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Chic? Moi? Mais oui!

I am a member of the Chic Treat Club... sounds posh doesn't it!  What's this now you say? Well, for €15 a month (AND no sneaky delivery charge on top of that!), you get the latest  beauty products out there delivered to your door! I know that can sound a bit steep, but if you love beauty products, then you'll know that you're getting great value... the contents come to over €45 every month! Think of the money you'd spend on chocolate and junk food and put it towards this you'll feel a million times better believe me!

It's a mixed bag of stuff from skin products to nail polishes... sun care to face packs... Only downside is you don't know what colours you're going to get... in my first box I got a gorgeous Glossfinity pale pink from MaxFactor which isn't a colour I'd normally go for but you know what, I tried it and its def coming on holidays with me once I get the tan sorted and I like that!

The best part... it's just lovely... it's beautifully wrapped... and a real treat...all girlie with tissue paper and a box inside that you can reuse to store your goodies... This is my second month and I'm sticking with it not just because I love getting post that isn't bills but I'm trying new stuff whilst its still new! Find them >>> HERE <<<

AND, if you want to get someone a gift that's a little bit different... it's perfect... they have a Yummy Mummy version for your pregger pals ... there are 'Teen' and 'Mr.' versions coming soon! 

Ta Da!

Loving these because I'd never pay for french stick ons 
because I'm convinced I could do them myself and I can't! These are on it seconds!

A new range for me so I'll have to report back... check

Beautiful See See minerals (from the dead sea dontchya know!) hand cream... 
smells SO good!

Push-up bra for eyebrows!

Water wipes are my FAV make up remover... 
last year I won the Water Wipes competition over on Miss Green Eyes blog >>> HERE <<< and use them religiously after swimming... No panda eyes here I tell ya!

Last months goodies! 

Top tip... keep an eye on your neighbours... I'll say no more!


  1. Oooh I love this. There was another one I was going to get until I got landed with the postage charge on top of it! This could be just the thing!

    1. I love it! and you're not tied down to a big contract.. just order and its out to you in a few days! Its a nice treat when you're losing weight I think... x

  2. Some lovely goodies in there! I’ve read some great review sod the Nimue skincare range!

    1. I've been doing a little research and its very popular!

  3. I'm convinced, on my way to sign up!

  4. I love the sound of this one and compared to others it is good value.


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