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Brunch club #3 - Lennox Cafe

Brunch club number 3! A personal fav and somewhere I often meet clients during the week for a coffee or lunch ... The Lennox Cafe in Portobello... This is a spot we have visited more than once for a Sunday morning gossip! If you hear a lot of laughing and giving out about boys... that's us! 

My tips for this place is to get there early and try to get a table upstairs, it's much quieter and more roomy, unless we're there... we tend to get a little 'over' excited about things! Our gang are there by 11 on a Sunday and by the time we're leaving there's always a queue out the door... 

They do have lovely little seating area out the front, which is lovely in the summer...

The food is delicious... the portion sizes are perfect and nothing is every a problem from sauces on the side to 'can you make a veggie version?' please...

Eggs Benedict pour moi, sauce on the side! 
Tangent... I spotted the 'Pancake Stack'  after I ordered this... 
O.M.G as the kids say! Next time you're mine!

Organic scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for Miss D

Miss C had veggie heuvos rancheros... 

Miss I had 'Moroccan Eggs' - merguez sausage, sweet & spicy sauce with 2 poached eggs

The Lennox Cafe in Portobello is a very cute, out of the way little cafe that is just adorable! The cups and saucers don't match but THAT is what adds to the quirkiness of it! Bottom line the food is amazing, reasonably priced and downright yummy!

ALSO... you can spot the odd 'Celeb' here ... on our last trip Mr. Gordon 'No-more-beard' Darcy was at the table beside us and Mr. Heislip followed shortly after... on our first ever trip there Rob Kearney was having his egg and soliders upstairs, thankfully we were sitting out side and couldn't get in to fan girl him... spent most of brunch fighting our inner demons to JUST STAY COOL!

Check them out >>> HERE <<< 
and no drooling at the rugby boys... you'll show me up! 


  1. You should try SupermissSue for brunch beside Drury St car park! Its amazing! Only for those who like fish though, not a huge amount of alternative options!

    1. we were only talking about it last week! its on our list! Fish finger sandwiches?! I'm there! x


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