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Sunny raisins!

I spotted these raisin snack packs in Tesco recently... I've always loved sultanas and raisins... and some of the health stores do some yummy chocolate or yoghurt covered versions... I got these for the flight and 'hanging around the airport' snacks so I won't go mad before I even get there... These are 25g bags, so something that will fit in the handbag or to leave in the car... I'm thinking they'd be handy to bring to the cinema too!

The chocolate covered ones are really nice... they don't have that horrible cooking chocolate taste but its no bar of Galaxy either... but for 3PP they're not bad for a snack..

I haven't tried the custard ones yet... I'll report back once I'm home...  Again they're 3PP for the 25g pack... same as a Curly Wurly but more chewing on them! 

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