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Summer challenge week 2!

Firstly well done to everyone doing the summer challenge! Only half have weighed in so far but already we're down 36.5lbs!!! IN ONE WEEK! seriously good! and it seems you all rose to the water challenge! Its brill! I'm so proud! The chart is below...

This weeks challenge may be a little harder for some ... No junk food week - this can be take aways, sweets, just whatever your weakness is! Chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cake, donuts, muffins, pastries, white bread, chips, crisps, any fast food, nutella, peanut butter or other naughty spreads, ice cream, pizza, burgers, kebabs .. you get the jist! If you've got a weakness for it then its 7 days without it! Only 7 days.. but see how you feel after it… see how your body will change… not everything on that list is junk food but things like white bread can be the sort of vice that you just reach for whilst your thinking about what to have for dinner!

Junk food is exactly that.. junk, rubbish and no good for your body! With high levels of sugar, salt and fats.. there's no enzymes, vitamins or minerals which are essential for your health… its loaded with calories most of them empty ones.. how many times have you had some junk and then been hungry shortly after! We've all heard the warnings for obesity, diabetes and heart disease! I'm not here to preach! Plus .. think of the money you'll save! You won't get a bag of crisps for less than a euro these days! Put that in a money box over a year and see it mount up!

Here's an interesting blog to check out if you want to know about processed food and getting yourself off it...

and anyone who's read Micheal Pollans' work knows his two favourite rules are  "Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself." And this one's weird because it's so blunt: "The whiter the bread, the sooner you'll be dead."

Some more of his rules I like are...
Rule 20: It's not food if it arrived through the window of your car.
Rule 21: It's not food if it's called by the same name in every language (think Big Mac, Cheetos, or Pringles).
Rule 32: Don't overlook the oily little fishes.
Rule 36: Don't eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk.
Rule 57: Don't get your fuel from the same place your car does.
Its all obvious but sometimes when you see it written down it clicks... sigh!

Over-processed food is bad for us.. this one week in detox, or maybe its shock, might make you realize just how many lattes you have.. how much sugar you put in your tea.. do you HAVE to have a biscuit with every cuppa …. you might read the side of the cereal box and realise its more sugar than substance... Is it a slice of toast when you get in the door from work just because you're starving … find your weakness and ditch it for the week! Don't forget your water… everyone has done AMAZINGLY this first week! *applause* Doll xxx


Ok boys and girls.. lets be having you! How did you all fair with the water challenge? I got a lot of tweets and emails that people were tricking themselves into drinking more which is excellent, did anyone struggle? It's not as easy as you think!

Blackboard of reckoning is above ... I know some of you aren't weighing in every week but I've added the names to make sure you check in with you and remember its only 6.. well 5 now... weeks to the summer bank holiday! So if you're trying on your shorts/bikini/measureing yourself drop in and let us know how you're getting on...

I stayed the same this week... so its a 0 for me in the chart.. but I've been very good this week so I'll be down for sure!

Remember the weather might be rubbish outside but the hols are just around the corner! How do you really want to feel in that bikini/cozzie in 6 weeks time? Sick of the cover-up... get cracking this week and in a months time you'll feel amazing! I promise.. plus .. I need all the motivation I can get!

Mini challenge coming Wednesday!

Doll x


Water water everywhere…

Water is an essential nutrient you need to burn body fat! Us humans are made up of roughly 75% water - that’s quite a lot! its needed for chemical reactions and processes in all kinds of places but also to burn fat and flush out toxins. When you’re dehydrated and there isn't enough water to dilute the body's waste products, kidney stones may form. Then the liver has to step in to help the kidney. This is really bad for weight loss because one of the major functions of the liver is to burn fat. Its a big deal… so sorry kids.. ya gotta drink it!

Here's a calculator to let you know exactly how much water you should be drinking!

Now WHY do we have to drink water… well…

Now WHY do we have to drink water… well…

1. It actually helps you lose weight..
A recent study showed that people who drank and average of 6.5 cups of water a day consumed 200 fewer calories, 200 per day means 73,000 per year, and 3500 calories is a pound of fat, which means you can lose 20lbs a year! They also drank less fizzy drinks and ate less junk food! AND its gretIts all good!

2. Drinking water doesn't mean water retention!!!
Water retention is caused by increased sodium levels, and bless us girls… our hormones.. a common myth is drinking too much water bloats them but the opposite is true! The more water you drink, the more water and waste products your body will flush out! it helps rid you of toxins, makes you feel less bloated and over time lose more weight!

