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Ice… Ice… Baby!

Summer is a coming, hopefully! Ice coffees are back … and I'm a BIG fan… I do make my own version in the summer so I can control the milk and the strength without the cream and extras … I spotted these in Dunnes and I bought the skinny one… To be honest it could have done with another shot of expresso… but it does say that its mild on the bottle so no complaining … They're all 230ml and if you like an iced coffee or just something different, 2PP for the skinny one isn't bad value at all! 

Caffe Latte Cappuccino is 4PP 

Caffe Latte Caramel is 4PP 
(its the NY edition I HAD to point it!)

Caffe Latte Skinny is 2PP 


  1. No way! Where can you get these? I visited Oslo last year and they have the most amazing Ice Coffee I have ever tasted, never managed to find it here through (Maybe I'm not looking hard enough!)

    1. These are in Dunnes near the yoghurts.. I've seen them in Supervalu too… maybe they're just new.. I'm dying to try the caramel one when the sun comes out! LOL x


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