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Think Pink!

The above link is all you need for this post... on the 30th of August, when everyone is thinking... 'Summer is over...' 'back to school...' moan and groan... well, send it out the summer with a bang!


The great pink run is brilliant... I've done it and loved every second... the craic before and after was excellent! The support and camaraderie is epic! Plus... there's a prize for best dressed! AND its all about PINK!!! I mean seriously it's like it's made for me!

Little people, fluffy four legged people, even grumpy old people are all welcome... 

and there's nothing prettier than a man in pink plaits! 

10km for the running types, there's a Sonia O'Sullivan challenge on the site for the speedsters and 5km for the walkers/fun runners... Eleven weeks to go... so get a few bob from work, school, uni... have a bake sale.. coffee morning... a euro a kilometre from the family and you'll be supporting Breast Cancer Ireland to boot...

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