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choose the right words...

The nicest thing ever has happened to me TWICE last week... Two people emailed me and shared their weigh loss story with me... I believe that's a privilege to be told that... It took me long enough to share mine... but both have inspired me this week to get back into the groove... they are strangers to me... I know nothing more than they have struggled, they're really trying and they've read something on here that made it click for them... and they're both now flying along on their journeys... it's so lovely to know people in the same boat, and they understand how hard it is... but this pair have really given me the kick in the pants I needed...  

We have no idea of the power of words... saying something nice to someone can be a game changer for them... and as my granny always said 'if you can't say something nice... zip it!' something I practice daily and trust me I'm very judgey when it comes to eyebrows! 

Compliment someone today... 'That's a nice scarf...' 'you're nails are lovely...' and be genuine... when it comes from the heart, people know you mean it... then go home... look in the mirror and say something nice to you... Don't stand there picking faults and flaws... We've all got wobbly bits we hate... Pick a part you love.. your eyes, hair, smile... and just say it out loud... even if you don't believe it, and you probably won't at first... but do it often enough and you will realise you are pretty awesome! 

and thank you to my two new friends... you have motivated me so much! 

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