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Weigh in 5! Easter Challenge!

2 weigh-ins to go... just two! Where did those weeks go?! So... 2 weigh-ins means 2 lbs... could be enough to put you into a new stone on the scales, might get you a silver 7, will definitely make a pair of jeans a little looser! So after a disastrous week in my camp... between a day out with mum for Mothers Day, Paddies Day and the rugby celebrations it's time to get the heads down and really focus...

The lovely people in Weight Watchers Ireland have donated their new cookbook and some other goodies as prizes, and it's a good one, so two more losses and there will be post for someone!!! If you're struggling, read some of the success stories on their website, you'll see just how everyone struggles and loses focus along the way but you can get back on track I promise! Plus the ProPoints calculator is a god send when you're stuck! >>> HERE <<<

Also the lovely people in Choc Shot have given me some of their Chocolatey goodness to curb the Easter egg cravings and reward the losses! I love the plain stuff... just enough in a drizzle to curb those cravings... >>> HERE <<< but the orange has that extra kick!!!! Low GI / GL; suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans; GM, dairy and gluten Free, its a choc fix for pretty much everyone! Its also very versatile... check out some fabulous recipes online here >>> HERE <<< 

It ProPoints like so... 
1 tsp, 5g - 0PP
tsp 10g - 1PP 
3 tsp 15g - 1PP
tsp 20g - 2PP
tsp 25g - 2PP
tsp 30g - 2PP
tsp 35g - 3PP
tsp 40g - 3PP
tsp 45g - 3PP
10 tsp 50g - 4PP 
Whole bottle 320g - 24PP

Chart below... if I've missed you out just shout here or on the post on the FB page... >>> HERE <<< Only two weeks left!!! 


  1. -1lb for me please. Leaves me with 5lb to lose by Good Friday to get my mega egg.... FOCUS!

  2. Hi, I was down 4 on 2/3, on 9/3 down 3, stayed same on 16/3, sorry I forgot to post x

  3. Finally a loss to report.. -2 woohoo
    Orange Choc Shot sounds nice... Must keep my eyes open for it :) xxx

  4. Up 2lbs for me i'm afraid Doll.

  5. Hiya, I was up a half pound �� Paula McGovern ��

  6. hi, im so bad at giving you my weight in's. last week i ws down 0.5lb and this week i am down 2lb, thanks

  7. I'm down 1lb this week. Thanks!!

  8. STS this week! Prob all the carb loading I did haha! Hoping for a decent loss this week but mother nature will be working against me!

  9. -2lbs Doll! :) Now to keep the mojo and stay FOCUSED!!!! :D

  10. Wohooe 1.5 lbs down tonight, love 😍 love Choc Shot!! now in Orange too....... Heaven.. ...move over Terry's .......Choc Shot is in town !!!

  11. Hi Doll, I was up 2.5lbs this week myself. Crossing toes and fingers and anything else that tomorrow's weigh in will be a good'un. :) x

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  13. Hi doll, down 1.5 this week :)

  14. Up a half a pound this week skinny doll

  15. Down 2.5 yipppppppeee. its Pauline y. xx

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  17. Skinny there was a mix up at the beginning with my first weigh in I was down 3 and a half my first week just cleared up with my leader as I got my 5% today cause I was down half and lbs this week which brought my weigh loss total to 10ls to earn my 5%. Sorry again for the mix up so its

    1st week down 3 and half
    2nd week down 2
    3rd didn't go
    4th down 4lbs
    5th weigh in today down half

  18. stayed the same this week doll :) x

  19. Sorry for the delay in posting this week, Doll. I was down a pound.


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