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and the oscar goes to….

So here it comes the end of 2013 and all the Christmas festivities… This kinda reads like an oscar speech but its all practice for when George Clooney brings me on the read carpet yeah?

On me way George...

I want to wish you all a very happy, safe and healthy Christmas… regardless of your weight or size… I hope you are spending quality time with the ones you love… you never know where we will all be this time next year so live in the moment and tell them you love them… blame the brandy butter but just do it… people like and need to hear how much you love them…  life is short… and as they say.. its not a dress rehearsal!

Regardless of religion or your beliefs, most of you spend this time with family… silly socks, karaoke and movies you'd never admit to watching at any other time of the year… these are the memories you will make… and the memories you have of loved one no longer with us… so cherish every second!! If there is someone you know who might be lonely or need a bit of company … take the time to drop in… send them a txt… have a coffee with them… it might make all the difference… and they'll be so grateful…  and if there's someone who you've fallen out with… argued with or just simply let fall off the radar cause you were too busy… make the effort… I've done it… its worth it! 

OK preachy bit over… 

To all of you who've done the challenges this year… commented… tweeted… and motivated me and my followers… thank you… the support on here is unreal and I'd be lost without you! This little blog started with me being very lonely and wanting some support on my journey and because of you lot I'm well on the way to goal… still a bit to go but even I can really see the difference … 

Says it all I suppose...

All the positive comments, the support and advice you give each other and even the way I now deal with the negative ones, just shows how much I've come on my journey and its a privilege to follow you on yours… there are some AMAZING losses on the challenges if I was to start naming people you'd be here all day and there's selection boxes to be opened people!

This year I could CHOOSE what to wear... NOT wear clothes JUST to cover my ass!

To my amazing new leader… Thank you for being the positive motivator that you are… facing the scales every week, even on the BAD …. VERY BAD weeks turns out to always be for the best… x

11lbs in total for the Christmas Challenge in Class..

Mr. Q over >>> HERE <<< with his motivational posts! the pics say it all…

The twitterati… the FB gang… and all the instagrammers who don't block me when I bombard them with the PROPOINT values of my daily dinner… cause its clearly FACINATING! ;)

To my AMAZING personal friends who drop the comments that they've been on here and read a post… you are FABULOUS!!! I love you all!

There are some changes coming to the blog in the spring time… more fun stuff and challenges to get to final goal … and there's a new twist to the WW program in the new year… I'll post about it when you've all come down from your Christmas sugar high! 

Don't panic you won't need to buy new cookbooks! Tangent: THAT was my biggest fear!!! Remember last time and it changed to PRO points not just points… HOURS spent pointing recipes!!! not this time!!! Its the little things… ahem… 

Have a very happy Christmas, remember its Christmas DAY not Christmas MONTH so don't go too MAD but enjoy every second and here's to a fantastic start to 2014! 

Do it… week 13!

This week…. JUST DO SOMETHING… anything…. do the water challenge.. lunge your heart out… go for a walk every day… but start now… Don't wait, because tomorrow never comes… You can sit there on the sofa eating cookies and crisps for the next year waiting for the right day or the right time or the right feeling to hit you to start… Or you can change now… Yes christmas is close… but its only one day… think about how you're going to feel if you get up on the scales in January and have to lose the same weight ALL over again just because you didn't bother… or just didn't care… yes there are parties… yes temptation is everywhere… but you're worth so much more… moderation is the key… and believe you can do it because you can!

Here's a list of all the goodies that might cross your path over the next few weeks… 
have them… enjoy them… just don't overdo them!

