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'Saved by the Blue' - Mani Monday!

Not your usual pic for Manicure Monday but don't deny it didn't catch your attention!!! 

If anyone has seen my nail polish shelves... >>> HERE <<< you can see there's a LOT of blue there... Navys and blue are pretty much my standard colours in winter, with the occasional black thrown in for good measure bringing me back to my dodgy goth days... 

But anyone who follows me on twitter or knows me in real life will tell you I'm a huge Leinster rugby fan... bless me... and this weekend was the last (no really!!!) game of the season for the RaboPro12 Final Championship against the Glasgow warriors! We won...YAY! Now for most of the big matches I don the blue cause its Thursday nights and what else am I doing if not studying... I even throw on a bit of nail art if I'm in the mood... so for this last game, before I head back to all the lovely pastel shades that are about for the summer, I picked up 'Saved by the Blue' from Wet'n'Wild! 

Firstly these polishes are cheap as chips.. you can get them in Dunnes when you're buying your veggies! Bonus! 

Wet'n'Wild 'Fast dry' ... doesn't dry in the '60 seconds' that rimmel claims to either... neither dry in under a minute.. yes the first coat will dry in 60 seconds but you definitely need a second... if you don't want any chips, you'll need a top coat with it.. so it's a paint job that's dry in about 5 mins tops.. which is still pretty fast... 

My signature nail is 'Bobby Dazzler' from Butter London and it's just a fab polish... a great colour for the summer... it's neutral enough to almost be a 'nude' colour with a very pretty sheen... I picked it up in TK Maxx for a bargain €6... (the Carrickmines branch had LOADS for anyone local!) but I'd pay the full price considering the quality and the fact this will be on my toes all summer! 

What?! I'm showing you the polish I swear!!! Things I do for this blog...  

The colours in this range are very vibrant... with all the TV classics popping up in the names... 'SaGreena the Teenage Witch' anyone? no... really! 'Sage in the City?', 'Teal of Fortune?', 'Blue Want To Be A Millionaire'? I won't go on but you get the idea... the pigment is electric and although the brushes aren't as good the 'Essence On the Go' polishes.. for the money they're totally worth it!

A slightly tipsy but happy fan!!!  

The war paint has faded and the season is over! A summer break and the new season will be here before we know it... AND the world cup is next year, I'm going to be a right pain!  I'll need to perfect my 'Wallabies' manicures by then!


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    1. thanks hun... gotta keep the 'you never put up a picture' people happy! LOL x


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