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Mayfield... Brunch Club #4

I have two words for you regarding Mayfield for brunch and they are 'breakfast' and 'pie' ... ALL the drools! Seriously though... BREAKFAST.. in a PIE!!!! Tangent - I'm going to try to make a skinny version, ya know turkey rashers etc stay tuned!

The menu states... 'Mayfield Breakfast in a pie, bacon, sausage, black pudding, scrambled egg & creme fraiche filling served with tea and toast"  it looks like THIS!!! I KNOW!

Yep.. breakfast ... in a pie! It's the best hangover cure I know! 

Mayfield is quirky eatery that's been in Terenure for around 4 years now... anyone who knows the Corner Bakery (CUPCAKE HEAVEN!) knows this place... I'm a regular as its close to Bushy park for the Sunday morning walk and if I'm heading into town... I'm half way there... 

My usual on a Sunday... Poached eggs with relish and yes... bacon! 

It's charming... totally charming and once you walk through the doors you'll be ooh-ing and aaahhh-ing at the layout and ephemera ... every table is different... no two chairs are the same... fancy crockery that you remember your grandma having, hang on the walls and delicate china sugar bowls are on every table... its just quirky and fabulous! 

The menu has all the essentials for brunch... homemade granola, french toast, eggs royale, eggs benedict which whizzed past our table and looks amazing! 

but the pictures speak for themselves... 

The wallpaper is for sale at the little front shop, yes... you can buy wallpaper there... but you can't help but stop and ogle all the unusual little trinkets and stationary they have and... AND they have a little dressing table full of vintage style jewellery that is FAB!  

The mirror in the ladies is an old style dressing table... 

...even the little 'waiting' area in the loo is cute! 

There is a baby grand to sit around and have your dinner/high tea ... 

there's seating outside on a sunny day and 
even doggies aren't turned away as long as they behave! 

My most recent stop was for lunch/dinner on the way into town but I needed to be fed enroute... for the starter I ordered the butternut squash soup which is amazing, you'd think I'd be sick of it by now... but the hero... the bread! Dear god its delicious! 

My dining comrade had the 'pork and leak sausages with crushed potatoes, pear chutney and jus' ... for 'jus' read AWESOME GRAVY!!! I 'stole' some because I have no manners when it comes to stealing food off other peoples plates but this gravy is what we call in our house 'dunkable'.. some bread and a bowl of this and it's comfort food heaven! 

I went for the goats cheese ciabatta with roasted beetroot and sun dried tomato pesto... it came with beautifully dressed side salad, all their lunch and breakfast plates do... brought half home with me... stuffed I was! 

It's definitely one to put on your 'to visit' list... the crowd is a nice mixture of hangover types *raises hand* and families ... the parking is free on a Sunday on the side streets... and the atmosphere is really relaxed... there's no pushing you out of your seat.. you can sip your tea in peace! Highly recommended! 


  1. Looks fab! Must try it soon! I would think that sitting at a piano having your lunch would be a bit awkward but you have sorta convinced me otherwise lol

  2. Look amazing, buy I wouldn't even know where to begin pointing it all!! To hell with it you say?!


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