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Yes.. it's April... already!!! EEK!

If you're a lover of Instagram and I LOVE IT...
Aprils #wwphotoaday challenge has just gone up! 

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Come have a nosey! 

De Siam Curry Pastes...

I'm a big curry fan, and these are very handy to have
 if you're not a 'make it from scratch' kinda person...

These sachets of sauce from deSiam are full of flavour, a little goes a long way!
Just be sure to spot the difference in SmartPoints from sauce to sauce!

Spotted in my local Supervalu x

DeSiam Thai Green Curry Paste, per 70g sachet which serves 4 - 3SP 

DeSiam Thai Red Curry Paste, per 70g sachet which serves 4 - 4SP 

DeSiam Thai Yellow Curry Paste, per 70g which serves 4 - 6SP

DeSiam Thai Massaman Curry Paste, per 70g sachet which serves 4 - 11SP 

Beanz... Meanz...

'Beanz... Meanz... Heinz...'

Admit it, you sang that...
Some flavoured beans out there for those who light a spicy quick fix...
Anyone tried them? Let me know! x

Heinz Tagine Chickpeas
per 100g - 3SP
per recommended portion, half tin - 5SP
per 390g tin - 11SP

Heinz Dhal Curry Lentils
per 100g - 2SP
per recommended portion, half tin - 4SP
per 390g tin -8SP

Heinz Veg Chilli Beanz
per 100g - 2SP
per recommended portion, half tin - 4SP
per 390g tin - 9SP

Heinz Fajita Beanz
per 100g - 2SP
per recommended portion, half tin - 4SP
per 390g tin - 9SP

Heinz Tuscan Beanz
per 100g - 3SP
per recommended portion, half tin - 5SP
per 390g tin - 10SP

Let's go...

Well, what's your excuse today? 

I'm a great one for rolling out the excuses when I don't feel like going for a walk or a swim... I can list all the ones above, throw in my crappy knee, work, insomnia, yes I use that as an excuse, don't judge me! The list is endless! I'm great at talking myself into and out of things, have you seen my handbag stash?!?!  

We live in a country where if it doesn't rain at least once a day, we talk about it for a week... I'd love to say it gets too hot here... and if we're moving fast enough we won't get cold... 

The flip side of using excuses is blame... and blame leads to guilt...  How many times have you said 'I wish I had done my walk today' ... that leads to comfort eating for most of us... Honestly, the hardest part is getting out the front door, yet coming back through it you feel fab... Even if it was just a 10 minute walk... You'll feel so much better... We're not made of sugar... despite the rumours we won't dissolve... If we did I'd be a size 6 and could open an umbrella shop!  

This week, ignore the excuses, don't listen to that lazy voice in your head... Just go for it... You'll feel fabulous afterward, I promise! 

Holidays made of chocolate!

Right.. the next chocolate holiday is just around the corner, 
so here's some of the choccie love I've come across in M&S, Tesco, Lidl & Dealz... 

Lidl Favorina rabbit - 57SP

Lidl Favorina Chocolate eggs 400g - 114SP
not a typo...

Lidl White chocolate lamb 150g - 43SP

Lidl Favorina Dip eggs with spoons, milk flavour per 36g egg - 11SP

Lidl Favorina Dip eggs with spoons, chocolate flavour per 36g egg - 11SP

Lidl Favorina Chocolate Hen on a nest, 250g - 70SP

Lidl Favorina Dark chocolate bunny 200g - 54SP

Dealz, Galaxy Caramel Mini Eggs, per 84g bag - 21SP
per 12g egg - 3SP

Dealz, Cadbury Creme Mini Eggs 
per 11.3g egg - 3SP

Dealz, Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Mini Eggs 
per 11.3g egg - 3SP

Dealz, Cadbury Mini Eggs 
per 9 mini eggs, 30g - 8SP
per 90g bag - 24SP

Dealz, Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Eggs 
per 12g egg - 3SP
per 93g bag - 25SP

