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'Skoff' pies by Donal Skehan

You all know I'm all about promoting Irish stuff... restaurants.. new products... I'm all about supporting the locals! 

Donal Skehans new range of pies 'Skoff' are 20PP each... I can't tell you if they're tasty but I'm pretty sure they are... I love his blog, in fact it was one of the first I followed! His TV show not so much... the 'drunk camera man' style of filming annoys me, but I'm putting that down to me not being 'hip' enough... I do enjoy his recipes and regularly pop over to his blog to see if there's anything new... Going by what I've heard online, these are very tasty... not big enough to share in my opinion, unless you had half today and half tomorrow but if you do that, be honest with yourself! 20PP is very high even if you piled your plate with veg... If anyone tries the pulled pork one let me know!  

 Prime Beef & Stout - 20PP for 275g

Hearty Pulled Pork - 20PP for 275g

Tender Chicken & Ham - 20PP for 275g


  1. If you can hold it in one hand it's not worth 20pp! Shame though, I love pies!!

    1. and me...sigh.. I make them with only the pastry on top but its not the same... ggrrrrr ;P

  2. The pulled pork is amazing 10/10. Really nice flavour. The other two pies are excellent as well. 2 for a fiver in Dunnes is good value.


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