Chocolate Kimberley - 3PP
Chocolate Kimberley Tea cake - 3PP
Elite Honeycomb Delight - 3PP
Micado/Coconut creams - 2PP
Viscount Mint - 2PP
Cafferys Snowballs - 3PP
Lidl Shortbread Luxury Biscuits - 2PP
Almond Fingers - 5PP
Cadburys Fingers - 4 = 3PP
Why Not bars - 3PP
Time Out - 2 Fingers = 5PP
Boasters Belgian Choc & Hazelnut - 4PP
Cadburys Double Chunk Cookies - 4PP
Kelloggs Plus Bar - 3PP
Kit Kat - 
   1 finger = 2PP 
   2 fingers = 3PP 
   4 fingers = 7PP
Fig Roll - 2PP

Dunnes Christmas Pudding 100g - 9PP
Lidl Luxury Christmas Pudding 100g - 8PP
Aldi Twin Pudding - 8pp per pudding
Foxes Chocolate Bombe Christmas pudding 500g - 70PP < NOT A TYPO!!!!

M&S Lattice Mince Pies - 7PP
Mr. Kipling Rum & Raisin slices - 4PP
Mr. Kipling Pudding Slices - 4PP
Tesco Chocolate Yule Log - 32PP

King Cheese & Onion crisps (from 6 pack) - 4PP
Salted peanuts 25g - 4PP
Kelkin popcorn 25g - 3PP
Pringles Sour Cream & Onion 1 tube - 24PP
Pringles Original 1 tube - 24PP
Pringles Texas BBQ 1 tube - 27PP
Doritos Tangy Cheese 1 x 175g bag - 24PP
Doritos Chilli Heatwave 1 x 175g bag - 24
Doritos Original 1 x 175g bag - 24PP
KP Meanies (25g bag 6 pack) - 3PP
Treble Crunch Cheese & Onion per bag - 3PP
Velvet Crunch Cheese & onion per 20g bag - 2PP
Tesco Sweet chilli coated peanuts 1/8th bag / 25g - 4PP
Tesco BBQ coated peanuts 25g - 4PP
KP salted Peanuts 25g - 4PP
KP Honey roasted peanuts 25g - 4PP
KP dry roasted peanuts 25g - 4PP
Mini Cheddars 25g - 4PP
Bombay Mix 30g - 4PP
King Crisps Lite - 3PP
Hula Hoops 34g - 5PP

Lidl Snowy Mince Pies - 5PP
Supervalu Deep Filled Mince Pies - 7PP
Mr. Kipling DEep Filled Mince Pies - 7PP
Tesco Deep filled Mince Pies - 7PP
Dunnes Deep Filled Mince Pies - 7pp
Dunnes 'Better for You' Luxury Mince Pies - 6PP
M&S luxury Buttered Mince Pies - 13PP … you read that right too!!!

Celebrations (1) - 1PP
Celebrations (5) - 6PP
Celebrations (15) - 17pp
Roses/Quality Street (1) - 1PP
Roses/Quality Street (5) - 7PP
Roses/Quality Street (15) - 20PP
Terrys Chocolate Orange (1 segment) - 1PP
Matchmakers Mint or Orange (4) - 2PP
Toblerone 1/2 a standard bar (50g) - 7PP
Thorntons Classic Collection (1) - 2PP
Dairy Box (1) - 2PP
Black Magic (1) - 1PP
Walnut Whip, Vanilla - 5PP
Smarties (1 tube) - 5PP
Flake - 5PP
Revels 35g pack - 5PP
Milky Way 22g - 3PP
M&Ms Peanut (small bag 45g) - 6PP
M&Ms Chocolate (small bag 46g) - 6PP
Galaxy Minstrels (small bag 42g) - 6PP
Galaxy Milk Chocolate 50g - 8PP
Thorntons Alpini Bar 35g - 5PP
Thorntons Viennese Bar 38g - 6PP
Bourneville 50g - 7PP

Roses tin - 108PP
Heros tin - 100PP
Celebrations tin - 110PP
Quality Street tin 125PP
Cadburys Biscuit 380g tin - 53PP
Baileys 1 litre - 120PP
Lemons Iced Caramels 350g box - 39PP

