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It's not easy…

These past few weeks I've seen and heard of a few people getting some nasty comments online and I've personally addressed mine here and I'm done with the spiteful muppets…  I don't know these successful people personally but I follow their stories and they're successful people in weight loss, business, all walks of life and they're people who have worked really hard to get where they are… its time to remember no one is handed success… its earned… 

If someone loses a half a pound, I high five em… I'm a regular cheer leader because life is miserable enough to get through and I know how hard it is to lose it! A perfect example of hard earned success Mr. Q… my go to Weight Watchers hero… His blog is >>> HERE <<< … 

When someone completes a marathon, I am in awe, I'm never gonna run one with my gammy knee but they just didn't get up and say 'I'm gonna run a marathon today'… They trained… early in the morning… after work… in the rain and cold… when they wanted to stay and watch telly… or go to the movies or… I dunno bake a cake… they set a goal and had the passion and fire in their belly to do it… Success is handed to no one… and there are sacrifices… and not in the dramatic way, no one is losing a limb… but the blisters, the cold feet, the sore muscles are all earned!  

So this week, take a note from Adele's book… there's a lady happy to give two fingers to the haters… 

There are too many people out there who are ready to bring you down… 'you're just showing off' … 'its easy for you'… nope… its hard and getting harder… so surround yourself with positive people and if they can't be positive tell em to zip it! If you're down half a pound its a success and you've earned my applause! 

A challenge starting Friday! eek!!! 


  1. *blush* Doll...I'm flattered you call me a WW Hero which is funny because you've always been mine xx

  2. Brilliant blog as usual and totally agree with you about John Quinlivan because he is my hero too and please note you also qualify for that title for me too. x


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