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Princess Product - #BOBBLOGCHALLENGE

This has just flown by! Week 5 of 'The Best of Beauty Blog Challenge' run by the lovely Samantha from All The Buzz blog who's running this challenge…  >>> HERE <<< and don't forget those tweety types can follow all the posts under #BOBBlogChallenge!

This week…  chose a 'princess product' and only one!!! eek! So I had a bit of a think and decided to do the one product that always makes me feel amazing… Less 'princess' more 'DIVA'!

Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush… That. Is. All!

Now you might tut and go 'for gawds sake it's only a lippy'… but it is SO much more… it's an attitude… its a statement and you know the feeling when you're wearing your sexy knickers and no one else knows… it's that! 

I first spotted this color on Rachel Khoo… the english chef in paris … I actually tweeted her, as did many others to find out what lippy she wears… the result… >>> HERE <<< 

I love everything about her style and simple make up… and her recipes are fantastic to boot! 

This is the lipstick you wear to meet your arch enemy! THAT interview… that second killer date! Then you just non-chalantly say 'oh THIS old thing?!' Pure envy I guarantee it! Everything from the packaging… to the scent… to the lasting power it has, screams quality… (but hey it's Tom Ford!). Its semi matt so you're lips won't dry out but you won't lose color either sipping your latte! The blue undertones suit my skin type and it does make your teeth look whiter… sly eh?!  

Yes, it's pricey but this isn't the kind of lipstick you wear this everyday … unless you've got the lotto win safely under the bed! €46 in Brown Thomas or I guarantee you'll get it cheaper online! 

Hopefully by the power of scheduling this will be going up on time! I'm away in NYC with the SkinnyMum for the week, first world problem eh? 

blogging tangent… If you peep over there >>> I think by the time this post has gone live, remember I colour in for a living so maths isn't my strong point, but I think I will have received a million hits! EEK!!! If it hasn't then never ask me to divide up the bill at dinner!!! *squeal*

I'll catch up when I get back! I'm really loving all the #bbloggers posts and the comments, lots of blog love out there, however this challenge is becoming VERY expensive! LOL!


  1. It’s a fab shade, another Tom Ford product featured on the #bobblogchallenge!

  2. Wow, this looks fab and I love how you described as a state of mind. I don't own a single Tom Form product, but maybe this needs to change? I'm officially in love. It looks great on you too! Hope you're having a fab time in NY!

  3. Wow wow wow! I want this so bad! Fantastic choice and I think this will definitely be my next high end purchase!


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