Cheddar 40g - 5PP
Cheddar Half fat 40g - 3PP
Double Gloucester 40g - 5PP
Double Gloucester Smoked 40g - 5PP
Edam 40g - 4PP
Emmental 40g - 4PP
Feta 40g - 3PP
Goats 40g - 4PP
Goats cheese half fat 40g - 3PP
Lancashire 40g - 4PP
Red Leicester 40g - 4PP
Red Leicester half fat 40g - 2PP
Stilton 40g - 4PP
Brie 40g - 4PP

I"m away today… so the final chart will be up next week… well done to those losing.. you're an inspiration! xxx

Christmas 'treats' ...

All you need is love. 
But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
Charles M. Schulz 

Mr. Kipling Winter Whirls - 4PP  each

Mr. Kipling Black Forest Whirls - 4PP  each

Mr. Kipling Iced Top Mince Pies - 6PP each

Mr. Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pies - 7PP each

Dunnes Stores Deep Filled Mince Pies - 6PP each

Dunnes Stores All Butter Mince Pies - 6PP each

Cadbury Mini Triple Choc Yule Logs - 3PP each

Cadbury Festive Flake Cakes - 3PP each

Mr. Kipling Christmas Cake Slices - 4PP each

Cadbury Snow Star Gateau - 8PP per slice
6 portions per cake - 48PP per cake

Tunnocks Tea Cakes - 3PP each

Dunnes Marshmallow Teacakes - 2PP each

Caffreys Mallows - 2PP each

Jacobs Chocolate Mallows - 2PP each

Christmas Toblerone - 4PP each per 25g portion
Careful… these come in 100g, 200g and 400g

Terrys Chocolate Orange - 5PP for 4 segments of choccie
there are 5 'portions' per pack so the whole thing is 20PP

Veg out…. Week 12

Brussels sprouts are misunderstood - 
probably because most people don't know 
how to cook them properly.

Todd English 

This week… try a new veggie… just the one… something you've never tried before… something you maybe feel is a bit 'meh' and your mother always made you eat them… Sprouts… sprouts are my nemesis… teeny tiny wilty mushy cabbages… that I push around the plate at christmasI This week… its all about sprouts… I've googled… 

and there's tonnes of ways for me to try em… and I'm going to try… really try… so that this christmas the jokes about sprouts and my inner fears are a thing of the past! 

Everyones got their favorites… love a carrot I do… roast parsnips, I'm in… stir fried veggies, hell yes! But variety is the spice of life… and counting lettuce in your burger isn't a veggie… sorry! 

So… next time you're in the supermarket… or at the grocery shop… pick up something you've never tried before… or try something new with a veggie you're getting bored with… I bought courgettes this week to make this >>>

If you don't eat any veggies… get some frozen or pre prepared packs… some people hate all the peeling and prep that goes into it… personally I love that bit, i find it therapeutic… and just have one for dinners…. if you love your veg and eat loads… then try something new or try to add a veggie to breakfast and lunch too!  Add some mushrooms to your scrambled eggs… spinach is lovely with eggs too, make an egg white omlette with peppers, mushroom and onion … delicious!!! as for lunch… the zero pro point soup is full of veggie goodness! and try to eat fresh.. if you hate veggies and you've only ever eaten them out of a tin, its understandable… fresh is the way to go… 

Experts say we should eat 5 a day to maintain a healthy diet, so this week… try to make at least 3 of those 5 veggies… its a lot easier than you think it is… and bonus - most of em are zero points! The more you can bulk up your plate with delicious veg the fuller you are of vitamins, fiber and all the goodness and no saturated fat! Win - win!

You don't have to be perfect to be a success… If all you do this week is go from eating NO veggies to eating ONE per day, you have done something good for yourself and your body … It is worth it, and over time, it gets easier and yes you CAN do it… 

Two weeks left on the challenge… everyone's doing so well! Skinny for Santa indeed! 

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