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Easter Challenge - Weigh in 6

1 weigh in left! just one! So farthe loss has been... 
drum roll please... 
11st 2lbs! 


Thank you so much to everyone who stuck with it... the motivation is just fantastic! 

Comment your losses below before Saturday and
I'll have the final chart up Sunday announcing the winners!

The goodies are all set to go too! 
There's the lowest chocolate treat you can get for Easter, 
Choc Shot and Choc Shot Orange from Sweet Freedom! 

Choc Shot ProPoints like so... 
1 tsp, 5g - 0PP
tsp 10g - 1PP 
3 tsp 15g - 1PP
tsp 20g - 2PP
tsp 25g - 2PP
tsp 30g - 2PP
tsp 35g - 3PP
tsp 40g - 3PP
tsp 45g - 3PP
10 tsp 50g - 4PP 
Whole bottle 320g - 24PP

The latest Weight Watchers Cookbook and all sorts of other treats! 

If I've missed a weigh in or message, just shout! 


  1. Anne Marie Mc AuliffeMarch 30, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    Hi Doll, I was down 6.5lbs last week, thanks.

  2. Hey Doll,
    Week 5 (23/03) -2
    Week 6 (30/03) -6

    So I'm +1 at the moment....

    So I have one week left to finish this challenge on a loss......

  3. Hi doll, I was down a 1lb on Wednesday, so it'll just be -1 for me overall.. whoops. Tons of learning and changes have been happening during this challenge though so I'm feeling positive overall :) thanks for your help!x

  4. No loss, no gain, stayed the same. A few sociable occasions last week, so I'm pleased I'd no gain.

  5. Stayed the same this week. Hope you're doing better than me...

  6. Hi, I haven't weighed for week 30/3. Plus .5 is not my weigh in. Is it alright if I give you my weigh in on Saturday morning, that's my weigh in morning this week. Paula McGovern x

  7. -1lb for me please. Mother Nature paid me a visit and I retained ALL THE WATER. oh well, heading the right direction :)

  8. Down 2 this week Doll (WI a day early though)! Amazing how it all adds up, never would've thought there was over 11 stone gone between everyone. Fantastic!

  9. -2lbs again this week doll! YAY!!! Just have to try and keep it going over Easter weekend aaghhhh *fingers crossed! :)

  10. Not a great end to the challenge for me, I was up pound this week! Mother nature is the worst :(

  11. Finally had to pay the ww piper... up 3!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh it was a disaster week from start to finish... everything went in the gob an I was powerless to stop it. really enjoyed the challenge thou. thanks doll x its Pauline y by the way.

  12. Hi doll, -31/2, sts, -2 1/2, +2 1/2, -1 1/2, +2 1/2, -4, thanks

  13. Hey Doll down 1 this week thought I'd be us as mother nature is due in a few days. Anyways thanks for this challenge and have very happy easter x


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