3. It makes you less hungry! 
What more do you need to know!! AND a lot of the time when you think you are actually hungry, when really you're thirsty!

4. Being dehydrated can be bad when your exercising.. 
Water is stored in your muscles, if you're dehydrated your muscles with tire quicker, so next time you're working out and you're feeling a bit knackered… burning calories creates toxins (think of a car exhaust!) .. water will help flush them out… plus your muscles won't ache so much … drink up!

5. How do you know you're dehydrated… 
Here's some tell tale signs…

•    Your mouth is constantly dry
•    Your urine is dark or you're not producing enough
•    You can feel dizzy when you are working out
•    You get cramps

6. So how much do I need to drink to lose weight?
The experts say up to 12 cups but for most 8 glasses is more realistic.  The heavier you weigh the more your body needs… Nature is pretty good at letting you know if you're doing it right .. Your urine should be a pale yellow, although anyone taking supplements and antibiotics can rule that out… B12 will turn it bright yellow!! Google the online calculator and enter your details, its very personal... eg: if you exercise loads then you'll need more...

7. How do I drink more..
Drinking other liquids also help with the water intake, but remember coffee is a diuretic so you need to drink even more if you're a caffeine junkie! When you're having an alcoholic bevvie, drink water as well, (I know.. buzz kill!) but its helps with the hangover and headache etc etc.. I'm not gonna preach it! When you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated, so get on top of it before that happens..
Start your day with a glass, every time you boil the kettle have a little glass, bring one to bed! Sneak it into your routine…

Take it one step at a time until you're used to it..


I'm back! Technology has not beaten me and my little 'puter is finally up to date with the rest of you!

I've had a request from one of the Dolls on twitter for the Pro-points values on Thai food...

Now, Thai cooking includes plenty of fresh vegetables, fish and lean meat; lightly spiced with fragrant ingredients such as lemon grass, coriander and fresh chillies. At a Thai restaurant you'll find plenty to suit, as many of the dishes are chargrilled and steamed.

If you've got only a few ProPoints values to use: Start with a hot and sour soup such as tom yum goong with prawns or chargrilled seafood or a seafood salad. Follow with a jungle curry (kaneng par) that's spicy and meaty. or a lightly steamed fish such as sea bream or sea bass. You'll have plenty of side salad options such as som tum, or som tam, a green papaya salad with a lime dressing. Plain fragrant jasmine rice suits most dishes and is a healthier choice than coconut.

If you have a few more ProPoints values to spare: Start with steamed rice noodle spring rolls stuffed with vegetables or seafood. Then chargrilled strips of beef - nueasun yang or lok luk steak, with its garlicky sauce, which goes well with steamed pak choi.

Avoid: fried prawn crackers (krupuk), the fried noodles, which are listed as 'dry' and the crispy options as these will also have been fried. Fried is NOT our friend!

Also, check out my Welsh counterpart and quite the skinny foodie Miss Weight Watch! She whipped up these delish thai burgers, I've tried them and they are NOM! Check her out HERE!

Another recipe for the chefs amongst us - is Thai coconut soup! HERE!

I'll post all these values in the 'take away' list on the right too  >>>>>>
and remember to use some common sense!

Chicken Satay - Satah Gai = 8 pp
Fried spicy Fish cake, each - Tod man Pla = 5 pp
Fried Spring Roll, each = Popia Tod = 4 pp
Fried Won Ton, each - Keau Krob = 2 pp
Glass Noodle Soup = 8 pp
Hot & Sour Chicken Soup - Tom Yam Gai = 7 pp
Mussels with coriander & bean sprouts - Hoi Tord = 5 pp
Prawn crackers, 30g =  pp
Prawn Satay - Goong Sateh = 8 pp
Red radish soup = 2 pp
Steamed watercress & beansprouts = 0 pp
Sweet chill dipping sauce, 30g = 2 pp
Thai Dumpling, each - Ka-Nom-Jeeb = 1 pp
Thai Noodle soup - Gange Chud Woon Sen = 8 pp

