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The Wooden spoon...

OK the Wooden spoon in our house wasn't always a positive thing! In fact it was a regular threat when you got out of hand... and honestly it didn't do us any harm... THIS Wooden Spoon however is FABULOUS! A short stroll from Blackrock Dart station and right in the middle of Blackrock is this pretty little cafe with all the yummies! 

We arrived on a weekend of six nations games and were starving! Having watched one game and seriously needing fuel for the second, this was right around the corner from where we were!

Honestly I fell in love a little with the whole 'duck egg blue' and 'pink' tone of the place... 

The menu has ALL the usuals, with an AWESOME cake/deli counter... no really!

The window seat is the one to grab if you can... people watching is a fav of mine but the pretty pink cushions and a view out to the sea just make it perfect... 

Your 4 legged pals are welcome outside too... and it's a 60 second stroll to the 
Blackrock market or along the sea front (to burn off the cake you see!) 
which makes it a perfect spot for a weekend brunch...  

Love the 'Mrs Doyle' messages and 
honestly, just looking at the cakes will make you want one!

Since it was breakfast, lunch AND dinner... the full Irish was on the table twice... and the silence of grown men meant it was gooooood!  

I went for the mini breakkie... which was delicious! Sausage, bacon, egg and beans with potatoes which I swapped for a tomato off another plate! Family huh... 

They had a really cute tea menu too which saves the whole... 
'do you have... no .. what about...' drama 

LOVELY coffee and the tea came in a proper cup so you could bring the mammy
... and their takeaway mug is too cute! 

Take outs are available but if you have the time, sit in and enjoy it.. it's just lovely! 
I'll be the one hogging the window seat! 

Check them out... 

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Twitter HERE
or Online HERE 

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