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Barmy or Balmy?! I'll get my coat...

Dear EOS Lip balm people... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to europe... you won't regret it I PROMISE!!! Doll x

Now before you get all judgey I had three of these BEFORE I went to NYC, I have mentioned my trip haven't I?! ;P 

Firstly the name... EOS... Evolution of Smooth... promises super soft lips from a blend of oils, vitamins and butters... not only do they make cute lil lip balms but hand & body lotions and shave cream... The lip balms are lush... 

Raspberry, Blueberry and Tangerine were all delivered by the yankee cousins albeit by emotional blackmail but still I have em... then I hit Target... Now growing up in Oz meant Target was a regular shopping haunt for my family... it's like Pennys in Ireland... you just popped in for one thing and then had to go back to the start to get a basket because you ran out of hands... 

Target is a discount mecca for drugstore brands and the nearest one to Manhattan is up in Harlem but SO worth the trip on the subway! Anyone heading that way email me for tips and tricks! 

Once I got there and I turned the corner into the lip balm aisle... yes an entire AISLE for lip balms... there they were... the heavens opened and a beam of light shined upon them! Swoon! *thud* Strawberry Sorbet was a given, I mean it's pink for heavens sake ... Honeysuckle Honeydew was grabbed because the english lady swooning beside me had her eye on it and I just couldn't let that happen and Lemon Drop cause I mean it's Lemon Drop.. who doesn't love Lemon drops?! It's the only one with an SPF which is a little annoying but they are all so cute you can forgive them... 

The first thing you spot is the shape...they're like little eggs but they're so quirky and colourful... You can throw them into your bag and doesn't matter which way it ends up it won't spill or leak out... 

They're 100% natural so no artificial chemicals in them at all regardless of flavour... and the flavours... none of them overpowering and all of them spot on which is why they are a huge hit in the states... 

I have one in my bag at all times... I do have reapply a couple of times a day when I'm not wearing lippy usually after I've been in the pool ... but so far not a chapped lip in sight! 

I know they're now available on ebay/Amazon but watch out for the crazy shipping costs, these are $2.99 in Target but Amazon have them from $13.99 PLUS your shipping! 

Better off to cry on Skype to the cousins how much you miss em and they'll chuck one in the post for you! Well worth the runny mascara... 

[Edit: You can buy these on and in Top Shop... you saw nothing here!!!]


  1. I almost don't want to tell you because I don't want to be an enabler again but..............cloud10beauty have em!

    1. I did NOT see this post! *squeals* x I believe they're in Top Shop too! you saw nothing!

  2. Luv these :) Lemon drop was the first one I bought (from cloud10) and my nephew bit it!!! D'oh! so it went in the bin :(
    BUT I bought myself 3 new ones in Vegas last month in Walgreen, so all is right with the world once again :):):)

    1. oooh imagine if Walgreen opened up here... I'd be homeless but pretty!


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