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To you and yours... from me and mine xxx

Just a final blog post for this year to wish you all a very Happy Christmas ... 
I hope you have a relaxing, joyful time with your families and that Santa is good to your little ones in your life... I hope everyone you love is safe, happy and warm... Enjoy every moment, even the grumpy ones because we never know where we will all be this time next year... 

Thank you all so much for the support and encouragement over 2015, I've been so lucky to meet some of you this year and I can't wait to get stuck into the new program with you all in the new year!
Here's to 2016 being even bigger, better and successful... and no matter how you get on over Christmas BELIEVE in yourself and when the new year starts we'll all be back on the wagon...

to you and yours
from me and mine

It's a holi-DAY!

Just remember Christmas is just 1 day... 
don't let one day of fun and festivities ruin all the hard work you put in this year... 

Yes, enjoy your dinner... 
I love 'Christmas sandwiches' on the 26th more than Christmas dinner...

of course you can have a few sweets and a mince pie with cream, if that's your thing 
but you wouldn't eat a tin of biscuits all week in July
 so what give yourself permission to do it in December!

'Y' #xmascountdown

'Y' is for 

YOU! You are the reason you are doing this... YOU want Your body to feel better... You want to look good and be able to do things without getting breathless and looking like a beetroot! If YOU're in a better frame of mind every benefits and YOU and your loved ones are worth it... 

I've always said it's not selfish to take some time out and just take care of yourself... You can be a better person if you're in a better frame of mind, being unhappy.. spreads unhappiness... 

So take care of you and the world benefits!

Two recipes from Nancy from Skinny Kitchen >>> HERE <<< 

Frozen Yogurt Dots! A quick and easy sweet treat! 
Recipe >>> HERE <<<

Any Skinny Feta Yogurt Dip! This is amazing! Recipe >>> HERE <<< 

Sheryl is one of the first weight watcher bloggers I followed when I started blogging... She is amazing... and she has a pink cruiser which is on my list when I get to goal! Check her out >>> HERE

Magic & Sparkle and YUMMINESS from M&S!

All things 'Magic & Sparkle' and DELICIOUS from M&S! 

For other christmas goodies you may have missed check out the previous posts


M&S All Butter Mince Pies, per 58g pie - 6PP

M&S Classic Christmas Pudding, 100g - 8PP
M&S Classic Christmas Pudding, 454g - 37PP
M&S Classic Christmas Pudding, 907g - 75PP

M&S Top Iced Christmas Cake, per 75g (1/4 pack) - 7PP

M&S Mini Butter Mince Pies, per 19g pie - 2PP

M&S All Butter Puff Pastry Mince Pies, per 45g pie - 5PP

M&S 'The Collection' Christmas Star Pies, per 53g pie - 6PP

M&S 'The Collection' Hand crafter Mince Pies, per 45g pie - 5PP

M&S Butter Rick Iced Top Mince Pies, per 52g pie - 6PP

M&S Mini Christmas Carrot Cupcakes, per 31g cupcake - 4PP

M&S 'The Collection' Gluten Free Christmas Pudding, per 144g (1/4 pack) - 9PP

M&S Gluten Free Christmas Pudding, per 100g mini pudding - 8PP

M&S Iced Fruit Slice, per 44g slice - 4PP

M&S Yule Log, per 50g serving (1/12th pack) - 6PP

M&S Classic Rich Fruit Cake, per 50g slice - 5PP

M&S All Butter Gluten Free Top Iced Christmas Cake, per 75g slice (1/8 pack) - 7PP

M&S 'The Collection' Stollen Slices, per 42g slice - 4PP

M&S 'The Collection' Christmas Pudding, per 100g mini pud - 8PP

M&S 'The Collection' Salted Caramel Christmas Pudding, per 114g (1/4 pack) - 10PP

M&S 'The Collection' Vintage Fruit Cake, per 92g (1/4 pack) - 8PP 

M&S 'The Collection' Hand Jewelled Fruit Cake, per 70g (1/12 pack) - 7PP

M&S 'The Collection' Stollen Cake, per 84g (1/8 pack) - 8PP

M&S 'The Collection' Chocolate lollies, per 40g lolly - 6PP

M&S Shimmering Snowy Road bites, per 16g square - 2PP

M&S White Chocolate, Orange & Cranberry Charms, per 14g cake - 2PP

M&S Glitter Brownie Bites, per 14g square - 2PP

M&S Christmas Tree Pizzas, per tree - 2PP

M&S Magic and Sparkle Macaroons per 12g macaroon - 1PP
for 12 macaroons - 18PP

M&S Churros with chocolate sauce per 13g churro - 1PP

M&S Salted Caramel Brownie Bites, per 17g bite - 2PP

M&S Bitter Chocolate & Hazelnut Acorns, per 12g acorn - 2PP

M&S Posh Profiteroles, per 65g (3 profiteroles) - 7PP

M&S Blackcurrant & Tahitian Vanilla Jelly per143g (1/4 pack) - 2PP 

M&S Goats cheese, fig & hazelnut bites per 100g - 16PP
Full 110g pack - 17PP

M&S Chocolate Puddings per 14g mini pud - 2PP

Skinny Drinks from ALDI

Another way to get your chocolate fix without face planting a box of quality street is a hot chocolate... one of my favs is from ALDI only 1PP! 

Alcafe Skinny Cappuccio per serving - 2PP

Alcafe Skinny Latte per serving - 2PP

Choceur Chocolate Light Drink - 1PP

Choceur Mint Chocolate Light Drink - 1PP

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