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Feel Good Soup...

I'm bored of making soup... no I am... I had this very conversation with my weigh-in buddy Mary in class last week... who would have thought we'd be craving salads in March!?!? 

You just get a bit fed up of the same thing over and over... so no more butternut squash for me till autumn! Sadly the weather isn't exactly on our side at the moment and soup is SO filling... I've raved about the Fusion & Street Soups before... All the points and flavours are >>> HERE<<< and ready made soup can be a life saver when you're just in the door and starving! Great for heating up in work too! So check out Avonmores' Feel good range... VERY low points for really filling flavoursome soups! Available in Dunnes, Tesco and some Supervalu stores... 

Avonmore Feel Good Mediterranean Vegetable - 
100g - 1PP 
200g Serving - 1PP
400g carton - 3PP

Avonmore Feel Good Tomato and Basil, my favourite! 
100g - 1PP 
200g Serving - 1PP
400g carton - 2PP (for the lot!!!)

Avonmore Feel Good Garden Vegetable! 
100g - 1PP 
200g Serving - 2PP
400g carton - 4PP

Fusion and Street 'A taste of Mexico' 
Tomato soup with Coriander, red beans and corn 
100g - 1PP 
400g carton - 3PP

Fusion and Street 'A taste of Marrakech' 
Vegetable soup with put lentils, cumin and ginger
100g - 2PP 
400g carton - 7PP

Check out the other Fusion and Street flavours >>>

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