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Stick with it...

So... let's go over the last few weeks... 3 gains! Not exactly 'Miss Inspirational 2015' now am I?! Put the tiara away lads... The first one +0.5lb I totally deserved, there was cocktails, rashers and rugby and it was epic... I think I used my 49 weeklies nearly 3 times in fact the scales should have been MUCH worse! 

The other two, NO WAY! I was that model student... the class swot... and wouldn't you know... after all the drama and sads of the last week... can I remind you of the 'Tesco-crying-in-the-car-park-incident'... a massive loss! 6.5lbs! I KNOW!

Last week when I was an emotional wreck, someone very wise told me...

If you've earned it... the scales will reward you... 

maybe not today... may be not this week but if you've worked for it.. it will show! Our bodies work on their own system so our metabolism, extra exercise, medication all work against it and it rebels... so let it catch up with you... I don't work for Weight Watchers but I can tell you this for sure... if you do the programme properly... it works!

So the lesson this week... no giving up... Last week I was totally prepared to throw in the towel, take a couple of weeks off until after my holiday and live with the consequences... how happy am I today! 


  1. Well done doll!!! I was down 6.5lbs also, after a few weeks of up and down too. Delighted for us both! xx

  2. That is brilliant doll! Well Done! I'm delighted for you!!! :-D


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