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Hot... Hot... Hot... Mani-Monday

Hot Hot Hot!! 

Whilst the paws are still tanned... It's time to use some of the lovely bright colours out at the moment! I'm too old to carry off a full set of neon nails! 

But I couldn't decide which of these beauties from L.A. Colors - Color Craze range so I used them all!! The base is Wet n Wild - French White Creme with a double helping of Revlon Ultra shine top coat! And ta da!!! Polka dots! 

Pink - Pink Bubbles
Yellow - Shock 
Orange - Spat 

Now you don't need a fancy dotting tool, they're really cheap on EBay if you fancy doing it regularly  .. A champagne cork with a fancy pearl pin - you know the ones you get on fancy shirts and you're good to go... Wine corks aren't easy to hold and control...  PLUS you get to drink the champers! Win-Win!


  1. Gorgeous!! I uncurl one side of a paper clip & use that for my dots :)

    1. ooooh good idea.. you'd get smaller dots then... LOVE! x


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