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Skinny-butt-kicking-karma please...

I don't usually make a blog post about my weigh-ins but today was just disastrous and I'm all about sharing the good and the bad on this trip...

I'm up 2.5lbs this week... 2.5!!! Holding the tears back at the scales... I know I'm PMT'd, I'm practically a human fish bowl, I know I was good, I didn't go mad for Paddies Day and I know it will probably show next week but that feeling of failure is still there after all this time... That feeling of giving up never really leaves you...

I went food shopping at lunchtime and had a little cry in the car... apologies to anyone who saw the snivelling women giving herself a good talking to in the mirror in Tescos car park around 1.30pm... silly I know but sometimes it just seems like I'm never going to get there but you know what, a good cry really helps! Yes I'm 5 dress sizes smaller, yes I can do things I couldn't do three years ago... but it's still hard... really hard sometimes...

Class today was all about positivity and honestly every one of us left feeling positive... many of us were in the 'I wasn't going to come group...' 

My awesome leader Michelle said one thing that stuck with me today...

So that is what I've done... What's done is done... Time to put the arse back in gear and keep going! The weekly shop is done and all the good stuff is in the house... I have kicked myself in the butt and am not giving up... come too far on this road to stand still because of one weigh in!

Send all the 'skinny-butt-kicking-karma' my way... ta x


  1. We've all been there.. but I know and you know that you'll never give up.. you want this so bad and your getting closer and closer to where you want to be with every pound xx

  2. Forget about the gain. It's a success to even stay in control and you did that. a good week is never lost! and you definitely don't want those 5 dress sizes back up! So stay on track! !

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    1. A gallon of water weighs 8.3 lbs. I'm sure you're just retaining water. Don't beat yourself up over 2.5lbs. Unless you ate over 7,000 calories this week on top of your regular's not fat you gained :)
      *Edit: couldn't figure out how to edit my previous post

  4. Know the feeling Doll! I was up 2lbs today and deserved it and more! Birthday Mother's Day and Paddys Day so my lenten fast was well and truly broken. But not broken beyond repair. Tracking this week and I will be down next Thursday😇😇 onwards and downwards 😆

  5. I am so glad you shared this - I have had almost the exact same looming feeling this week - was up 2.5lbs as well after killing it last week and being really good again this week. Felt completely knocked back but after talking to myself this morning and now seeing this i know i can do it and we're all on the same journey trying to better ourselves. Thanks for sharing, you're such an inspiration! xx


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