Dealz, Nestle Smarties Mini Eggs 
for 5 mini eggs - 5SP

M&S, Hide & Seek Egg Hunt bag, per 135g bag - 39SP

M&S, Bubbly Bunny, per 23g bunny - 6SP

M&S, Cheeky Chicks, 120g box (6 eggs) - 33SP

M&S, Caramel Eggs, per 120g bag - 31SP

M&S, Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs, per 100g bag - 25SP

Tesco, Chocolate Bunny, 100g bunny - 28SP

Tesco Micro Eggs, per 90g bag - 24SP

Tesco, Golden Egg Hunt Adventure, 545g set - 142SP

Tesco Finest, 'The Coconut Egg', 370g egg - 111SP
(not a typo... one hundred and eleven... I know...)

Tesco, Milk Chocolate Coins, 72g bag - 19SP

We all stumble...

The one thing I'm asked all the time is 'how do you keep going?' ... 
Honestly some days I really don't know... 

My journey has been far from perfect... I haven't seen one person lose weight 'perfectly' yet... We all have hiccups, we all have those days when we'd eat the entire contents of the fridge 'just because'... but the thing is, I've done this before, ok maybe not lost this much weight before, but I've been successful before and I let some silly comment, one weekend on the tiles, one night of feeling down stop the whole process... I've got cocky and thought 'sure why am I paying her a tenner a week when CLEARLY I can do it myself?!?!?!' Yup... I'm a smart arse because CLEARLY I can't!  

This time I've learned, there are bumps in the road... there are good times and bad times when we will all fall spectacularly off the wagon but that's called life... We will all attend birthdays, weddings, funerals and be in moments when we are so happy it hurts and so sad we can't see any light at the end of the tunnel, and food will be a part of all those celebrations, how many cups of tea and biscuits do you get offered at a funeral? It's how we cope, it's how we support each other, nothing like a few tears over a cup of tea... and god knows I love a good cry! I'm banned from watching One Born every minute, 24 hrs in A&E and Supervet! I've been known to cry at the ads! 

But food is a part of life and you know what, it's good to have a good cry with your best pal and share a bun, but giving up on yourself because one day you feel crap isn't fair to YOU... So don't dwell on the bumps in the road, they happen... give yourself time to get over them but GET OVER them... pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remember you're doing this to be a healthier version of you! xxx

Roll it...

I love baking... anyone who follows me on twitter knows of my addiction to the Great British bake Off and Paul Hottywood... so I spotted these in the supermarket and you all know I'm about supporting Irish businesses... Ready made pastry is a godsend when you're making stuff at the weekend for the family, ain't nobody got time for making pastry... remember my apple roses last year >>> HERE <<< DELISH! I haven't tried this brand yet but as expected the SmartPoints are high... Brace yourselves...  xxx

Roll It - All Butter Pastry, Plain Shortcrust 200g sheet - 55SP

Roll It - All Butter Pastry, Sweet Shortcrust 200g sheet - 79SP 

Eggs in clouds...

A popular dish with the low carb people... I thought I'd give it a try! It did not disappoint...
A lot of people think this is a bit long winded for just 'eggs' but variety is the spice of life!

Whats in it?
To make two, you need 3 egg whites and 2 yolks for 4SP
Bacon, I used smoked turkey rashers finely chopped, 2 for 1SP

You can also add chives, peppers, roasted baby tomatoes whatever flavour you fancy! 

Total SmartPoints per recipe - 5SP


Place your bowl in the fridge before you whisk your egg whites, 
there's a science behind it but it works better

Finely chop you bacon, sausage... 

Whisk the egg whites until they are super fluffy! The bigger the better!

Season... now's the time you can add garlic salt, paprika what ever you fancy...

Gently fold in your bacon... 

Don't stir it too much you don't want to lose the air... 

Spoon the mixture onto baking paper leaving a hollow in the middle... 

Save a bit of the mixture... 

Pop them in the oven, Gas Mark 5 for 3-4 minutes until they start to crisp up... 

They should look like this... 

Pop the egg yolk into the hollow... 

and cover with the remaining mixture... then back in the oven again for 3-4 mins... 

et voila!

If you want to spend extra SmartPoints sprinkle on some of your fav cheese... 

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