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Go ahead... Judge me!

I know, I know... there's got to be a special 'meeting' for people like me... anyone who follows my instagram account knows I'm a nail varnish junkie... and it all started when my leader told me to paint my nails when I felt like the urge for a packet of crisps or something to snack on late at night... its works SO well I'm now an addict!

And they were EVERYWHERE... no amount of fancy shoe boxes or drawers could accommodate them...  last week I was inspired by a pic on instagram by fellow blogger Lee Kenny who also now a new mammy this week, welcome baby Lillian! Her blog is >>> HERE <<< ... she has her nail polish sorted...  and here's how... IKEA Picture ledges!!! 

I KNOW!!!! 

Find them online 
>>> HERE <<< 
available in black or white 
and there's two lengths... 

Mine are the smaller ones and each 'shelf holds approx 18 bottles... 
I'm not doing the maths... eek! 

So... in the corner of my little office there was a gap... and it generally stored the hoover, steamer, clothes horse, mop and anything else I had to hide when visitors came... 

now... ta da!!! 

Deep enough so when I win the lotto... I can do this...  

seeeeeee... I'm ALREADY being cost effective! 

Tangent... definitely no more blue polish... 
My love for 'Leinster' nails is clearly evident! eek!  

So, now, no more drama as to where where to store them... 
and if anyone asks do I have a certain colour, have a peek!
Its a total treat for me and worth every cent to have them all organised.. 
my inner OCD child is VERY happy!

all there in plain site, taking up minimal space!  

I should probably google 'nail polish anonymous' now... 


  1. Judge you? I LOVE you!! It's just fabulous, I wish I had the space for one!!

    1. you'll find space I promise!! I can't believe how neat they are! I still don't have a spreadsheet :( lol x

  2. No judgement here...just extreme jealousy!!!


  3. Replies
    1. Its amazing what ideas you get from instagram and pinterest! LOL

  4. I am well jel, would love love love this!! Just sent the link to the boy to plant the seed cuz i'm soooo getting this done... AMAZING :):)

    1. DO IT!!!! No more messy boxes of have bottles of polish... I'm officially tidy! LOL x

  5. OMG I have been looking everywhere for somewhere to display my polishes! Great idea!


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