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Cooking the Weight Watchers Way...

Cooking the Weight Watchers Way is one of the latest cookbooks from Weight Watchers... 

I'm a bit of a cookbook junkie... always looking for them in second hand bookshops, car boots... I'll swap with friends and as for downloading recipes... there's files of files to be filed! 

I picked this up in my class for €18... (you can get it on Amazon for £24.99!)... I'd just bought the '7 weeks for 5' deal and was yapping about how I had saved €20 then I spotted this! So I'm clearly €2 up instead... what drew me to it.. there's a fish finger sandwich on the cover!! I know!! 

There's a good variety in here and everything is pointed AND listed on the Filling & healthy programme so everyone is covered.. All the recipes are under 10PP too.... 

I'm the kind of cook that likes to see what its suppose to look like when its done... and each recipe has a full page pic of what you should have when you're done..  nothing more annoying that that 'ooooohhhhh so THAT'S what it's suppose to look like' moment... um....

The breakdown of each recipe is good too... how many PP per portion, per recipe, if you're looking for a veggie version, can you freeze it? etc... Plus you don't need to be Raymond Blanc to follow them!

it also tells you how it fits into the Filling & Healthy plan .. 

And if you're not the cheffy type there's a few pages of tips and tricks

and easy lunch ideas that are nice too... 

From your full breakfast ...

to a 'Knickerbocker Glory' and everything in-between ...

and at the back is a Filling & Healthy index for those not pointing! 

If you're new to the plan this is the perfect cook book to start you off... if you're cooking for a family its good too, there's some yummy mains that everyone would love... and the fact that it includes the Filling & Healthy followers is what makes it... If you see it in your meeting have a peep ... 

Anyone looking for a specific recipe just gimme a shout and I'll post them... I'm planning on make a few when I get back from my jollies! The fish finger sarnie being the first then the steak and pepper goulash! 


  1. Oh! Fish finger Sambo recipe please!!

    1. Will be up next week! NOM! (as the hipsters say...) LOL!

  2. I love this book and use it regularly! The banana bread recipe is great for a sweet fix. The butternut squash wedges along side the lamb pittas - amazing! Great buy.

    1. Banana bread is DEF on the baking list! x


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