aim for 25k/week (2 hrs 30 mins commitment a week)

Reward - Haven't thought of one yet, but something LUSH! 

The full blog post is available here!

Now, I know what you are thinking… WTF?! I haven’t a notion of running/half marathons/walking. That doesn’t matter. What I wanted to show was how SMART goals worked for me and how each month the goal has adapted to my ability. Don’t start with a fitness goal in mind. Instead take a week/month to work out what you can do – that was my January. At the end of the week/month, look at what you covered – use time (hours spent out walking/gym/running/whatever) or distance as your baseline going in to the next week/month to set your goal.

As Doll has already covered, nothing is straightforward. There may be sabotage or mistakes along the way but it is all a learning process. I still haven’t a clue what I am doing but it’s working for me! I think it is working for me because it’s my own plan – no one elses. I am not working to some personal trainer plan or something I found online. I put the time in to set myself goals which has fed into my own motivation.

R is for...


Aaahhhh yes… real world.. imagination… real world.. imagination… Ever said 'I'm going to lose 5 stone in 5 weeks' … OK maybe not that dramatic but we've all done it.. 'I'll be a size 10 for Christmas!' on the 1st of December!? really?! With all the parties..  Unrealistic goals just set you up for failure! Which in turn sets you not only off the wagon but putting it in reverse to teach it a lesson! Losing weight 1 - 2 lbs a week is the natural and healthiest way to do it.. Setting yourself a realistic loss in a realistic time frame give you lots more scope for success… 


Remember the results you get are not only on the scales!! I know I know.. change the record will ya... but those jeans getting loose.. that feeling of more energy… noticing when you run upstairs you don't need to sit down to catch your breath… All positive results on this journey… and you only get out of it what you put in.. 

From WW Facebook page


Think that a cream cake is a good reward for losing 2lbs.. good! as long as you track it its all good! But maybe.. a manicure.. a massage.. a new book… a magazine at the newsagents.. a new nail polish.. a DVD..a new kitchen gadget.. all ways to reward yourself without connecting your success to food.. as I've said a million times.. if you're an emotional eater.. you have to disconnect the emotions you feel with food.. a good weight loss doesn't mean a trip to McDs? I've started a money box for every pound I lose I'm putting in a euro and my dad is gonna match it! (clearly we're backdating it too!) When I get to goal, spending spree for me.. 


Its lovely to have a treat by eating out.. but restaurant portions aren't the same as you would make for yourself at home… Plus since you're not in control of the cooking.. you have no idea whether the mash is made with butter *drools* or god forbid even cream! So if you're fretting.. and are trying to be good.. cause lets face it some nights you just want to have the garlic bread and NOT share! There are ways to ease the points pain and still enjoy all the fun! If you're a savoury type.. then have a starter.. have the garlic bread.. and enjoy every second of it.. then skip dessert! Have a fancy coffee instead... If you couldn't bare the thought of leaving the restaurant without a three course meal then share a starter and share a dessert.. sometimes its just the idea of having a taste.. and that way you're getting a little bit of everything, without wearing the 'i'm doing weight watchers, i can't play' tiara! 

When it comes to mains.. sauces on the side.. then you control the amount you use.. and don't be afraid to take home a doggy bag! Every restaurant will gladly wrap up your bits in tin foil! AND don't feel like you're being a fuss pot! We're all too fast to say.. 'oh no.. its OK.. I'll eat around the coleslaw..' then hoover it! You're paying for your meal.. so you should get exactly what you want!


OK I'm not a runner.. nor will I ever be.. my silly knee won't play along but lots of people start their weight loss journey walking.. its free and so good for you… plus there's no gear required.. no helmets, knee pads or goggles.. just lace up your trainers and GO! and a brisk walk is very effective for reducing abdominal fat the most dangerous kind! But many people I know have moved from walking to running using the Couch to 5K programme… and it seems to work!


Whilst we're on about running.. anyone in Ireland or in fact, I'm told these are done all over the world so get googling! Check out >>> HERE

I'll be there, wearing white (I know, I KNOW!), hell I might even make a tutu.. but its for a good cause… and if the weathers good *crosses fingers, toes and knickers* it'll be all the better.. 5k is a good goal to start with and its a nice flat walk along the seafront! Start gearing up now!


Additives, additives, additives - all I can say is try to eat as few of them as possible… they just clog your system with unnecessary chemicals! Making food from scratch if you're not confident in the kitchen can be over whelming.. so start with something simple like a soup or omelet and build up your repertoire from there!  Check out food author Michael Pollan (give him a google, his lectures on food and its effect on well being are fascinating!) Here's just 7 of his rules for eating well!  

  • Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food. When you pick up that box of portable yogurt tubes, or eat something with 15 ingredients you can't pronounce, ask yourself, What are those things doing there?

  • Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can't pronounce.
  • Stay out of the middle of the supermarket; shop on the perimeter of the store. Real food tends to be on the outer edge of the store near the loading docks, where it can be replaced with fresh foods when it goes bad.
  • Don't eat anything that won't eventually rot. There are exceptions -- honey -- but as a rule, things like Twinkies that never go bad aren't food.
  • It is not just what you eat but how you eat.  Always leave the table a little hungry. Many cultures have rules that you stop eating before you are full. In Japan, they say eat until you are four-fifths full. Islamic culture has a similar rule, and in German culture they say, 'Tie off the sack before it's full'.
  • Families traditionally ate together, around a table and not a TV, at regular meal times. It's a good tradition. Enjoy meals with the people you love. Remember when eating between meals felt wrong?
  • Don't buy food where you buy your petrol. In the U.S., 20% of food is eaten            in the car.


I could babble on about 'you're in charge of your life..' blah blah blah.. But Jillian seems to have a way with words on this one!

Weigh in below... no chart this week as I'm in NYC!!! I KNOW!! I'm going to try to catch a class over there but lets not hold me to that just in case! 

Also, a highly inspirational guest post on Monday from Mr.Q! Whilst I'm running around Macys, he'll get you all off your couches about how setting SMART goals worked for him! 

I'll catch up on all the weigh ins when I get back and gawd help me when I weigh in! 

Have a good week
Doll x

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