Main Courses
BBQ Pork Spareribs - Sikrong Mu Ping = 22 pp
Beef, chicken or pork Green Curry - Gaeng Keo Wan = 20 pp
Beef, chicken or pork Red Curry - Gaeng Phed = 23 pp
Beef with oyster sauce - Neau Pad Namman Hoi = 14 pp
Chicken with cashews - Gai pad Med Ma-Muang = 15 pp
Chicken with mushrooms - Gai pad Hed Sod = 12 pp
Duck with tamarind & honey - Ped Makham = 20 pp
Garlic fried prawns - Goong Tod Gratiem Prik Thai = 9 pp
Steamed Fish Curry - How Mok = 12 pp
Stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce - Pahd Pak Namman Hoi = 11 pp
Sweet & Sour Beef - Priaw Wahn Nuer = 15 pp
Sweet & Sour Chicken - Priaw Wahn Gai = 12 pp
Sweet & Sour Fish - Priaw Wahn Pla = 11 pp
Sweet & Sour Pork - Priaw Wahn Moo = 13 pp
Sweet & Sour Prawns - Priaw Whan Goong = 11 pp
Vegetable green curry - Gaeng Keo Wan pan = 12 pp
Green Papaya Salad = 9 pp
Curry Puff = 6 pp

Crispy Fried Egg Noodles with Thai sauce - Ba-Mee grob ranah = 24 pp
Egg Fried Rice - Kow Pahd = 19 pp
Egg Fried Rice with cucumber, coriander & lemon - Kow Pahd Khai = 23 pp
Egg Fried Rice with Pork - Kow Pahd Moo = 23 pp
Egg Fried Rice with Prawns = Kow Pahd Goong = 23 pp
Fried Egg Noodles - Goi See Mee = 15 pp
Pad Thai with Chicken = 24 pp
Pad Thai with Prawns = 21 pp
Prawn or crab fried rice - Khao Pad Goong, Pu = 21 pp
Steamed rice - Khao Suay = 12 pp
Stir fried Rice Noodles with chicken - Phad See Lew Gai = 15 pp
Stir fried Rice Noodles with pork - Phad See Lew Moo = 20 pp
Thai Fried Noodles - Kuaytio Pad Thai - 20 pp

Lemon sorbet (1 scoop) = 2 pp
Sweet sticky rice with banana = 14 pp

These are all based on average portion sizes, so like I said add a dose of common sense! Doll x

Get Skinny for Summer Challenge!

40 Days to Summer! Its here... the Get Skinny for Summer Challenge!

It's just around the corner and the blues knees and freshly painted toes will be out before we know it... we'll be sitting beside the pool, on the beach, in the beer garden, at a festival wishing we had just DONE IT! Yes, we want to be in our pretty long maxi dresses, our shorts, little sun dresses.. and we have 6 weeks to do it!

So, this is another short challenge, I'm all about taking this journey in steps... but there's a bit of a difference with this one.. each week I'm going to focus on a specific part of weight loss, so 'no junk food week', 'water week' and also some exercise specific ones like 'minutes week', 'variety week' so on.. I've got a few lined up but if there's any that spring to mind then pop them in a comment and I can add them in, we're in this together remember! Again there'll be spot prizes and awards (red carpet time!) and motivation to boot! It's only 6 weeks and again most of us could have a half a stone gone by then! Its all about accountability.. "accountabilibuddies" ... so if you're up for it, commit in a comment below and write down a goal that's just for you.. you want to be in those size 14 jeans? You want to lose 2 inches from your waist? You just want another silver 7 for the back of your card? Your close to goal and need that extra push! Then commit to it here and we can all encourage each other when we lose sight of our goal! Or when the ice cream van passes work... sigh!

Week 1 Mini challenge is to make sure you drink your two litres of water every day, make a conscious effort to get hydrated! Struggling?! Mix half juice and half water, cordials, sparkling if you must.. but try to up the intake.. it will help flush toxins out of your system, its excellent for headaches and your skin will thank you for it and gives you loads of energy.. if you're struggling build it up slowly week by week! Another tip is to get yourself a fancy glass to have your water from, I've got a fancy cocktail glass that I use every at breakfast, then I am a diva in the morning!.. You're kinda important you know, and why keep all the good stuff for visitors!... Also, stick a bottle everywhere you go.. in the car, at your desk, beside your bed.. as you sip throughout the day, you'll hit your target without realising it!

Now set your self some goals and write them down where you can see them! Screen shot on your computer, wallpaper on your phone, stick them to the fridge, bathroom mirror, the visor of your car.. and remember its all achieveable!!!

Here's some examples to start you off...

