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Tastefully yours sauces

You are going to LOVE this!!!! I mean REALLY love this... a jar of curry sauce... for 2PP that serves 4!!! I'll wait while you read that again... yup... AND it's Irish... AND gluten free... AND all made fresh... new(ish) to the market and definitely new to me! 

Best pic I could rob of the labels... 

Tastefully Yours is a range of Irish sauces that are out now...  I made the Massaman curry for 4 people with a value of 7PP per portion including brown rice... 

It's SO easy... and the flavours are amazing... 

Brown the chicken... 

Spray oil and put your veg in a separate pan, I added the onion after this... oops...

Once the chicken is cooked... add the sauce...

... then combine the two and ta da!!! 

There are five in the range... Thai green curry, Thai red curry, Thai Satay curry, Massaman Curry and Aromatic Thai lemon grass curry all at €5 each... bargain for authentic sauce!

Currently you can get the range in James Whelan - Clonmel, Get Fresh - Rathfarnham and Arkeen Store in Waterford... they're on Facebook >>> HERE <<<  for those not close to those stores... I've spotted them online >>> HERE <<<  so keep your peepers peeled for when they come to a store near you! 

Let me repeat... 2PP for the WHOLE jar for the Lemon Grass and Massaman curries... I'll point the rest as and when I hoover them! NOM! 


  1. Replies
    1. They're really nice and great to have in the cupboard for an emergency! x

  2. YES!!!! This is fantastic!

  3. I've gone and bought the Thai Green Curry for dinner tonight, really looking forward to it :) . They had a Peanut Satay one too, but the rest were all sold out. Perfect excuse to go back and buy more!

    1. Absolutely gorgeous! Me and my mom have had it twice now. Quite hot I found, but so tasty I didn't care. :P

  4. I propointed the jar of Thai Red Curry and I got 1 pp per jar, I calculated it a couple of times and kept getting 1pp for the entire jar. I got 2 pp per jar for the Massaman and Aromatic Thai Lemongrass Curry. I'm looking forward to trying one of them tomorrow :)


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