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A, B, BB, CC, D ....

I know you sang that! 

When it comes to foundations and tinted moisturisers I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon... BB and CC creams are all over the shop now... and whilst some people are adamant they're the only way forward... I look at products based on how they'll look on me and how good they are for my skin regardless of bandwagons ... anyway it seemed like it was going to go on and on... GG, FF .. sigh... and secretly, who wasn't waiting for a YY cream?!

I'm lucky enough to work from home most of the time, so I don't need the full slap every day but tinted moisturisers stop me scaring the post man and small children! 

For years 'You Rebel' by Benefit has been staple on my dressing table... I'm not your average pale skinned porcelain gal but I do have rosie cheeks which need to be tamed... and it blends so well... PLUS it had an SPF of 15... I'm a bit of a ranter and raver when it comes to SPF... I suspect it's the aussie part me... 

When I was in New York... is there anyone I HAVEN'T told that to yet?!? I spotted this... I had seen and heard about it here, online and on various beauty blogs but I hadn't run out of enough stuff to warrant a new version... the price difference however, threw it into my Sephora basket before I asked why they didn't have trollies in there! Seriously though, why don't they?! Even those little pull along ones like dealz?!? Sorry tangent... 

Big Easy... is exactly that... Big and easy... its oil free for the 'T-Zone' types *raises hand* but it doesn't dry out your skin *raises other hand* which a lot of oil free creams tend to do... I found the coverage really good... AND it evens out your skin tone without the need for loads of concealer...

Best thing though... its got a light powdery finish that doesn't make you feel like you're caked in makeup... your skin just looks really good!  

That small blob did the whole left side of my face... and the 'rosie red' (on the right!) was gone in seconds.. You can build it up over the day too ... so if you're heading out straight after work you still can without the 'I-don't-have-my-full-make-up-bag' drama...

The range only comes in 6 colours but magically it 'self-adjusts' .. don't ask... I don't know how ... it just does!!! AND... the SPF is 35... THIRTY-FIVE!!! 

Try it out at the Benefit counters and wrangle yourself a sample, it's going to be perfick for the summer! 


  1. I love benefit products and would almost happily get all my beauty and make up products in there except for the fact I find their foundations really really cakey after about an hour. I can see the product build up around my eyebrows and nose especially. I saw this recently but am worried to buy it in case i have the same problem! Do you find this at all with it or other benefit foundations?

    1. I LOVE their stuff too... but I didn't find it cakey at all... its much lighter than a foundation, so you can build it up to be heavier if you wanted... I don't think I'd use it in winter ... but def worth stopping at the counter and trying it out... They're always super nice too... x

  2. Hi Doll, could you recommend a yellow toned moisturiser for my angry looking red face?

    1. Oooh I know clinique do one but if you check out


      blogs I bet they'll have posts about that.. I'll ask about though,,, xxx


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