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Seafood Sauce...

I know you can make this yourself at home but for those who aren't happy in the kitchen... this one  might appeal to the sea food lovers... Tesco have a reduced fat seafood sauce!
For those with salmon at 0SP on their plans, this might be a way of changing things up and keeping it interesting... Anyone tried it out? x

Tesco, reduced fat seafood sauce
15ml - 2SP
30ml - 4SP

Curry in a hurry!

Curry in a hurry?  McDonnell curry dip is now available in 100ml pots! One Minute in the microwave and instant curry sauce... They come in a pack of two, spotted these in Dunnes Stores... Anyone tried them yet? x

McDonnells Original Curry Dip 
per 100ml pot - 3SP

Flavours from Philadelphia!

Some new flavours from the Philadelphia I spotted in Tesco last week... it's very handy to have a tub in the fridge to pop on a rice cake or crackers when the munchies kick in... Anyone tried them out? x

Philadelphia - Jalapeno
30g - 2SP
45g - 3SP
60g - 3SP

Philadelphia - Salmon
30g - 2SP
45g - 3SP
60g - 4SP

Philadelphia - Milka
30g - 4SP
45g - 6SP
60g - 9SP
Full tub, 150g - 21SP

No Pork Sausages from Loughnanes.

I love supporting an Irish company... I think it's so important to support home grown produce... So Loughnane's has brought out a plant based no pork sausage... I LOVE their chicken sausages! Def one to pop in the freezer to try! Anyone tried them out yet? x

Loughnane's No Pork sausages
per 45g sausage
1 - 2SP
2 - 4SP
3 - 7SP

Nando’s Perinaise!

One for the Nando's fans! Perinaise (peri-peri flavoured mayo) is one for drizzling over the home made chicken burgers, or quorn dippers! I only spotted the mild version but a quick google you might find others! Any fans? x

Nando's Perinaise - mild
per 15g - 2SP
per 30g - 3SP
per 45g - 5SP

Lemon Drizzle KitKats from Nestle!

Have a break? Have lemon drizzle fancy pants break! Or maybe even a dark mint break! 
New to try from Kit Kat, if an easter egg is not your thing these might hit the spot! 

Nestle KitKat Lemon Drizzle chocolate bars
per 2 fingers - 5SP

Nestle KitKat Dark Mint chocolate bars
per 2 fingers - 5SP

Sweet Shop inspiried yoghurts!

If you're looking for a sweet fix and fancy an old classic... Muller Lights have a limited edition pack of Rhubarb & Custard or Lemon Sherbets to choose from out now! I come from the era of cola cubes and sherbet lemons so these are right up my street! Will report back once I've tried em! 
Anyone else a fan of the vintage sweeties?

Muller Light Sweet Shop Limited Edition
both flavours per 160g pot - 3SP

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