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Happy St. Patricks day!!!

This week is a little celebration of the journey so far… The Skinny Doll is officially 4! (All my initial posts were private cause I was such a scaredy cat!) and well that old cliche 'if I can do it anyone can!' rings true here... You can have fun and still lose weight and be healthy... If you're stuck... Take one meal at a time and focus on why you want to do it... And know that you can! 

 Thank you to everyone who listens to me rant and rave and those who do the challenges and those who point things with me and for me, the comments, the laughs and the tears... Those who celebrate the losses and sometimes the gains… 
and… and… and… well thank you… 

Hope you all had a lovely St. Patricks Day xxx

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PS: New challenge on the way! 


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