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Try walking in my shoes... Weigh In 4

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You're the one who will
decide where you go.

Dr. Seuss

This week one of my favourite subjects... SHOES!!! Ahhh many nights have been spent drooling and perving online ... shopping baskets have been full only to cancel and delete because the Credit Union manager lives a few doors down and I can't risk him spotting the postman! 

Shoes make us feel good... cause our feet don't gain weight... or bloat... or get PMT'd... they remain consistent... like our earlobes! We can buy them KNOWING they will fit... and we'll feel good about ourselves... as the saying goes... Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world... 

The other saying.. never judge someone before you've walked a mile in their shoes... SO true... you don't know what's going on in peoples lives... the struggles they have... losing weight can be a real struggle for someone and a doddle for someone else... 
Instead of being all judgey... OH it's easy for him... She's down EVERY week... maybe ask what they did differently... 
A lady in my class got to goal this week... she's been losing the SAME 1lb since CHRISTMAS! This week she couldn't stay for the meeting but she was at the gate BEAMING when I arrived and I just knew she'd done it! I gave her the biggest hug! "we're celebrating next week 'cause I can't stay' he said .. and every single person who came in was thrilled for her... she was the hot topic in the queue for the scales...  we've been giving advice and wondering 'what if's' and 'maybe try that' for weeks and all she did this week was change her exercise routine... she's a walker... but instead of going the same route as usual... she got in the car and drove to a new spot and walked there... the hills were a little bit different... the pace was different ... it was a little bit longer but her body noticed the change and she lost that one feckin' pound! It can be as simple as trying something a little bit different... and out bodies get used to eating the same thing... and exercising the same way... try something a little different this week... if you live on porridge.. have weetabix for the week... drink green tea instead of normal tea at your tea break... have a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner... sometimes something very small can make the difference...  
It was like an ICA meeting outside in the car park... and everyone was delighted for her... because we all know the struggle... and it meant so much to her... 

So time to change your shoes ... be they fancy or practical... get em on ya! 

I'll start with the most common one.. your runners, trainers, sneakers... run, jog, walk, stroll... put em on... leave the house for 10mins, out the front door and you'll have to come back... 20 min walk DONE! Simples...

In case you dissolve in the rain or are a vampire... get your DANCING shoes on... now if you want to go all riverdance.. I'd recommend it... I went to a ceili last year and the sweat was dripping off me by the end of it and such great craic! 

But what about Salsa, Zumba, Bokwa, Hip Hop ... there's loads of classes out there to suit your tastes and have a boogie with like minded boppers!

By the way there's nothing stopping you from putting on these bad boys and turning up the volume and bopping around your kitchen for a few tunes! 

 No money till pay day... get yourself done to the bowling alley and burn off some calories... from laughing if nothing else! 

You might not have a boat but everyone lives near a park or by the seaside to stick on a pair of walking shoes and just enjoy the breeze... 
catch up with the gossip or just give the dog a treat!

Go for a HIKE! Be at one with nature... you can flake out on the couch when you get back but I guarantee you'll feel SO much better than if you never left the house ...

No laughing... I've seen these down in my local pool and it helps build muscles in your legs I'm told! But still they're 'shoes' and maybe snorkeling or diving is something you've wanted to get into... why not join a club over the summer? Or hire some gear when you go on your holidays... its all exercise... plus you get to see fishes AND maybe treasure!  

I only WISH I was cool enough to wear these... and have balance... and you don't need a Roller-rink... out on the footpath.. down the park... your abs will be killing you after one go just from trying not to fall!   

AND Roller Derby is becoming a big thing at the moment... its fun... fantastic exercise and plus you get all that aggression out!

OK so you will need a rink for ice skating but over the winter months you can get your skate on... if you're a bit wobbly go at the quiet times till you get some confidence and trust me you will not be the only person falling down! 

 Maybe a ski lesson or two... think Cadburys Milk tray man! 

For those who like to spin about... inside or out!

Soccer, tag rugby, rugby, GAA, football, basketball ... whatever you love doing... 
stick on your special shoes and do it! 

No one knows what struggles people are going through every day... Sometimes we just assume that everyone is doing much better than us, life is a breeze for them and we're the only ones struggling, that's not true... as Depeche Mode sang... "try walking in my shoes" ...  

Shoe logic... This also applies to gin! *coughs*

Nearly half way through the challenge and the loss to date is 5st 8.5lbs!!!! 
78.5lbs in total!!! Dear god you lot are only FAB!!!

Chart below... if I've missed you.. just shout you know where to find me! 


  1. I was up 2lbs this week. I went to town over Easter! No cake or biscuit was safe when I was around.

    1. That's not so bad ya know... I've heard people up half a stone! You're still down over all since we started this challenge! x

  2. Gained 0.5lb this week.. Really pleased with that after spending Easter Sunday getting completely blotto on wine and lager! (No chocolate eggs!) But now Easter is over and time to knuckle down for the summer!! I have had to order a size smaller top from next this week, I bought my 'normal' size and it was like a tent so fingers crossed!! Em x

    1. Fab! Its such a good feeling when you can SEE it in your clothes! x

  3. Replies
    1. Fantastic! 10.5lbs since the start!! Well done ! x

  4. Down 0.5lb this week! Very happy :-) Great post once again Doll :-) x

  5. I Chickened out of goin to class this week -oopsy!!

  6. I lost 1lb this week :) onwards and upwards

    1. Brilliant after easter! Slow and steady... well done x

  7. I lost 3 pounds! Child at work told me i had a big fat tummy and i was able to laugh it off! A few months ago i would hav been very offended but now i know he was just being cheeky and i'm working on my not so fat tummy! Xx

  8. Down 2.5lbs this week doll. Your post as inspiring as ever :)

  9. Grrrr ......jelliebellie here.up a pound but I tried TRX and bums legs and tums classes this week .I earned 40 propoints this week with walking and classes so im expecting a good result this week!

    1. 40! Fantastic! I'm knackered reading that! That pound is LONG gone! x

  10. Great post doll - I keep making excuses as to why I can't go out - oh the babies will get cold, the road's too dirty for the buggy, can't find the dog leash.....will dig out the exercise bike this week and aim for a couple of kms at least a few nights. Down 1 this week x

  11. 1 lb down... roll on the bank holiday :)

  12. I want all of those shoes... is that bad? lol

    up 1lb after the 4 day Easter weekend/ Cake fest!!!

    1. I want them all too.... especially the roller skates! That one will be gone! x

  13. Hi Doll

    I've had a bad 2 weeks, weigh in 3 I was up 3.5lbs and weigh in 4 I was up another 1lb. I had a family wedding, a weekend away and Easter so I suppose it could have been worse. Am back on track this week and am determined to stick to it!!!

    1. Don't stress... family things happen and life is too short to not have dessert... I low people who have put up 5lbs over easter so don't sweat it.. fresh start.. x

  14. Love your posts! You seem to be missing my last few weighs. Week of 11/4 down 1.5lbs, 18/4 stayed the same. 25/4 down 1lb which earned me my second stone! Only 12.5lbs to go ��

  15. fantastic! YAY! love seeing another stone gone! well done x

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