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You know the way you're going through the airport.. and because everything is on display and no one is stalking you, you get to try out all the perfumes without the sales pitch... no?! just me? Honestly, every trip to an airport I smell FAB after it... I pity the poor passenger on the plane beside me but at least I smell gorge no?! 

I am SO tempted by perfumes, I'm a big fan of Marc Jabobs and Ralph Lauren, especially coming into the summer...

Other favs... Allure and NO.5 from Chanel, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Be delicious by DKNY and Lady Million by Paco Rabanne which I sprayed on myself by mistake and fell in love with, are all favourites.. but to have all these on the dressing table isn't cheap... well now it can be!

Saphir is a Spanish company that has already landed here! You may have already seen the stands in your local pharmacy and thought nothing of them... but look again my friends, these are perfect dupes of all the top perfumes out there... so whilst you have your absolute fav in all it's glory sitting on your dressing table... you can have the others, that you like at a fraction of the cost, for when you're just in the mood for a change... 

Including my favs listed above, there are 48 scents to choose from which are all replicas for only €7.99 for the 25ml and it's perfume not eau de toilette! The large 200ml bottles are €24.99...

PLUS they're travel/handbag size so you don't have to go with out your favourite scent when you head away! 

Obviously the names are different but your stockist will help you out! You'll recognise your favourite immediately! But here's my top picks ...  

Angel - Ancora
Chanel No. 5 - Saphir 28
Opium YSL - Folie
Lady Million - Rich Woman
Coco Mademoiselle - Prestige
Ralph - Oceanyc Woman
Allure - Blonda
Be delicious - SPH Green

There's also a mens range to keep the boys smelling luffly! Armani code and Hugo boss just two of the 28 available! 

Instead of an Easter Egg, or for many of you Mothers Day is on the horizon, it would be a perfect little treat that will last you ages and you can get your 2nd/3rd fav perfume without the expense, within the price range of the kids pocket money! 

Check them out online >>> HERE <<< 

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