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Pancake day!

OK a day to celebrate carbohydrates… whats not to love?!? Except a weekend celebrating chocolate eggs but lets be patient people! I could babble away about pancakes but regulars here know I've done that MANY many times… so click here for my annual ProPoints of what's in the supermarkets and pointed recipes recipes… >>> HERE <<< There's a couple of new ones below… 

I shall be having my pancakes in NYC with the SkinnyMum… I KNOW!!! AND I'll be having my first G&T of 2014!!! I KNOW!!! So, keep an eye on Sky News in case I lose the run of myself in a Fire station over there! Pancakes and gin it could get messy! 

For the smaller denser "American style" pancakes, this is from Odlums… This makes 10 pancakes… the dry mix, before you add your milk… for the entire bottle is 33PP THIRTY THREE! for 10 pancakes… before you add milk.. I checked it… twice! No… just no! 

I made these for *coughs* "research" purposes and I know I rant about additives and making things from scratch but they were very 'doughy' (is that a word?) and ended up in the bin…  You simply add water and the box is 13PP which gives you 6 big pancakes for 2PP each, so low in points but low in flavor too…  

These I didn't try, from the same brand Homecook 
but the 'shake everything in bottle' style method of making pancakes… 
If you make this with low fat milk the entire mix will be 9PP…   

If you're getting your apron and whisk out… pancake flour from Odlums, (there's two here because they've just changed the packaging…) Half the pack, which is the base for their recipe, is 24PP then you have to add your eggs and milk… I don't even want to imagine!   

The mothership has this recipe, but don't be fooled they're tiny lil' pancakes! But if you just want a taste…  >>> HERE <<< 

The basic recipe for pancakes given out by my leader is… 

4 large pancakes - 3PP each
Whisk together 120g plain flour, 1 large egg and ½ pint of skimmed milk until smooth. Use your low fat cooking spray, pour, flip and enjoy! 

Whatever way you have your pancakes just enjoy them… it's once a year and who wants to be the gal in the corner saying 'I can't play cause I'm on a diet!' 

Happy Pancake Day! 

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  1. Yum yum, can't wait for some pancakes tonight, will try and go easy of course but pregnancy can make you justify anything:)


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