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Stand up… Motivation Monday…

Sometimes is so hard to get up the 'gumption'. as my nan used to call it, to start again… it's Monday so its the right thing to do.. right?! But sometimes it's easier to just crawl back under the duvet and forget today ever started… Tomorrow will never come… and putting things on the long finger means they never get done… do you really want to be in the same place this time next year? Hoping that you'll lose a stone by summer? It's possible to do … it really is… but only if your mindset it right… just because you didn't succeed in the past .. doesn't mean you won't succeed this time… the key is to keep going and do it for you… here's to a fab week!


  1. I love the word Gumption! My Nana used to say it loads. We all need some gumption in our lives doll! x

    1. Its a great word! Its my goal to bring it back with a vengeance! x

  2. Fantastic, motivational words!!


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