Weight loss goal - 5lbs, 10lbs
NSV (Non-Scale Victory) - Size smaller in jeans, shirt, 2 inch waist loss, doing something out of your comfort zone..
Exercise - 1 mile, 5 k, 20 lengths in the pool, 3 exercise classes a week... walking with a pal... putting on an exercise DVD a couple of times a week, dancing at the weekends with your friends
Nutrition - Eat 5 pieces of fruit a day, eat more wholegrains, eat more calcium rich foods

Every Tuesday I'll put up a post to weigh in... its 40 days until the June Bank Holiday.. so... who's with me? Doll x

10 stone!

Oh yes.. the final total of the weight lost in the Easter Bunny Challenge is 10 stone 9 pounds!! How awesome are you guys!! Smashed the 10 stone! Fantastic.. and well done to all.. you've been an inspiration to everyone and two new gold members to boot!

In the next day or so, I'll upload the Skinny Summer Challenge! Another 6 weeks to get another step towards goal! Here's the final tally! Again.. well done everyone! Doll xxx

Skinny Bunny Finale!

Yep .. Times up! Easter is over and all the chocolate should be gone!?! How did we all do? Well the chart is there to see for yourself! Brilliantly! We've lost 122.5lbs so far and that's not including this weeks weigh ins! A summer challenge is definitely on the cards! I was suprisingly down 3 this week so a happy bunny indeed! I'm sure this week the tales from the scales will be of the fun I had at the weekend! Still a new challenge will get us all going for the summer! Could 'The West Wing' and "rachel1977' Dm me your contact details you're the top two winners this week on the skinny bunny challenge, both consistantly down and great motivators! Well done to everyone you've been an inspiration to me and great motivation to many! Here's to the next one! Doll xxx


Firstly let me wish you all a very happy Easter! Enjoy the holiday that it is and don't let a number on a scale ruin it! Now I've gone through most of the supermarkets and here's the list of the damage so far! Choose with care boys and girls! and for goodness sake if you're going to spend 74PP on an egg.. ENJOY IT!

To the Skinny Bunnies I'll be updating the chart over the next few days, congrats to you all.. everyone has lost weight! And a new challenge is on the way to keep us on track for summer!!! Doll xxx  

Cadburys Creme egg 532g (with 6 creme eggs) - 74PP Yes you read that right!
Dairy Milk 575g - 72PP
Dairy Milk 343g - 49PP
Dairy Milk 167g - 25PP
Galaxy Caramel 385g - 46PP
Crunchie 167g - 22PP
Celebrations 395g - 43PP
Maltesers 314g - 30PP
Roses 307g - 42PP
Twirl 325 - 53PP
Thorntons 330g - 30PP
Terrys Orange - 26PP
Cadburys Button 101g - 20PP
Carmel 178g - 24PP
Cadburys Mini Eggs (3 eggs) - 1PP
Cadburys Mini Eggs (100g Bag) - 13PP
Cadburys Caramel Mini Eggs, per egg - 2PP
Cadbury Creme Egg Mini, per egg - 2PP
Cadburys Caramel Bunnies, per bunny - 3PP
Aero Bubbly Lamb - 4PP
Maltesers Bunny - 5PP
Cadburys Creme Egg - 5PP
Cadburys Caramel Egg - 5PP
Lindt Lindor Egg(33g) - 6PP
Smarties Egg (90g) Shell only - 10PP
Smarties Egg (90g) with smarties - 13PP
Nestle Milky Bar egg (65g) - 12PP
Flake Egg (153g) Shell only - 14PP
Flake Egg (153g) with 4 fun size bars - 22PP
Maltesers (177g) Shell only - 15PP
Maltesers (177g) with sweets - 24PP
Snickers Egg (181g) Shell only - 15 PP
Snickers Egg (181g) with bars - 27PP
Lindt Bunny (100g) - 15PP
Lindt Bunny (10g) - 2PP

and remember its OK to share!!! Mwah! x

95 - Penultimate weigh in!

95!!! That's how many pounds have been lost doing this challenge so far! Seriously I am SO impressed and inspired by you all! Its AMAZING! We've all had ups and downs, St. Patricks day, Mothers day and birthdays to deal with but we're all still down! It's brilliant! So... second last weigh in... Doll has stayed the same... not entirely happy about it .. but as I have to practice what I preach I'm not letting a number rule my life... How did you all do this week? Doll x

Here's how it adds up so far...

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