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Mince pie round up!

A selection of the goodies that may be on offer over the coming weeks... 
Note the difference in size in all the mince pies too! x

Tesco Finest, All Butter Pastry Mince pies
per 66g pie - 12SP

Tesco, Mince pies
per 54g pie - 9SP

M&S, All Butter Mince pies
per 58g pie - 10SP

ALDI, Specially Selected Mini Mince Pies
per 29g pie - 5SP

ALDI, Black Forest Crumble Mince Pies
per 55g pie - 9SP

ALDI, Specially Selected Salted Caramel Mince Pies
per 55g pie - 10SP

M&S, Mini Mince Pies
per 24g mini pie - 4SP
per 48g pack (2 pies) - 9SP

M&S, HO HO HO Sausage Roll Trio
per 36g sausage roll - 6SP
per 108g pack - 17SP

Festive crisps from Tesco...

Some festive munchies from Tesco to share today! We're surrounded this time of the year with all these goodies it can be hard to say no... be prepared and knowing the SP values can really help you stay on track... Anyone tried the Pigs in Blankets crisps 'cause I'm gonna need to know all about them! 


per 25g (quarter of the pack)  - 4SP
per 100g bag - 16SP

per 25g (one sixth of the pack)  - 4SP
per 150g bag - 24SP

Nutriquick Meals

Spotted these in Aldi last week (where the cold lunch sandwiches/things are...) and if you're on the go this time of year and just don't have the time between present shopping and parties these right fill the gap... might hit the spot too if you're heading straight out from work to a finger food 'do' and want to be full to stop the mindless picking! 
Anyone tried them out? x

NutriQuick, Beef Barbacoa Burrito Bowl per 380g - 9SP

NutriQuick, Shredded Chicken Burrito Bowl per 380g - 8SP

NutriQuick, Chilli Con Carne per 370g - 9SP

NutriQuick, Taco Fries per 400g - 9SP

Seasonal coffees from Nescafe!

If you fancy changing up your morning coffee for the silly season here's some seasonal editions from Nescafe you can try at home... just add a bit of choccie or whipped cream on the top! 

Nescafe Gold, Salted Toffee & Macadamia mocha
per sachet made with 200ml of water - 4SP

Nescafe Gold, Caramelised Honey latte
per sachet made with 200ml of water - 4SP

Nescafe Gold, Irish latte
per sachet made with 200ml of water - 5SP

Cook with M&S sauces

Four more sauces from the Cook With M&S range... just thought it was good to show how high or low a fresh sauce can be... The first two can be frozen too which is very handy if you're not near an M&S.
Anyone tried them out? x

Cook with M&S, Rich Red Wine & Mushroom Sauce
per 350g tub - 6SP

Cook with M&S, Chunky Tomato & Red Pepper Sauce
per 350g tub - 8SP

Cook with M&S, Fragrant Thai Green Curry Sauce
per 350g tub - 20SP

Cook with M&S, Spiced Masala Curry Sauce
per 350g tub - 29SP

Seasons Greeting from Mr. Kipling!

The seasonal offerings from Mr. Kipling... if they're not in your own house, they're definitely in someone else's and I'd rather know what I'm dealing with! Anyone tried the Irish Creme ones? Never seen them before... x

Mr. Kipling, Irish Creme Fancies
per 27g fancy - 5SP

Mr. Kipling, Frosty Fancies
per 27g fancy - 5SP

Mr. Kipling, Chocolate & Caramel Reindeer Slices
per 33g slice - 6SP

Mr. Kipling, Mini Mince Pies
per 29g pie - 5SP

Mr. Kipling, Festive Bakewells
per 43g fancy - 9SP

Mr. Kipling, After Dinner Mint Fancies
per 28g fancy - 5SP

Mr. Kipling, Variety mince pie pack
per 60g pie - 10SP

Mr. Kipling, Mince Pie Slices
per 32g slice - 6SP

Spice Bowls from Quorn!

One of those, 'lash-it-in-the-microwave-as-soon-as-you-get-in' the door things... Quorn have these ready made spice bowls that'll be ready in just 2 mins... if you're working late, or heading out after work and need something or just need a dinner quick, bulk it up with loads of 0SP veggies and you're all set!
Anyone tried them? x

Quorn, Spiced Chickpea & Lentil Bowl
per 300g tub - 8SP

Quorn, Spiced Biryani Bowl
per 300g tub - 10SP

Quorn, Spiced Chilli Bean Bowl
per 300g tub - 8SP

Crispy Tofoo Bites

Spotted in the Veggie/vegan fridge section of Tesco, two versions of crisps bites from The Tofoo Co. Thought they might be handy over the Christmas season for party platters for your veggie pals... 
Anyone tried them out? x

The Tofoo Co. Crispy Sweet Chilli Bites
per half pack - 11SP
per 225g full pack - 22SP

The Tofoo Co. Crispy Southern Fried Bites
per half pack - 8SP
per 225g full pack - 15SP

New products from Wicked Kitchen!

Some new additions to the Wicked Kitchen range you'll find in Tesco! Vegan and made in Ireland so winning! Anyone tried them out? x

Wicked Kitchen Spinach & Wild Garlic Ravioli
per 145g half pack - 9SP
per full pack - 16SP

Wicked Kitchen, Potato & Butternut Gratin
per 385g pack - 9SP

Wicked Kitchen, Garlicky mash
per 205g half pack - 8SP
per full pack - 16SP

Heck Veg with Edge!

The Heck range is in Ireland finally... You'll pick up the Chicken Italia sausages in the bigger Tescos and they are YUM! I actually smuggled some back from Scotland on my last trip and now I don't have to! YAY! Here's the Veg with Edge range SmartPointed... anyone tried them out yet?

Heck Veg with Edge - Bollywood Bangers
1 sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Heck Veg with Edge - Sweet Fusion
1 sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Heck Veg with Edge - The Beet Goes On
1 sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Heck Veg with Edge - Super Green
1 sausage - 2SP
2 sausages - 4SP

Heck Chicken Italia Sausages
1 sausage - 1SP
2 sausages - 2SP
3 sausages - 3SP

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